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mart s ci NATIONAL ENERGY REGULATOR OF SOUTH AFRICA Mr P Hadebe Group Chief Executive Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd PO Box 1091 Johannesburg 2000 Kulanula House 526 Maciba Street Arcadia 0083 Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA © Per Email: Dear Mr Hadebe, POBox 40343 Tel ‘Arcadia 0007 Pretoria ‘SOUTH AFRICA ++27(0)12 401 4600 Fax +27(0/12 401 4700 Emait: info@nersa.org2a vow nersa.ora 20 @ anersaza Enquiries: Brian Sechotiho (Acting EM) Tel: 012.401 4516 Fax: 012.401 4700 Email: Brian, Sechotho@nersa.ora.2a Approval of Eskom Retail Tariff and Structural Adjustment Application (ERTSA) and the Schedule of Tariffs for the period 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 On 13 March 2019, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA), considered your application for Retail Tariffs and Structural Adjustment (ERTSA) and the Schedule of Approved Tariffs and decided as follows: 1. The Schedule of Retail Tariffs for the various tariff categories be increased as follows: ‘Total Standard Tariffs 13.87% Municipal - 1 July 2039) 15.63% Key industrial & Urban’ Other Tariff Charges 13.87% ‘Affordability Subsidy 15.41% Rural 13.87% Homelight 208 Block 1 (0-350kWh) 13.87% Block 2 (>350kWh) 13.87% Homelight 60A 13.87% Homepower 13.87% Regulator Members: Mr JD Mele (Chalporsen) Ms MID Nkome (Deputy Chalrerson) “Mr C Fetes (Chle Executive Ofer) Tony adam Ns N fase Te i Nias hie FR Sanda NERSA\s a Regulatory Authorty established In terms ofthe National Energy Regulator Act, 2004 (Act No 40 of 2008) "Fulk-Time Reguiator Members a 2. The tariffs as outlined in the schedule of tariffs submitted by Eskom on 11 March 2019 were approved. Please note that the NERSA approved tariffs are exclusive of value added tax (VAT), as the rate is determined by the Minister of Finance. 3. Eskom will ensure that its approved Schedule of Tariffs for 2019/20 is published on its website, communicated to all customers, and made easily available to the general public on request. Yours sincerely, Eskom Retail Tariff letter for 2018/20 Page2