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Career Schools

Steve Miller

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You asked about TWC’s regulation of Texas Career Schools and what information TWC provides to students in helping them to make informed choices.

Information to Students

TWC provides extensive information to students in a student‐specific page on Career

Schools here >>‐schools‐colleges‐students

In the past three years (Fiscal Years 2015‐2017), TWC has facilitated student teach‐outs related to four Career School closures, assisting more than 10,000 students. These include the following closed schools: Brightwood Colleges, Vantage College, Career Point College and ITT Tech.

In the past three years (Fiscal Years 2015‐2017), TWC has assessed penalties on 17 schools for non‐compliance. These schools came back into compliance but later closed for reasons not related to regulatory issues.

Our searchable directory ( is updated frequently, and if a school closes voluntarily, it will no longer appear in our directory. Students may receive more information by contacting us at 512‐936‐3100/Toll‐ Free: 866‐256‐6333 or

In response to the Sunset Recommendation in 2015, and subsequent Legislation, TWC has made available a searchable list of schools where TWC took administrative action to revoke a license and a searchable list of administrative actions/penalties taken against a career school. These two documents are available at the following link >>‐schools‐colleges‐students

Background on Career Schools TWC is charged with regulating Texas Career Schools and Colleges. These

Background on Career Schools

TWC is charged with regulating Texas Career Schools and Colleges. These are defined as businesses that offer training that prepares individuals for employment. Currently, there are 576 institutions regulated by TWC. TWC monitors many aspects of these institutions, including completion and employment rates and financial stability, among many other requirements. I encourage you to further explore the information on our website pertaining to TWC’s regulation of Career Schools. TWC regulation is completely separate from federal requirements. If a school is a Title‐IV approved institution, that has no bearing on our processes.

TWC Career Schools Staff verifies each student outcome reported by the school and follows up if there is any inconsistency or another issue.

TWC requires that students are provided with and sign acknowledgement through a receipt of enrollment. This information is provided for the student's protection. Career Schools must ensure each item of information is given to the student, fully explained and all questions answered prior to signing an enrollment agreement or contract.‐005‐receipt‐of‐enrollment‐policies‐twc.pdf

Also, to clarify, in TWC’s oversight of career schools in Texas, there is a difference between “employment rates” and “placement rates.” Texas statute requires schools to report on employment rates. The employment rates are composed of placed and non‐placed students.

Employment Rate

The employment rate is a calculation of the number of graduating students who were employed in an occupation for which they were trained by the program, as a percentage of all students who graduated from the program, not counting those who entered another postsecondary education program or the military full‐time, were incarcerated, or died. Employed students include both those that were actively assisted in obtaining their job by the

school (Placed) and those that were not (Not Placed). By law, schools are required to maintain an employment rate of 60% or higher.

Placed (P) (Completer)

A Placed (P) (Completer) is a Completer Outcome (code: P) that defines a student who completed the program and was actively assisted in obtaining gainful employment related to the training received. Actively assisted means the school arranged an interview, contacted potential employers, and/or brought potential employers to the school) to assist the Completer become gainfully employed.

ATI – Please see copy of a fact sheet TWC created when the agency revoked 22 of the schools’ program licenses due to misreporting of their student data. Also included are several press releases on our actions to sanction ATI.

Capital Budget Request

TWC Requests capital budget authority for $1.2 million ($700K GR and $500K Federal) to implement a single web application solution that integrates four separate and aging workforce systems currently running on outdated technology.

A new system would help automate processes to allow for online submissions, secure file uploads, reduce manual entry, and automate correspondence/notifications to improve customer service.

Current systems contain common data and serve similar customers but are siloed in the following systems: 1) Eligible Training Provider System (ETPS), 2) Proprietary Education and Consolidated Online System (PECOS), 3) Career Schools & Colleges (CSC), and 4) Learner Outcomes Tracking System (LOTS)

ETPS supports the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) state approved training provider program for participants in need of training services to enhance their job readiness.

PECOS and CSC are separate systems tracking regulatory, program and placement information of over 500 career schools in Texas and provide information and technical assistance to schools, students and the public.

LOTS supports over 12,000 training participants receiving services through Skills Development and Self Sufficiency.