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1. Who was one of the successful female polemicists of all time?

2. Which was the favorite novel of Harrier Martineau?
3. ________ is the central feature of English as a polyglot language.
4. ________ is presented as foreign, an outsider in rural world seeing rapid change in Tess
of the D’Urbervilles
5. _________ is a novel set in Bohemian artistic society.
6. George Moore’s ‘A modern love’ was published in the year?
7. Any one work of Arthur Morison
8. Which novel of Moore made him regarded as Scandalous novelist?
9. Gissing’s naturalism was partly based on the writings of the French novelist. Who is that
10. Thomas Wright, who left us a fascinating series of documentary writings turned to the
novel ‘The Bane of a Life’, is named as ________
11. John law was pen name of_________
12. The book ‘Lalla Rookh’ was written by ______
13. When was the education act amended?
14. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam written by Edward Fitgerald was published in ______
15. London Labor and the London Poor was written by________
16. The year of death of Charles Dickens is_________
17. Who wrote the essay ‘The Soul of Man under Socialism’__________
18. The most important industrial novel ‘Miss grace of all souls’ was written by________
19. The novel ‘The Brook Kerith’ explores _______ themes
20. Moore’s _______ is of particular interest as the only real decadent novel of his time
21. Which novel of Wilde is of an aesthetic life lived for its own sake?
22. Which novelist’s vision has been called tragic and the fate of many of his characters is
indeed bleak?
23. Which form of writing/Genre documented the social changes of the time?
24. _______ remains as the highly significant as a gay text
25. _________ was less a polemicist than Ruskin
26. In which poem does these lines occur, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”
27. The line “all art is Quite useless” occurs in_______
28. _____________ is a travel book which examines the phenomenon of emigration to and
across the United States.
29. Pirate Long John Silver who was famous among young readers occurs in which worK?
30. ____________ is one of the few unfinished novels in English Literature published
posthumously in 1896.
31. Mathew Arnold’s ‘Culture and Anarchy’ is an important book dealing with the concept
32. Name any two adult novels that are suitable for children.
33. The detective stores found its full expression in novels of which author?
34. “Here the Red Queen began again. Can you answer useful questions?’ she said. ‘How is
bread made?’ These lines are taken from a work by Lewis Carroll, which is that work?
35. ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the looking glass’ are the works
written by__________
36. ____ is Le Fanu’s murder story.
37. Margaret Harkness who wrote ‘Out of Work’ has taken a new levels of directness with
38. Corn law rhyme published in 1830 was written by___________
39. Victorian novels are rich in _________
40. George Gissing was a ______ writer in that he described everyday life in great detail
41. ___________ deals with the contrast between rural south and industrial north
42. George Eliot’s ________ is the most complex all industrial novels.
43. “A man is called selfish if he lives in the manner that seems to him most suitable for the
full realization of his own personality” in which work does these lines appear?
44. The ‘double’ is Scottish fiction can be traced back to James Hogg’s ___________
45. The Strange case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was published in the year_______
46. _________ portrays Rugby School and its headmaster Dr. Thomas Arnold, father of
Mathew Arnold.
47. Black Beauty was written by _______
48. Who wrote Tom Brown’s school days?
49. The Daisy Chain was written by_______
50. Which book of William Morris wants to encourage modern workers revolt against society
and values?