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5FB466CC-33F7-480D-AB00-1AF0891B0B43 INTERN REQUISITION FORM "Fascinated about the Startup culture or willing to

"Fascinated about the Startup culture or willing to start something of your own, here is your chance.”

Name of Supervisor:

Intern Job Title:

Duration of Internship

Hours Per Week:



Sumit Patel / Hemprasad Badgujar

Blockchain Intern

Two months (Extendable up to 6 months)

45 Hours (3 days from office and two days Work From Home)

Technical Graduate / Post Graduate (Pursuing / Completed) B.E/B.Tech / M. E, M.Tech Students of CS/IS/IT/ECE/IC branches; BCA , M.C.S, MCA

Top 20% (based on overall aggregate), No Backlogs

Internship Description (Roles & Responsibilities):

Contribution to innovative projects on product design, modeling, and simulation using state-of- the-art machine learning methods.

To apply deep learning techniques, design and implement solutions to large-scale, real-world problems.

Collaborate and exchange ideas with experts in the fields of machine learning and knowledge graphs

Implement concepts and solutions in prototypes.

Prepare training material on Blockchain Technology and represent the company in Blockchain based conferences and events.

Opportunity to participate in generating patents and publications in top journals and conferences in the respective field.

Desired Skills:

Language skills: Good in English

Soft skills: Willingness to learn, strong teamwork and presentation skills

Computer skills: Node.js and related tools, JavaScript, Linux (Ubuntu) familiarity with distributed applications, consensus algorithms, and p2p protocols, etc.

Preferred Technological Skills: Understanding of blockchain and distributed ledger protocols and smart contract scripting languages (e.g., Solidity / Michelson)

Understanding of cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/privy key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures

A knack for benchmarking and optimization

Desired: Experience contributing to open source projects with code versioning tools like GIT, GitHub

Others: Sense of humor, able to work well with others, possessing patience and a drive to succeed, determined to reach a goal in time, ability to work independently and to prioritize, pleasure in dealing with people, innovative and open-minded

Experience/Opportunities that will be acquired

Learn by observation and get professional feedback.

Networking opportunities.

Letter of Internship

The potential for a full-time job offer at the end of the internship based on performance.

It’s a paid opportunity. The stipend would be given to interns in the range of 4,000- 12,000/mo. based on their academic qualifications and skill set they bring to the organization


DocuSign Envelope ID: 5FB466CC-33F7-480D-AB00-1AF0891B0B43

Number of Interns Required


Expectations & Goals:

Date of Request

G o a l s : Date of Request 1 s t May 2019 

1 st May 2019

Mastering technical skills (Programming languages, Common operating systems, Software proficiency, Technical writing, Project management, Data analysis)

Gaining essential background knowledge about the respective technology

Perfecting interpersonal skills (Soft Skills)

Building a network of contacts (like-minded students /advisers / mentor/ founders /technical specialists)


/ mentor/ founders /technical specialists) Approver, Kartikey Handa Chief Operating Officer (COO) North America

Kartikey Handa Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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