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1 B 26 C 1 B 26 D 1 A 26 B
2 A 27 B 2 A 27 C 2 B 27 C
3 B 28 A 3 B 28 A 3 B 28 B
4 C 29 C 4 A 29 A 4 B 29 B
5 A 30 A 5 B 30 D 5 A 30 A
6 B 31 D 6 A 31 A 6 C 31 D
7 B 32 B 7 C 32 D 7 D 32 C
8 A 33 D 8 B 33 C 8 B 33 D
9 B 34 A 9 D 34 A 9 C 34 B
10 C 35 B 10 B 35 B 10 A 35 D
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11 A 36 C 11 C 36 C 11 B 36 D
12 C 37 B 12 D 37 B 12 A 37 C
13 B 38 A 13 A 38 C 13 B 38 B
14 C 39 B 14 B 39 A 14 B 39 A
15 A 40 D 15 A 40 B 15 A 40 C
16 B 41 C 16 C 41 B 16 A 41 D
17 A 42 A 17 A 42 C 17 B 42 D
18 B 43 D 18 C 43 A 18 A 43 B
19 B 44 C 19 D 44 C 19 D 44 D
20 A 45 C 20 B 45 D 20 C 45 D
21 A 46 B 21 C 46 A 21 C 46 A
22 B 47 D 22 A 47 A 22 A 47 B
23 B 48 A 23 A 48 B 23 A 48 C
24 B 49 B 24 C 49 C 24 B 49 B
25 A 50 C 25 E 50 C 25 A 50 D
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1B 26 D 1 true 26 B 1A 26 B
Public transport.
2B 27 B 2 true 27 C 2A 27 C Well, I want to comment my opinion about the public transport, really I am in favor of the use
3B 28 D 3 false 28 B 3A 28 C of public transport, a great deal would help to reduce the contamination that at present has in
town, however I think that there is no form to control with an occupant to the vehicles, and
4B 29 D 4 true 29 D 4B 29 C another issue, also it is necessary to accept that the public transport is in very bad conditions
5A 30 B 5 true 30 A 5A 30 B and it is inefficient.
The few occasions that I have utilized the public transport in, that I received impoliteness for
6C 31 D 6C 31 B 6A 31 B part of the operator in, besides that you are too slow, which did that you come delayed to my
7C 32 D 7B 32 C 7D 32 B job. And when I drive my car it is a most comfortable little and the time of transfer decreases.
In conclusion, I believe that he is owed you do a better road culture to foment the use of
8A 33 B 8C 33 A 8C 33 B bicycle and alternative transport facilities, most of all when traveled short distances. The public
9B 34 B 9B 34 D 9D 34 D transport so that it be satisfactory for the users must get better and prefer to utilize it instead
of traveling by his own car.
10 A 35 A 10 A 35 A 10 B 35 C
11 A 36 D 11 NO 36 B 11 A 36 B
12 A 37 D 12 YES 37 A 12 B 37 B

13 B 38 C 13 NO 38 A 13 B 38 B
14 B 39 A 14 YES 39 C 14 B 39 A
Good day.
15 A 40 B 15 NO 40 B 15 A 40 A In personal opinion in the theme of city or rural area, I prefer the city because it is easier to
find a good job, in addition to have more comforts, so much of transportation facilities and
16 A 41 C 16 YES 41 A 16 A 41 D communication like at the house.
It is the advantages that the city has that you count on better services, you have a better
17 B 42 B 17 D 42 C 17 D 42 A quality of life, there are close doctors, the works have good salary and access sticks to bigger
18 A 43 A 18 B 43 B 18 B 43 C information for internet.
It is the disadvantages that exist that life expectancy in town is minor, due to the great
19 A 44 D 19 B 44 D 19 B 44 A contamination to which we are risky, the people have bigger labor pressure and stress, that
influences the people's health.
20 B 45 C 20 B 45 A 20 B 45 C In general the 2 options are good, only he is necessary to become accustomed in the style of
21 A 46 A 21 B 46 B 21 B 46 B
22 B 47 C 22 A 47 D 22 D 47 C
23 B 48 B 23 B 48 B 23 B 48 D
24 A 49 C 24 D 49 A 24 C 49 B
25 B 50 C 25 C 50 D 25 E 50 A

Letter to a friend that I can not pick up at the airport. studyng and a part time job
Hello friend, I am very sad and sorry to say that I can not pick you up at Very well, the fodder that to have a job of half a time and to study simultaneously can be very
the airport because something happened at work, and I have to go fix good and productive, you can offer experiences that relate to each other between the school
In this post, I am sending you instructions on how to get home without and work, clearing always obtaining good grades at the school.
any problems, you do not worry. First, you can take a taxi outside the Join of the situations that they must take in account, you are to work in safe keeping, without
airport, the driver will deliver the address in the map below I'm sending risks, and in where your may do but friends with your co-workers.
you, he'll know where you are and take you to my house. It is the advantages to work that you keep busy and you are not left with time for vices or bad
If you have problems with the taxi driver or can not find the address, you companies, besides that you are good because you develop laborly and you obtain experience
phone me immediately to explain to the driver the route to get there. that the future will serve you.
Another advantage to study and to work is that you obtain your own money, you can pay the
When you get to my house, rings the bell, my sister cordially receive you, studies that you desire without need to look up his economic situation to your parents, and
she does not speak English but can understand without problem. you can accomplish activities of leisure.
I'll stay on the job for a couple of hours, I will tell my relatives who receive In my opinion, it is a good exercise to study and working, you will do you but responsible and
special care to make you feel at home. you will foment a culture of work in your person.
Again, I'm sorry. But I reward when I get home.
Greetings Friend. Thanks.
Thank you.

Dear Director:
I write this letter to you because I heard there is an opportunity to work in your prestigious
university and I think I am the right candidate, I want to work with you and bring all my
knowledge to better both personal and professional development.
I think I am the right candidate because I am a very responsible and dedicated person, I also
have very good academic record, excellent grades, and very decent resume (send this
information attached to the present letter).
I enjoy helping students who have problems with some themes and frequently support my
knowledge, in my common activities are the sport, I love baseball, football, and basketball. I
work out at the gym every day and I like camping and fishing.
Local News. As you can see in the description, I am a very active person, and I will be committed to you in
case of acceptance, I assure you will not be disappointed.
Today we have news about a child's middle school was gone. The I thank you kindly for your time to read my letter and I hope to be chosen to be part of your
description of the little missing is: His name Frederic Fall of 14 years old, institution.
has blonde hair and is a bit chubby. Sincerely yours.
The last time they saw the child was around 7 am at the bus stop, it was
reported that the boy had left a letter, the contents of which is still
unknown. Relatives of the little one find very concerned and distressed
about the situation they are living, and hope to have response from the
authorities in a short time.

Finally around 7am an element of the local police I see a guy came up to
him and said: "I am the missing boy," the official amazed immediately gave
notice to his peers and the boy's family, which first he was taken to a
medical examination and then to return to his family in their home.
amigo que no pudo asistir a una fiesta.
Dear Friend:
Hope you are well and hope you had a great weekend !. We missed you at my birthday party !.
Tell me, how is your new job? I hope very good, because having not come to my party, I guess
you have a lot of work.
Anyway, thank you very much for the gift you sent is very nice! I really like bears, was fitting
given that I have this great !.
Sorry to say you missed all the fun during my holidays, Alfred was so drunk he could not stand
up all night, sat a long time. Sandy argued with her boyfriend in front of all present and was
very funny, could not stop laughing.
Dude, we should take a cup of coffee at the famous restaurant which is very good. What do
you think?!, If you have the time to go and talk with me, please answer me as soon as possible
and I make the reservation.
See you later.
YOUR friend.