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Geocarto International
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Principles of geographical information systems for

land resources assessment
P.A. Burrough
Published online: 17 Sep 2008.

To cite this article: P.A. Burrough (1986) Principles of geographical information systems for land resources
assessment, Geocarto International, 1:3, 54-54, DOI: 10.1080/10106048609354060

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Keyguide to Information Sources in Cartography
by A.G. Hodgkiss and A.F. Tatham

The Keyguide directs readers, whether they are directly 3. Who? What? Where?
involved with cartography and seeking information on a 4. The literature of cartography
particular technical matter, or those working in another 5. Keeping up to date with current and
discipline who are anxious to broaden their knowledge, to forthcoming events, publications and
the most appropriate sources of information for their developments
purposes. It will be used by curators of map collections, 6. Map care
librarians, cartographers, students and teachers in those Part II: Annotated bibliography of reference sources -
disciplines on which cartography has a significant bearing, history of cartography
and by all those who work with or use maps. Part III: Annotated bibliography of reference sources -
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contemporary cartography
CONTENTS Part IV: Directory of organizations
Part I: Cartography and maps, the subject and its
literature ISBN 0702117682 264pp casebound
1. The history of cartography 1986 £25.00
2. Cartographic information - its origins and Published by Mansell Publishing Ltd.

Principles of Geographical Information Systems for

Land Resources Assessment
by P.A. Burrough

This book describes and explains the principles of 2. Data structures for thematic maps,
geographical information systems that are important for 3. Digital elevation models.
most applications in environmental and natural resource 4. Data input, verification, storage, and output.
inventory and analysis. It is based on material developed by 5. Methods of data analysis and spatial modelling.
the author for courses for undergraduates and 6. Data quality, errors and natural variation.
postgraduates at the Agricultural University, Wageningen 7. Classification methods.
and at the Geographical Institute, Utrecht University, the 8. Methods of spatial interpolation.
Netherlands. It also includes material gathered by the 9. Choosing a geographical information system.
author while he was working on the development of
geographical information systems at the Netherlands Soil Appendix 1 : Glossary of commonly used GIS terms.
Survey Institute. Each chapter is appended by an extensive Appendix 2 : A list of selected sources of information
list of references which allow interested readers to pursue about geographical information systems.
specialist topics further if they wish.
ISBN 0198545924 194pp + 4pp of colour plates
CONTENTS 1986 £20.00
1. Geographical information systems. Published by Oxford University Press