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Leadership Platform

I believe that all students deserve a high quality education, therefore I will lead staff in

the development of a data-driven plan to increase student achievement. To accomplish this plan,

I will use multiple student data elements including anecdotal notes, grades, benchmarks, and

results from state testing. The data and feedback from teachers will be used to evaluate the

effectiveness of the learning plan and drive instruction. I will also encourage instructional data

days to monitor student growth and gaps in achievement, as well as plan vertical team sessions to

plan with upper and lower grade levels. I believe that supporting and interacting with teachers is

imperative to academic learning in the classroom. Student achievement will increase when all

stakeholders collaborate lesson plans and work toward a common goal.

I believe school leaders should clearly articulate expectations of their faculty and staff.

Therefore, I will keep faculty and staff informed, foster an environment where faculty and staff

feel free to share ideas and ask for guidance, and maintain an open door policy. As a school

leader, I will solicit updates from the office, counselor, library, technology, music, and art on a

regular basis. The regular updates help faculty and staff stay current on updates and events. In a

school setting it is critical for all stakeholders to have trust and confidence in leadership. I will

welcome feedback and suggestions from faculty and staff to improve the school. I will also

welcome faculty and staff to come to me with questions or guidance to improve teaching

practices. I will also make it a point to interact with each faculty and staff member on a regular

basis to get to know them, as well as build their trust in leadership.

My goal is to be a leader who inspires teachers and students to take ownership of their

learning. Therefore, I will model utilizing teachers based on their talents, in turn this can be
implemented in the classroom. For example, a teacher who is tech savvy may enjoy leading a

professional development on a tool they use in the classroom. Teachers may use this same

philosophy to build on student strengths. By valuing the strengths and talents of others, the

community of learners become eager to share the knowledge.

Education is an active partnership; therefore, every faculty and staff member play a

valuable role in the success of students. I believe that it is important to be open to differing

opinions and beliefs of all stakeholders, therefore I will listen and find common ground. By

establishing a vision and mission statement with all stakeholders, clear objectives will be

established to build a meaningful community. Schools should be invested in the whole child,

including academic, social, and emotional well being. Fostering relationships with students,

parents, teachers, and community stakeholders will build a positive school culture. Inviting

parents to learn about the curriculum, hosting family and community events, and encouraging

parental involvement will build meaningful relationships.