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Reaction Paper

on Undergraduate Thesis Defense / Presentation

on 2019 March 27 -- 28
for Bong Monje's classes
2nd Semester, SY 2018-2019


1) This is an optional and bonus activity.

2) The reaction paper (on a presentation which the student attended with signature on the sign-
up sheet) must be of the following specific format:

1st paragraph: <Student Name> <subject & section, e.g. ,Elc 202.2 F> Points
[blank line space]
2nd paragraph: Thesis Title: <actual title of thesis> +1
[blank line space]
3 paragraph: Group Member(s): <Member(s) of thesis group> +1
[blank line space]
4th paragraph: Thesis adviser(s): <Thesis advisers> +1
[blank line space]
5th paragraph: Panel Member(s): <Panel member(s)> +1
[blank line space]
6 paragraph: <Thesis group's description of undergrad thesis/research> +2
[blank line space]
7th paragraph: <Points raised by panel members and faculty; +2
and the corresponding answers provided by thesis group>
[blank line space]
8 paragraph: <Points raised by the rest of the audience,
including this student, if any>
[blank line space]
9 paragraph: [<Additional information you researched on this topic>] +2
[blank line space]
Succeding Question(s) asked by this (you!) student to the thesis group, and the +5
paragraphs corresponding answer of the thesis group, if any. (max)
If you asked questions offline, the question(s) and answer(s) should
be written on a clean piece of paper, name w/ signature of one of the
thesis students, submitted to Me (or staff kuya Mackie) w/in an hour
of the presentation.
[blank line space]
[I certify that this report is being submitted to my Elc 1xx.1
class only.]
<signature of student (sign after submission to Turnitin)>
<name of student>
3) Computer printed in A4 white bond sheets, stapled
using Times New Roman, black, font 12, single spacing
only one side of the sheets should be used
Items in [BOLD] are required.
Items in <optional> caption should/can be replaced with actual info.
[blue blank line spaces] should be strictly observed.

4) The thesis on which the student is writing on is to be credited only once by any ECCE
faculty member. The student is advised to write on a different thesis if s/he intends to
submit to more than one ECCE subject or ECCE faculty member, e.g. 1 topic each for Elc
102.1 and Elc 107.1.
Bong Monje's laboratory subjects are not incluced in this activty.

5) The reaction paper will be collected, and/or must be submitted on or before:

2019 March 29 (Friday) 4pm

6) Late submissions will not be accepted.

7) Non-conformance to any of these steps will result to forfeiture of all bonus points.

8) The reaction paper is to be first submitted to your Turnitin class.

(Turnitin class id and additional info will be emailed to your beadles.)
Print the Turnitin submission report.
Print the first page (only!) of the Similarity Index (in portrait orientation).
Reports with Similarity Indices > 15% automatically get a grade of zero.
Sign your Reaction Paper.