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School: Dansalan College Foundation, Inc.

Grade Level: IX
Teaching Dates and
Time: June 25-29, 2018 Quarter:


A. Content Standards Demonstrates an understanding of scientific practices in some organic plants and vegetables

B. Performance Applies knowledge and skills in planting organic plants and vegetables
C. Learning Competencies / .Identify types of orchard Identify trees appropriate for Demonstrate proper way of Identify sources of fruit bearing Identify how to care for
Objectives farms in the country orchard gardening based on planting/propagating trees seedlings
Write the LC code for each (community) location, climate, and market trees( budding, Marcotting, and
.Prepares layout design of an demands grafting)
orchard garden using the
information gathered

III. CONTENT Propagating trees and fruit Propagating trees and fruit Propagating trees and fruit Propagating trees and fruit trees Propagating trees and fruit
trees trees trees trees
1. References
2. Teacher’s Guide CG: TLE6AG-Od-5.2
3. Learner’s Materials MISOSA VI:
4. Textbook Pages MGA GAWAIN SA
5. Additional Materials OHSP TLE Agri-Fishery_ Laptop EPP Module 1
from Learning Quarter 1&2. Module No. 3 projector Starting a Garden in a smart way
Resource (LR) Portal
6. Other Learning Resources

A. Reviewing previous lesson What are the types of orchard? * Checking of Assignments What is budding, Marcotting and * Checking of Assignments
*Asks: grafting? *Asks
1. What are we need to consider 1. What is grafting?
in an orchard gardening? 2. What are the steps in doing
2. What are the steps in doing so?
so? Call a volunteer to share his/her
* Call a volunteer to share answer with her classmates
his/her answer with her
B. Establishing a purpose for the Types of orchard Teacher will flash a picture of * Have the pupils recite the Teacher will flash different kinds of Analyze the situation below,
lesson 1. Seed Orchards different plants and fruit poem fruit bearing trees picture then answer the questions that
According to the Food and bearing trees using projector “A TREE” with correct (Localized fruit bearing trees) follow.
Agriculture Organization of the Original File Submitted and pronunciation and expression Kenneth is a grade six pupil. He
United Nations, seed orchards Formatted by DepEd Club (using power point- by rows) has a project in vegetable
focus primarily on growing Member - visit production. He bought a
trees that produce seeds for more pack of pechay seeds from an
rather than nuts or fruit. These ambulant vendor who sells
seeds are then sold to ornamental plants and
commercial distributors for fertilizers.
resale to the public in small When he sowed the pechay
seed packets. They may also be seeds in a seed box, he was
sold to large agricultural surprised that only few of the
facilities or used for food seeds germinated.
production. Seed orchards can .
further be divided into two
categories based on how they
are established. In a seedling
orchard, trees are selected
through controlled pollination.
In a clonal seed orchard, seeds
are distributed through
methods such as cutting and
tissue culture, resulting in an
easier harvest overall.
2. Nut Orchards
Nut orchards include a large What do you see?
variety of facilities that Do you know those fruit bearing
produce nut-bearing trees. trees?
These include orchards that Do we have here in our community?
grow popular nuts like pecans,
cashews, walnuts and
almonds. This category also
includes cocoa and chocolate-
producing nuts, as well as
coconuts. Some orchard
owners produce pine trees for
their edible pine nuts.
Orchards that focus on this
type of pine production also
fall under this category.
3. Fruit Orchards
Fruit orchards include any
facility focused on growing
tree-bearing fruits. Some
popular options include apples,
olives, dates and figs. Citrus
trees, such as those bearing
lemons, limes or oranges, may
be grown all together in large
citrus orchards, or individually
in smaller facilities. Plantations
that grow fruit-bearing bushes
generally don't fall under this
category. These include berries
and other fruits not grown on

