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Campus Telephone E-Mail

Nyati County, Vill. Mohammadwadi, Pune – 411060 (020) 26970418/428

DPS/PUN/PC/002/19-20 05 April 2019

Dear Parent

Student safety is our highest priority. The school has a sound dispersal system in place and majority of our
students avail the school transport. We impress upon parents to be present at the pick-up point carrying the
parent I Card issued by the school. However, in some cases it is not possible for the parents to be present or
arrange for an adult at the pick up point and the child needs to walk home unaccompanied. In such cases, the
parents must ensure that their ward is adequately equipped to manage this confidently, with a good awareness
of safety skills. Also, for our records, the parents are requested to fill the details mentioned below.
After filling the necessary details, the child should hand over the form to the class teacher.


Neelam Chakrabarty

The Principal Date: _____________
Delhi Public School

Subject: Permission to go unescorted from Bus Stop after deboarding at Stop No. ______

Dear Madam,
With due respect I wish to grant permission to my ward (Name) __________________________ Admn. No.
____________ Class/Sec_______ Bus No.________ to return home unescorted after deboarding his/her bus at
Stop No. ________ while returning from school for Session 2019-20.

With regards

Father : _______________________________ Mother : _________________________________

(Signature of Parents/Guardians)
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________


Ph. (R) __________________________ Mobile No. ___________________________

E-mail : __________________________________________