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According to Emma,
a. What is love?
b. What is marriage?
c. What kind of relationship is there between them?

2. What connection can you find between her ideas and the current
women’s claims?

To Emma, love is freedom. There can’t be love if people aren’t free of their own
choices. Therefore, once they have the liberty they deserve, they will no longer need
protection from anything since love is “its own protection”. Love in freedom can’t be
teared apart by any statute or court. Love is the ultimate feeling, the one that makes
life worth living, ​that​ gives a sense of abundance and fulfillment.

According to Emma, marriage can be considered, firstly, an economic arrangement.
At that time, when women were supposed to marry a wealthy man to have a better
position regarding her social class or to maintain their social status. Feelings were
not involved in this matter. I​t wasn’t taking into consideration whether the couple
loved each other or not. Thus, most of the marriages were condemned to fail.
Secondly, she believed that marriage was humiliating and degrading for women
because once they got married, they lost all the freedom they could have had. Since
they were prepared as children to be a wife and to only aspire to marriage, they have
had lost their power to dream about a life outside the family house, a life without
being dependant of a man they might not even love. Women were doomed to be
considered useless, a parasite, incapable of thinking for themself and having
opinions. In Emma’s essay, marriage is highly compared with a prison.
Finally, women were considered as a machine. They were almost obligated to have
children but in view of the fact that they could not or should not be threaten to do it,
so marriage was the means chosen by the Church to make it. Because, how can
women be married and not want to give children with their husbands? This is what
women were educated for since they were little girls.

Emma believes that love and marriage are concepts which should never be linked
together, as marriage is meant to subdue women and love is supposed to unite
people, to create an union that stands stronger than anything. She mentions that
love can rarely blossom in a marriage, not because of, but in spite of it. In the vast
majority of the cases marriage will doom any real possibility of love.
Besides, marriage is a fake painting for the society ​— people are afraid of public
opinion so both parts pretends to be happy. Instead, when love is real, people don't
have to fake in front of others.

One of the connections we can find between Emma’s and the current women’s
claims is maternity. As she said, women were forced to give birth once they got
pregnant and be in charge of raising their kids. However, women now have more
freedom in this matter due to the fact that they are fighting for their rights of being
able to interrumpt their pregnacy if they don’t want to be mothers or for whatever
reason it could be. Because, how cruel and inhumane is it that someone else
decides over your own body? This is a question Emma and we can ask to all those
who are against this claim, including the Church. This instution is to this day still
opposing to the freedom of women’s decisions in this matter and her sexual
The Comprehensive Sexual Educaction law was passed in our country in 2006 yet it
is not applied in every establishment. Emma talked about how women sexuality was
kept a secret so once they were with their hubsand they would feel vulnerable and
outraged. This happens also with the ones that don’t receive the education they
need regarding rexuality.

Maternity should be wanted or it shouldn’t be at all.

so they weren’t able to dedicate her life to anything else.



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