C. Presenting examples / Game: Balloons Popping Can you classify those plants Unlocking of difficulty: Semantic web Step 1
instances of the new Inside the balloons a word of and fruit bearing plants? *Video presentation in one of Keep seedlings indoors in cool,
lesson types of orchard. The pupils the scientific ways in well-lit area until you are ready
will say something about the propagating trees and fruit trees Pupils will give the fruit bearing to transplant them. Set them
word that he get. – trees
where they receive at least six
MARCOTTING hours of sunlight, such as by a
GRAFTING south-facing window.
FRUIT Step 2
*Encourage pupils to tell BEARING Water the seedlings when the
something about the video clip. TREES soil surface just begins to feel
dry. Water until the excess
moisture drains from the
bottom of the seedling pots.
Avoid wetting the foliage; water
at the base of the plant. Empty
the drip tray after watering, as
standing water breeds disease.
Step 3
Fertilize the seedlings beginning
five days after germination and
then every two weeks
thereafter. Apply a soluble
flower fertilizer at one-half the
label-recommended rate.
Step 4
Pinch off the top ¼ inch of the
plant stems when seedlings are
approximately 6 inches tall and
have grown in at least three sets
of leaves. Pinching encourages
lateral stem growth and leads to
stockier plants.
Step 5
Prepare seedlings for
transplanting outdoors. Set the
seedlings outside in an area
protected from high winds and
direct sunlight once all spring
frost danger is past. Leave the
seedlings outside during the day,
and bring them back inside at
night. Gradually move them into
direct light over the course of
D. Discussing new This time, we are going to have Defining the term Group Work: Group Work *Group pupils into 5
concepts and practicing an activity on how to Climate *Group pupils into 5 Group pupils into 5 *Let them choose their own
new skills #1 Location *Let them choose their own Let them choose their own leader leader
layout .sample picture using Market demands leader will guide the members *The leader will guide their
projector *The leader will guide/tour the Group I- List of fruit bearing trees group mates to do step 1
members in the School Nursery inside the school followed by step 2 and so on.
*Instruct them to observe and Group II- Draw different kinds of
look for a plants best to apply fruit bearing trees
Budding, Marcotting, Grafting Group III- make a jingle
*Have them list down Group IV- make a slogan
Group V- Make a poem
E. Discussing new concepts Group activities: Group activities GROUP ACTIVITY: (provide GROUP ACTIVITY: (provide Video presentation on how tp
and practicing new skills Each group will make a layout materials for the pupils) materials for the pupils) take care the seedlings
#2 on orchard using soft drink Group I- explain and elaborate *Return-demonstration of pupils *Return-demonstration of pupils
straw, matches stick, used the word climate (by group) (by group
newspaper, and ice drop stick Group II- explain and give
Group 1 – soft drink straw example about the location
Group II- matches stick Group III – explain and give an
Group III- used newspapers example of market demands
Group IV- ice drop stick
F. Developing Mastery Group presentation A fruit bearing tree- is GROUP ACTIVITY: (provide
(Leads to Formative Why we consider these? Budding- a mode of sexual a tree which bears fruit that is materials for the pupils)
Assessment 3) reproduction, in which a small consumed or used by humans *Return-demonstration of pupils
part of the substance of the and some animals — all trees (by group
parent (mother plant) is that are flowering plantsproduce
produced as a bud and fruit, which are the
developed into a new ripened ovaries of flowers contai
organism. ning one or more seeds.
Marcotting- a method for the In horticultural usage, the term
vegetative propagation of 'fruit tree' is limited to those that
plants in which a part of the provide fruit for human food
stem or branch is packed with
moss until roots have formed
and the treated part is ready
for independent growth.
Grafting- a shoot inserted to a
tree or plant, so as to become
a living part of it
- the place where the coin is
inserted in a stock.

A. Finding Practical In doing those activities what Why we need to study first the location, climate and
Presentation and Reporting of Are fruit bearing trees are Presentation and Reporting of
applications of concepts should we consider? market demand before putting an orchard?
outputs through: essential to all human beings? outputs through jingle
and skills * Poem. Why?
B. Making What are the types of an What are we going to What are the three ways on Why we need to plant more fruit Seedlings - are more tender
generalizations and orchard? remember in putting an plants and fruit bearing trees bearing trees? than mature plants and often
abstractions about orchard? propagations? cannot tolerate too much cold
the lesson How are going to to layout or heat. They are also more
your orchard? susceptible to pests and
drought conditions. Caring for
them correctly also ensures
that they continue to thrive
once outside and throughout
the entire growing season.
C. Evaluating Learning Enumerate the type of orchard Make your own word and In own words explain briefly the Write a paragraph expanding the In your own understanding, how
and prepare your layout in an explain why in putting an procedure/steps in Budding, importance of fruit bearing trees in are you going to take care of
orchard. orchard gardening is in an Marcotting and grafting. animals and human beings. your seedlings?
appropriate location, climate
and market demands.
D. Additional activities
for application or


A. No. of learners who earned
80% in the evaluation
B. No. of learners who require
additional activities for
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners who
have caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?

F. What difficulties did I

encounter which my
principal or supervisor can
help me solve?
G. What innovative or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I wish
to share with other