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University School of Education(USE)

Department of Education
University Elective
UE (H&M) II Year - III Sem
UGC CBCS: Generic/Interdisc.
Theory Course Offered by: School: USE Dept: Education
1 Course Code HMU101
2 Course Title Essentials of Management
3 Credits 2-0-0-2
Contact Hours (L-
4 2-0-0-2
1. To develop the basic awareness of management functions and various dimensions of
organizational life.
2. To help the students gain understanding of the functions and responsibilities of the
5 Course Objectives manager
3. To provide the students tools and techniques to be used in the performance of
managerial job
4. To enable students to analyze and understand the environment of the organization.
On successful completion of this course, students will be able to
1. Demonstrate the ability to apply and synthesize various management functions to make
sound business decision
2. Apply the principles provided by famous management thinkers on different business
3. Use the dimensions of Planning function in the organization
4. Identify the relationship between planning and forecasting
5. Explain the concepts of decision making and various problems faced by organization
6 Course Outcomes
6. Comprehend the concept of organizing and its importance in the organization
7. Understanding the concept of Directing and its importance in business organizations.
8. Apply different theories to an individual’s motivation
9. Explain the importance of leadership in the organization
10. Develop a conceptual understanding of Communication and staffing
11. Illustrate the relationship between controlling and the other functions of management
12. Appreciate the co-ordination and team work in the organization
13. Identify social responsibility and ethical issues involved in business situations
7 Outline Syllabus: 26 Hours.
7.01 Unit A Management Thought
Management: Concept, Definition, Features, Nature, Importance, Management is a science
7.02 Unit A Topic 1
or art.
7.02 Unit A Topic 2 Management Process, Functions of management.
7.03 Unit A Topic 3 Principles of management, Need and importance of management principles.
7.04 Unit B Planning
7.05 Unit B Topic 1 Planning: Concept, nature, Importance, limitations, types of plan.
7.06 Unit B Topic 2 Management by objectives: Concept, features, process of MBO.
7.07 Unit B Topic 3 Forecasting: Meaning, Definition, relationship between planning and forecasting.
7.08 Unit C Decision making
7.09 Unit C Topic 1 Decision making: concept, definition, features, process.
7.10 Unit C Topic 2 Types of decisions, problems in decision making

7.11 Unit C Topic 3 Organising: Meaning, features, Organisation structure (Line organisation, line and staff
7.12 Unit D Directing and Staffing
Directing: Meaning, definition, Elements of Directing: Motivation – Meaning, features,
7.13 Unit D Topic 1 Importance, theories of motivation (Maslow’s Need hierarchy theory, Herzberg’s two factor
7.14 Unit D Topic 2 Leadership: Concept, features, importance, Qualities of good leader.
7.15 Unit D Topic 3 Communication: Concept, features, process and Importance.
7.16 Unit D Topic 4 Staffing: Concept, definition, features, importance, Process of staffing.
7.17 Unit E Controlling and Coordination
7.18 Unit E Topic 1 Controlling: Concept, Definition, Process and techniques of controlling.
7.19 Unit E Topic 2 Co-ordination: Need and Importance of co-ordination.
7.20 Unit E Topic 3 Social Responsibility of management: Concept, definition, Responsibility towards different
groups. Arguments favour and against social responsibility.
8 Course Evaluation: 100 Marks
8.11 Assignment
8.12 Quiz
8.14 MTE
8.15 ETE
9 References
9.1 Text book 1. Management (Principles, Processes, and Practices), Anil Bhatt, Arya Kumar, Oxford
1. Management (A Global Perspective), Heinz Weihrich, Cannice & Koontz, Tata McGraw
Supplementary 2. Management: Principle & Applications, Griffin, Cengage Learning
Reference(s) 3. Management, Stephen Robbins & Coulter Mary, Pearsons Education
4. Management, V S P Rao & V H Krishna, Excel Books
5. Principles of Management, P.Subba Rao, Himalaya Publishing
9.3 Free Software
Methods White/Black Board/ PPT/ Group Discussion
11. Mapping of Outcomes vs. Topics
Course Name : Essentials of Management; Course Code: HMU101
Outcome No. → 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Syllabus Topic↓
Unit A x x
Unit A Topic 1 x
Unit A Topic 2 x
Unit A Topic 3 x
Unit B x x
Unit B Topic 1 x
Unit B Topic 2 x
Unit B Topic 3 x
Unit C x x
Unit C Topic 1 x
Unit C Topic 2 x
Unit C Topic 3 x
Unit D x x x x
Unit D Topic 1 x x
Unit D Topic 2 x
Unit D Topic 3 x
Unit D Topic 4 x
Unit E x X x
Unit E Topic 1 x
Unit E Topic 2 X
Unit E Topic 3 x