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Issues that Divide

The Creation Debate

Six Positions:
1. Young Earth Creation

2. Gap Theory Creation

3. Old Earth Creation

4. Time-Relative Creation

5. Theistic Evolution

6. Intelligent Design

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Issues that Divide
Charismatic Gifts Debate

Four Positions:
1. Charismatic
2. Continuationism
3. Hard Cessationism
4. Soft Cessationism

Defense of Continuationism

Defense of Hard Cessationism

Defense of Soft Cessationism

Guiding Principles
1. Ex. 20:7
2. Deut. 18:15-22
3. Deut. 13:1-3
4. Certainty or consequences

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Issues that Divide
The Creation Debate

Five Points of Calvinism Five Points of Arminianism

• Total Depravity • Total Depravity
• Unconditional Election • Conditional Election
• Limited Atonement • Unlimited Atonement
• Irresistible Grace • Resistible Grace
• Perseverance of the • Conditional Security
Saints (Eternal Security)

1. Nature of Predestination

2. Nature of Human Freedom

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Issues that Divide
Destiny of the Unevangelized

Two Views:
1. Pluralism
2. Exclusivism

1. Inclusivism

2. Restrictivism

Go (Matt. 28:19-20; Acts [esp. 1:8]; Rom. 10:13-17) Why have the Great
Commission if Christ and the Gospel were not the only way?
Only-Way passages (John 14:6; Acts 4:12).
Son of God: the uniqueness of Christ and His works (John 3:16).
Pluralism Condemned (Ex. 20:2-3).
Exclusive Truth: the Bible claims that there is truth and that it can be
known (Nature of propositional literature, Luke 1:4; John 1:17,
8:30-31, 14:6; “truth” 109 times in the NT).
Lake of Fire: Bible teaches the destruction of those who do not accept
Christ (Rev. 20:15; Matt. 7:13-14; 25:46).

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Issues that Divide
Free Will

Belief that a person’s life and choices are totally and unalterably
the result of an endless series of cause and effect.
Belief that a person’s actions are freely chosen and are
determined by a person’s greatest desires at the moment.
Belief in the power of contrary choice.

Problems with Compatibilism:

Problems with Libertarianism:

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Issues that Divide

Apocrypha: Lit. “Hidden writings.” This describes the group of

writings, mostly written in Greek during the intertestamental
period (400–100 B.C.), that are contained in the Christian
Septuagint and Latin Vulgate and accepted by Roman Catholics
and some Eastern Orthodox as Scripture, but rejected by Jews and
evangelical Protestants.
Alternate Name: Deuterocanonical books (Lit. “second canon”)

Arguments for Inclusion

Arguments for Exclusion

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Issues that Divide
Women in Ministry

Complementarianism: The belief that men and women have God given
differences that are essential to their person. Men and women are
ontologically (in their essential nature) equal, but often, functionally,
take subordinate roles (like the Trinity). These differences complete or
“complement” each other. Due to these differences, there will be
some things that women are predisposed and purposed to do more
than men. As well, there will be some things that men are predisposed
and purposed to do more than women. Therefore, there are ideal roles
for both men and women that should be appreciated, promoted,
exemplified, typified, and celebrated in the church, family, and society.
To deny these differences is to deny the design of God and thwart his

Egalitarianism: The belief that God has created men and women equal
in all things. Men and women are ontologically and functionally equal.
The way the sexes function in the church, society, and the family is
determined by individual giftedness, not role distinctions according to
the sexes. Therefore, each person should be judged individually when
being placed in a particular position. We should exemplify this reality by
overcoming the stereotypical placement that has traditionally been a
part of societies in human history, thereby giving freedom to individuals
to follow the path that God has uniquely created them for, whatever
that may be. In doing so, we should no longer educate or indoctrinate
according to any of the former stereotypes, including those of basic
masculinity and femininity.

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What are some common characteristics which
have traditionally typified both males and

Arguments for Complementarianism

Arguments for Egalitarianism

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Issues that Divide

Arguments for Homosexuality




Passage 1

Passage 2

Passage 3

Passage 4

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Issues that Divide
Lordship Salvation

Lordship View: Salvation includes both faith and repentance, which are
two sides of the same coin. In repentance, the believer is committing to
give up all known sin, thereby making Christ Lord of his or her life.

“Free Grace” View: Salvation is by faith alone. Repentance and

submitting to Christ’s lordship is something that only a born again
believer can do.

Arguments for the Lordship Position

Response to the Lordship Position

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