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Nama : Rouzan Abdurrahman Tsaqif

Absen: 27

The Earth

Planet Earth is
the home of
every lifeform in
the Universe.
The age of the
Earth is admited
at about 1/3
(one third) of
the age of the
Universe. Earth
offers many
beauties inside it. The Earth is wrapped in a thin sliver of sweet air to
breathe, with vast ocean, fertile plains, magnificent mountains, fresh
water rivers, streams, lakes and aquifers, orbiting a star which warms
us, and gives us energy. But how did our home come into existence,
and what’s it made of?

4.6 (Four point six) billion years ago, earth was created from
the remnants of dead stars that are collected in a giant, dirty gas
cloud. The gas cloud became denser in its center and formed an
acretion disk. Small particles started clumping together and building
larger and larger objects, until they formed the objects we call today
as “Planets”. This process took 10 to 20 million years, and is still not
very well understood. At about this time, when the solar system was
young and chaotic, a giant object, about as big as Mars, collided with
our home. The impact was violent, and if the object has been more
massive it might have destroyed Earth. Materials from Earth were
smashed out into the orbit, and formed the moon, Which is the
Biggest satellite in relation to its planet in the solar system.

At this time, Earth was a hot hell, constantly being hit by

asteroids, with seas of lava, and a toxic atmosphere. But something
was about to change drastically, Earth cooled down. Water from
inside the Earth wandered to the surface and rained down on Earth
only two vaporize again and become cloud. Million of asteroids
brought more and more water to our planet. Today the surface of
the Earth is 71% (seventy one percent) water and 29% (twenty nine
percent) land. The water is 97.5% (ninety seven point five percent)
saline water while only 2.5% (two point five percent) is fresh water.
The fresh water is 69% (sixty nine percent) ice and snow, 30% (thirty
percent) ground water, and only about 1% (one percent) make up
the remaining ground water.