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Ref: TPS/Q/N/0043/2018

Date: 31st October, 2018

Managing Director
Joytun Auto Rice & Dal Mills Ltd.
Taribpur, Fultala

Subj: Quotation for Supply Installation of Uninterrupti

ble Power Supply (True On-Line)

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for your letter asking Quotation for the above. We are pleased to introduce ourselves
as “Trust Power Solution”,, manufacturer & assembler of the most advanced and reliable power & digital
electronic products. Our Engineers are vast experienced and overseas trained in the field of manufacturing
and assembling of electrical and electronic products. We hope that design expertise with a commitment to
quality manufacturing. At present we are manufacturing & marketing:

ent about the quality of our products and trust that, our products will be acceptable to you in all
We are confident
respect. Also we hope that our offer will be acceptable to you and will place work order with us.
Please, feel free to contact if you have any further quer

Thanking you,

Md. Shahidun Nasser

Mob: 01712-038904
Technical & Financial Offer For True On
Line UPS
SL. Specification
Uninterruptible Power Supply (True On Line UPS)
Brand : Zigor
Origin : Spain.
Input Volt : 300V - 460V AC
Output Volt : 380V/ 400V ±1%V AC
Phase : Input Three Phase
: Output Three Phase
Transfer Time : Zero
Technology : Double Conversion
Frequency : 50Hz ± .5%
Wave form (Inverter) : True Sine Wave
Crest Factor : 3:1 (Max.)
Efficiency : 90%
Harmonic distortion (THD) : < 3% (Linear load)
Environmental Temperature : 0 - 24ºC
Protection : Lightning, Transients, Spike, Surge, Sag, Blackout, Brownout, Over
Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Load, Short circuit, Battery Over
Charge, Deep Discharge & noise (RFI) as per international safety
Features : i) Low frequency Technology
ii) Built-in Isolation Transformer.
iii) Input and Output monitoring system with LCD.
iv) Generator Compatibility
Other Specification : As per attached catalogue

Model Capacity Back-up Time Sp. Unit Price Qty. Total Price
(Tk.) (Tk.)
30 Min. 3,50,000.00 02
0 Nos. 7,00,000.00
Ottawa Pro - 6K 32Pcs x 12V 7Ah SMF with
3/3 Phase Battery Cabinet & Battery
Connecting Cable.
30 Min. 3,80,000.00 02
0 Nos. 7,60,000.00
Ottawa Pro - 10K 32Pcs xx12V 12Ah SMF with
3/3 Phase Battery Cabinet & Battery
Connecting Cable.
Total Tk. = 04
0 Nos. 14,60,000.00
Taka in word: Fourteen Lac Sixtyy Thousand Only.
Terms of Supply:
Validity : The offer shall remain valid for 30 days from the date of submission.
Warranty : 01 (One) year full warranty including Battery (Spare parts & Labour) from the date of supply. The
warranty does not cover natural calamities.
Installation : Freee Installation without cable & Accessories
Environment : Maximum 24ºC and dust free.
Delivery : From ready stock.
Payment : 75%
% advance along with work order balance 25%
% within (15) fifteen days from the date of delivery.
VAT & AIT : Excluded.
Services : Free schedule check-up
up and service on call during warranty period. You may enter into Annual
Maintenance Contract (AMC) for service beyond warranty period.