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Air Environment

The Royal Commission (RC) for Jubail and Yanbu enters its fifth decade with great success, international
recognition and major achievements in the industrial and infrastructure development for cities namely
Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al Khair. Jubail and Yanbu were developed since 1975 as hydrocarbon based
industrial cities while Ras Al Khair has been added recently in RC jurisdiction in the year of 2009, as a
mineral based industrial city.

The Royal Commission is committed to excellence and strives continually to improve and increase its
capacity in achieving superior results that surpass all expectations. The Royal Commission always
supports the development of the community under a healthy and clean environment; and the wise
stewardship of natural resources of the Kingdom in conjunction with the sustainable development
directives. The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu has always been recognized as a leader in
environmental performance management and has encouraged industrial growth in the industrial cities
of Jubail and Yanbu, while maintaining a fine-tuned balance and harmony between the environmental
protection and heavy industrialization. The RC continues to refine its environmental management
system to better support decision making and to enhance the ability to protect the environment and the
public health. The Royal Commission issues the fourth revision of the environmental regulations, titled
as “Royal Commission Environmental Regulations-2015” (RCER-2015) which supersedes the last version
RCER-2010. All the regulations and standards in the RCER-2015 has been revised and updated to cover
all the environmental aspects of a industrial city and thus, shall be followed by all industries in Jubail,
Yanbu, Ras Al Khair and other industrial cities to be given under the RC jurisdiction in future. It is to be
noted that the industries and environment in Jubail and Yanbu have always co-existed in an integrated
fashion through transparency and accountability with increasing use of cleaner and energy efficient
technology, reducing potential environmental impacts, influencing positively on local community and
upholding the highest ethical standards. Same policy is being followed in Ras Al-Khair Industrial city
which is, at present, under initial stage of development with few industries. It is indeed a great pleasure
to see that industries in Jubail, Yanbu and Ras Al-Khair have been showing much commitment for the
environment and have always cooperated closely with Royal Commission. It is expected that such
cooperation between industries and Royal Commission will continue in future. Saud Bin Abdullah Bin
Thenayyan Al-Saud Chairman The Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu