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Respected Sir,

Hope this email finds you in the best of health. With your permission, I would like
to have the pleasure of introducing myself to you.

My name is Fahad Rabbani, and I am a UIT (Usman Institute of Technology - NED

University) Alumnus. After getting admitted into UIT in the year 2001, I completed
four wonderful years at UIT, and finally got my B.E. Computer Systems Degree in
2005. ALHAMDULILLAH, since then I have been working in the field of IT and
Telecommunications in Pakistan as well as other countries. During my career, I have
participated in and managed many big scale projects(some of which were multimillion
dollar projects) that had a multitude of technologies like IP Telephony, Customer
Interaction Suites, Physical Security, HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) etc.

To further diversify and increase my knowledge while on job, I did MBA from another
prestigious and highly reputable university, IBA (Institute of Business
Administration) Karachi. IBA, as popularly known, provides a highly competitive
business education ennvironment. The years that I spent at IBA with teachers from
all over the corporate sector also helped me in broadening my vision for the
application of various engineering technologies.

A few months back, I have come back from Dubai - UAE, where I was working for a
leading IT systems integrator Telematics Networking and Communications LLC (BMTC
Group). Initially I was there as a Senior Consultant, a role that included both IT
and telecommunications solution designing & solution selling for large scale
hospitality projects such as Marriot Lapita Hotel - Dubai Parks. Later, because of
my strong negotiation and presentation skills, and having a combination of
Engineering and MBA degrees, I was made Business Development Manager.

Throughout my career, I have been a mentor to many professional engineers(of

Pakistani and foreign universities) as their team leader. One thing that I have
very strongly felt, is the gap that fresh engineering graduates have in terms of
practical knowledge and mindset required for corporate sector. I strongly believe
that one thing which can drastically help in filling the gap is the final year
project. Even in my case years back, it was a major factor in giving a good career
start to me and other team members. The fact is, if the final year students get
their projects from the corporate sector directly, or atleast get advice and
recommendations about which hardware or software product to engineer as per the
current or immediate-future demand of the industry, the chances of getting suitable
jobs within a short time frame after successful graduation become significantly

In the light of professional experience and observations mentioned above, I would

like to offer my services to UIT for the role of Final Year Project Consultant.
That way I will be able to align final year students with the corporate sector of
Pakistan and some other countries like UAE so that they can get current industry
projects assigned to them. Moreover, it would give me the opportunity to transfer
the practical knowledge and mindset including project management, presentation and
other soft skills that Pakistani and International corporations look for.

I would be honoured if I am given an opportunity to meet you in person so that we

can further discuss over the subject matter.