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Encabo, Christaline Kaye A.

Detailed Lesson Plan Teaching Listening and Speaking

Terminal Performance Objective:
EN9LC-Ib-6.2: Infer thoughts, feelings and intentions of the speaker.

Enabling Objectives:
By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
A. Cognitive
Assess how a person’s voice affects one’s inference on the character’s
B. Affective
Be mindful of the way you speak to avoid misinterpretation
C. Psychomotor
Perform character lines with different tone or manner


A. Topic
- Storyteller’s voice and a person’s voice
B. References
Gonzales, C. T. (2015), Essential English: Worktext in Literature and Language.
Philippines, Rex Bookstore, Inc.
C. Materials
-Listening texts
-Visual Aids
-Activity Sheets


A. Opening

Teacher Student
“Good Morning Class” “Good Morning Ma’am”

“Let’s start first with a prayer” (One student will lead the prayer)
(The teacher will assign a student to
lead the prayer)

“So how’s your day so far?” “So far so good ma’am”

“That’s good to know.”

“Can anyone recall what have we (A student or two will recall what
discussed last meeting?” happened last meeting)

“That’s right! Thank you.”

“Today, we are going to talk about (The students form a group of five
the storyteller’s voice. But before and do the activity.)
that I want you to group yourselves
into 5s and list down the factors that
you know that affects a person’s
voice or a storyteller’s voice.”

“Very good.”

B. Developmental Activity
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
“Now that we see the different
factors that affects the voice of the
storyteller. Next, we are going to
listen to the text about a storyteller’s
voice or a person’s voice.”

“What are the things that you want “Is there such thing as good or bad
to know about voices?” voice?”

“How may a person’s voice be


“How can I make my voice beautiful

that people would love to hear me

(Plays the listening text)

“Okay. Now which questions were (Students will raise the questions
answered by the text and which answered and not and add additional
weren’t? What else did you learn information taken from the text)
from the listening text?”

C. Closing Activity
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
“So now that you know what factors affects (Students’ will listen and
a storyteller’s voice, how could a voice be write what was being asked.)
described and what situations would require
different quality voice, You will listen to
your classmates that will perform character
lines in a story. Write five names of the
characters your classmates are portraying
and the feelings which they evoked. Note
that there are some lines that comes from
the narrator: these are included to give you
additional clues in deciphering the
character’s feelings.

Character’s Feelings Your

name felt from inference
the about the
character’s reasons for the
voice character’s

(Post the possible answers on the board and

ask the students’ why they sounded that
way and explain by including the things (Students’ will answer)
discussed earlier)


On your notebook, I want you to answer the following questions:

1. Why is voice considered the “sound-to-image” mapping of a person?
2. Do you agree or disagree with this? Does voice reflect a person’s personality?