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Name: Muzammil Iqbal

Roll Number: 18L-3118

Section: MBA-B

“ Next Challenge!”

In order to create hype in the era of 2003, when Pakwheels was came into being, no particular
social platform was actually available to market the website for the purpose of attracting more
and more traffic. So in order to meet this gap, Pakwheels’ partner, Hanif Bhatti had made a best
plan to attract maximum numbers of users on to the website by creating an activity on the site.
For this purpose, he had created more than 100 user accounts to participate in the discussion thus
pretending to be the general public. Taking a very strategic move by asking one question from
one user account and answering the same question through different account was actually
attractive for the potential buyers which lead them to jump into the conversation thus increasing
the flow of traffic on to the website of Pakwheels.

After the creation of this hype in the general public and successful growth of website traffic, one
bigger step of Pakwheels was to arrange a meet between the members of the website. This was
actually a very good initiative, as this was very helpful in creating the trust between the
accountholders, i.e., buyers and sellers.

While talking about the monetization strategy of Pakwheels, It is clearly mentioned in the case
that Pakwheels was generating its revenue from its different campaigns of advertisements
including On-site advertising, Google advertising, Pakwheels managed advertisements, lead
generation, featured advertisements, dealership packages, content marketing through Pakwheels
blogs, an offline advertisement through auto shows.

- First Mover Advantage
- Brand image
- 100 increase in revenue
in last 3 years

Strategy for Future Weaknesses

Opportunities - Very limited budget for
- Increase in monetization
- Growing talent in promotional activities
yougsters - Invreased market
research for knowing - Sources of revenues are
- Social platforms for customers' insights very low
increasing awareness
- Hiring of more advanced - No mean to attract new
talent from society customers

- OLX as a major competitor
- Govt. regulations on non-
- Pop-up ads in website