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Challenge #2

By: Dylan McCartney, Andrea Martinez, and Gladis Aguirre

What is a brand?

A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

Why is Branding Important?
Branding is important because it is what sets your team apart. Without good
branding your company will not stand out from everyone else and will not perform
to its fullest capability.
Big Picture: How will developing a brand benefit your franchise?

Developing a brand will help our franchise because it is important to have a

distinguished logo and color to help our team be memorable as well as recognizable.

For our brand, we are aiming to send an exciting, trustworthy, and luxurious image
which will be conveyed in our colors and image of our players and overall franchise.

Compared to our competitors (Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, and Salt Lake
Stallions) we will bring the NFL to a state without a professional football team which is
an advantage because we get to start from the ground up and learn from competitors
What is brand loyalty?

is when consumers continue to buying the

same brand of goods rather than competing
Why is loyalty important to a sports team?
Loyalty to a sports team is important for business because without loyal fans,
business would not be consistent. No fans= no money so it is important to
capture the audience and keep them supporting the team.
Team Colors
Why’d we pick these colors?

Red: Represents excitement and energy which is what we strive to bring to every

Blue: Represents trustworthiness which is the kind of program we want to be

Black: Embodies luxury and sophistication which is what we want people to feel
when they are at the stadium
Mascot & Cheer Team
Mascots Name: Zion

Zions Purpose: Zion is a diehard Pioneer fan that

brings excitement wherever he goes. He is a kind
person who takes pictures with fans & never
interferes with the game.

Cheer Team: The cheer

teams job will to hype up
fans & bring the energy the
team needs to win the
Our stadium will be a state of the art facility that people will be excited to visit.
Prices will not be too overpriced like some of our other competitors’ which will help
us stand out and bring people to the stadium. Its name will be called the Golden
Spike which is a monument in Utah that will show our ties to Utah.

Our players will be the brand ambassadors to create a close relationship with the
fans. They will do this through meet and greets and being active on social media.

One game day tradition will be that select fans will lead us onto the
field and racoon tail hats (like our mascot wears) will be handed out.