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Bachlor of Business Administration




I Manisha Sharma here by declare that the research project on“A Study on
Selectionat “Shagun Electronic“Is assigned to me for the partial fulfillment of Bachlor
Of Business Administration Degree Khlasa College of Technology And Business
Administration Mohali It is the Original work done by me & the information provided in
the study is authenticated to the best of my knowledge.

The award of any other degree.


BBA 5th


Lakhwinder Kaur

This is to certify that A Study of Recruitment & Selectionat“Shagun Electronic” is

Base donan Original Project Study conducted by Manisha Sharma of Semester-5th
Programme. This Project Report is based on original Research carried out by the student
Under the Guidance of Mrs. Lakhwinder Kaur (Professor)

Mrs. Lakhwinder Kaur


The intended research is done with the Objective of Studying the impact of Cash
Management on Profitability of the Organization.The research has been carried out using
primary data along with the support of secondary data. The Researcher has taken Liquidity,
Leverage, Turnover and Cash Conversion Cycle as Independent Variables to measure their
impact on Operating Profit i.e. Dependent Variable.

For this purpose Researcher has taken Current Ratio for measuring the Liquidity, Debt Ratio
for measuring the Leverage, Sales Growth for measuring the Turnover and Cash Conversion
Cycle is used to see the Cash Convertibility and Liquidity in the Organization.

The Analysis is done with the help of statistical tools like t-test, correlation,regression and
Anova with the help of 5 Years data collected of the company. The Research has been
exploratory in nature as it has been a first time study. The type of investigation is causal as
the effects of variables have been studied. It is a cross sectional study as data has been
collected at one particular time.

With the above variables Researchers has developed the Hypothesis and checked the
significance of each variable by applying t-test on these variables which shows the results as
there is a significant Impact of Current Ratio, Debt Ratio, Sales Growth and Cash Conversion
Cycle on Operating Profit of the Organization as p-value is less than level of significance i.05
in all four cases.

A Project usually falls short of its expectation unless guided by the right person at the right
time. Success of a project is an outcome of sincere efforts, channeled in the right direction,
efficient supervision and the most valuable professional guidance.
This project would not have been completed without the direct and indirect help and guidance
of such luminaries. They provided her with the necessary recourses and atmosphere
conductive for healthy learning and training

At the outset the researcher would like to take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the
very kind and patient guidance that the researcher has received from her project guide Ms.
ShailiGupta(Assistant Professor), TIMT. Without her critical evaluation and suggestion at
every stage of the project, this report could not have reached its present form. The researcher
would like to extend her gratitude, to all the faculty members, TIMT for their moral support
& guidance required for the realization of this project report.

Lastly, the researcher would like to thank her colleagues who gave her fruitful information to
finish her project.

S.No. Chapters PageNo.

1. Company Profile 1-8

2. Introduction to the topic 9-27

3. Objective Of The Study 28-29

4. Review Of Literature 30-34

5. Research Methodology 35-37

6. Data Analysis & Interpretetion 38-48

Findings, 49-53

6 Suggestions, Limitations, Conclusion

7. Bibliography 54-55

8. Questionnaire 56-58

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