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Savour Foods

1) Introduction:
The founder of Savour foods Mohammad Naeem Butt is a well-recognized business
icon in the business community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In the early 80’s, he
set up a cart selling pulao at Gordon College, Rawalpindi. This was the time when
Rawalpindi was developing as a business hub and the demand for ready-to-eat
quality food was highly emerging amongst the population. He realized the need to
accommodate the rising number of customers. Therefore, he started planning to
develop the dining place which may fulfill the increase in demand. For this, he
started to pool sources to establish a proper dining place. The market research was
done based on his personal experience and the outcome was positive with respect to
the future growth of the business.

2) Vision:
 Prompt, friendly and courteous services
 Fair price, nutritional food with quality ingredients.
 Strong link with customers or (customer satisfaction).
 Incentive – oriented service for our workers.
 Contributing towards the community we serve or (reasonable profit and
community service).

3) Nature of the Business:

Savour Foods Pakistan is an important part of Pakistan food industry .It is basically a
traditional restaurant that provides chicken pulao, shami kabab along with steam chicken
pieces. Premium quality rice is used in the preparation of the pulao, that’s why Savour Foods
is the pulao lover’s first choice .This enterprise also offers delicious frozen desserts, crispy
zinger burger, roasted chicken, zarda and kheer in its menu card. The ingredients used in the
preparation of the food are pure and of high quality. Thus taste, quality, hygiene and
courteous behavior are the strengths of the entity.

4) History of Savour Foods:

Savour Foods started its successful journey in 1988 from Gordon College Road, Rawalpindi.
On August 7 2001, it opened its second branch in the Melody Food Park, Islamabad. The
customers’ confidence on Savour Foods and positive feedback encouraged the Savour Foods
to reach the maximum height of excellence and success. Thus within a short span of four
years, on March 24, 2005, the third branch was being opened in Blue Area Islamabad. The
journey of success continued and there was the inauguration of another branch in the
Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium Food Market; the same year on Independence Day. In 2008, a
new brand with the name “Savour Krispo” was introduced. Savour Krispo was launched in
the Gordon College Road Branch in 2010.

After grand and flourishing businesses in the vicinity of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the
enterprise decided to commence the business in Lahore to tickle the taste buds of Lahore’s.
On July 31, 2017 the first branch was opened at Shama Chowk, Lahore. Another branch is
being decided to be opened at Lakshmi Chowk Lahore, very soon.

5) Mission Statement:

 To be the leader in quality

 Offer reasonable prices
 To be a great taste provider
 To be an excellent service provider
 To engage energetic and passionate employees

List of products:

Savour food offers different types of food products

 Chicken Pulao
 Kabab Pulao
 Savour Krispo Burgers
 Chicken Roast
 Savour Hot Shots
 Kheer
 Zarda
 Ice-cream

Details of the interviewee:

Zahid Naeem (Accountant Savour foods Islamabad)

Cell number (+923486888405)