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Unit test 10A Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION

1 Choose the correct options. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the
1 Trillions of emails are / be sent every year. verbs in brackets.
2 In the UK, ballpoint pens often call / are often called 1 All the arrangements for the party were made last
biros. week. (make)
3 This blog won’t be / won’t updated until next week. 2 Many engineers _________ to work on this project in
2015. (employ)
4 Apple Macs aren’t manufactured / don’t manufacture in
England. 3 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation _________ in
1994. (found)
5 Where are Smart cars made / make?
4 Five calls _________ to your landline yesterday.
6 The electricity supply is / was switched off yesterday.
7 The television wasn’t invented / invent by Alexander
5 Engineers _________ this luxury hotel last month.
Graham Bell.
8 How many iPads will be / is sold in 2015, do you think?
6 People _________ a lot of iPhones last year. (buy)
9 Landlines haven’t be / been replaced by mobiles yet.
7 Has your house _________ recently? (decorate)
10 Figures are listed / list chronologically.
8 Employees _________ about the new arrangements
11 Was / Is the printing press invented in 1440? tomorrow. (tell)

1 point for each correct answer  10 9 Do you _________ (throw) away or recycle your
plastic and paper?
2 Find one mistake in each sentence and correct it. 10 Two hundred copies of the Gutenberg Bible
1 Lots of mobiles are be used for taking photos. _________ (print) in 1455.
Lots of mobiles are used for taking photos. 11 Complaints _________ (receive) by Google about the
blog so they have taken it down.
2 Who was Google founded from?
__________________________________ 1 point for each correct answer  10
3 When was the first text message send?
__________________________________ 4 Write the sentences and questions in the passive.
4 My mobile phone was stole from my handbag. 1 The BMW Group own the Mini car.
__________________________________ The Mini car is owned by the BMW Group.
5 Many new apps have added to the phone this month. 2 You need a secure password to access your account.
__________________________________ _________________________________
6 Is the telephone invented by John Logie Baird? 3 When did they launch the new web browser?
__________________________________ _________________________________
7 The lights haven’t be switched off yet. 4 You can buy nearly anything on eBay.
__________________________________ _________________________________
8 The Social Network directed by David Fincher. 5 People throw a huge amount of plastic away every day.
__________________________________ _________________________________
9 Barack Obama was award a Nobel Prize in 2009. 6 The company will launch a new pocket-sized
__________________________________ mini-computer.
10 Around two million iPads was sold in the first two _________________________________
months. 7 Did the postman deliver any packages this morning?
__________________________________ _________________________________
11 A new generation of smartphones will introduced next 8 When did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?
9 She put a lot of things in the basement.
1 point for each correct answer  10 _________________________________

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Unit test 10A  Continued Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION

10 They have predicted bad weather for the next few days. 7 Complete the sentences with compound nouns from
_________________________________ exercise 6.
11 Does he update his blog everyday? 1 Many people are worried about the latest
computer virus which is infecting hundreds of
computers every day.
1 point for each correct answer  10 2 It was very nice to meet you. Do you have a _________
with your address on it?
5 Complete the text with the correct active or passive 3 Do you listen to _________ on the computer? You can
form of the verb in brackets. get all the channels online.
Peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) is a process that allows 4 I wrote my own _________ to play poker on my laptop.
files (1) to be downloaded (download) from other
5 You had a _________ while you were out. Could you
connected computers (called peers). Similarly, your
call them back on this number?
computer (2) __________ (search) by other computers
on the network by peers looking for files. 1 point for each correct answer  4
File sharing (3) __________ (begin) in 1999 when
Napster (4) __________ (introduce) a file sharing 8 Choose the correct options.
program and central server that linked people who had
1 Have you done / made the shopping yet?
files with those who wanted files. When you
2 She made / did a lot of money when the company was
(5) __________ (search) for a file, the server would find
all of the available copies of that file. Then the files
(6)__________ (transfer) between the two private 3 Will you do / send me a postcard while you’re away?
computers. Unlike P2P programs today, it was only 4 I’ve played / taken the piano since I was eight years old.
possible for people (7) __________ (share) music files. 5 She’s going to make / start a complaint about the
Napster (8) __________ (prosecute) for copyright terrible service here.
reasons and they (9) __________ (shut down) in July 6 No notes were taken / done during the meeting today.
2001. They (10) __________ (reopen) as a pay service
7 We’re hungry! Is dinner going to take / start a long
some time later. After Napster shut down, new ways of
sharing files (11) __________ (develop) that did not
require a central server. The most popular of these are 8 Was a lot of research done / made before the discovery
based on a system called BitTorrent. of DNA?
9 My father didn’t make / start a business until he was in
1 point for each correct answer  10 his fifties.
10 I usually take / do a size 39. What shoe size are you?
6 Complete the table with the words in the box. 11 I haven’t done / started yoga for long – about six
card ​program ​ call ​
number ​programme ​
deal ​ months.
virus ​laptop ​waves ​man ​news
1 point for each correct answer  10




1 point for each correct answer  11

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Unit test 10A  Continued Pre-Intermediate FOURTH EDITION

9 Complete the conversations with an adjective formed 10 Complete the conversations with the phrases in the
with well- or badly- and a past participle from the box. boxes.

paid ​ behaved ​
known ​
equipped ​
dressed ​
done ​ Can we meet on Saturday instead?
written ​ Sorry, you’re breaking up.
Speak to you later!  This is not a good line.
1 ​A I’ve never heard of Loudon Wainwright III. He can’t I’m not sure.
be very well-known .
B Really? He’s a folk hero! 1 A Hello, Sylvia? (1) This is not a good line.
B Hi, Lara? (2) _____________
2 A How would you like your burger cooked?
A I’m calling because I can’t make it on Thursday.
B _________ , please. (3) _____________
3 A Michelle Obama is always incredibly _________ . B (4) _____________ Can I get back to you?
B That’s true. She always wears very fashionable A Yes, fine – I’ve got to go now. (5) _____________
4 A I’m terrified of flying. Is this plane _________ for Thanks for your help.
emergencies? Have you tried her mobile?
That’s great.
B Absolutely. And we’ve got a very experienced cabin I’m trying to get hold of Clara LeRoy.
crew who are here to help at all times. I don’t have her number.
5 A I’m fed up with having a _________ job. No problem.
B Why – aren’t you earning much at the moment?
2 A Hi. (6) ___________ Is she in?
6 A Please stop your dog from jumping up. He’s very
B I’m afraid she’s not. (7) ___________
_________ !
A (8) ___________ Could you tell me what it is?
B Oh, I am sorry – he’s still very young, you see.
B Yes – it’s 07996 813499.
7 A Do you ever read Chat magazine? A Oh, great – I’ll give her a ring now. (9) ___________
B No, never. The articles are so _________ ! B (10) ___________ I’ll tell her you rang.
A (11) ___________ Bye.
1 point for each correct answer  6
1 point for each correct answer  10

11 Translate the sentences.

1 Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1909 for
inventing the radio.
2 Was the Apple PC invented by Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?
3 My favourite YouTube video has been watched
millions of times!
4 ‘I’ve had a really awful day!’ ‘What happened?’
5 My parents have a Facebook account and they often
post new photos on it.
6 My laptop has been infected by several viruses since I
bought it.
7 Do you do any of your shopping online?
8 People who talk on their mobiles on the train drive me
9 Have you ever bought or sold anything on eBay?

1 point for each correct answer  9

Total 100

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