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These are 2 styles for Band-in-a-Box.

They were made by PG Music Inc. (by Peter Gannon)

They are "hybrid" styles : the 'a' style is Bossa and
the 'b' style is Jazz Swing.
Dolphin.STY is one style, and Dolph_EL.STY is identical except
it uses electric instruments (Rhodes Piano and Fretless Bass)
Useful for Jazz Tunes that change style (Forest Flower, Bolivia etc)

For those techincally minded, and interested in the StyleMaker,
here's how I made these styles.
These styles were made without making any new patterns. I just
combined two existing styles (ZZBOSSA and J_DIZZY.STY )
It is easy to do this and took me about 10 minutes.
You can use the same technique to make hybrid styles.
If you do, please send them to us or upload them to the PG Music forum
so that we may share them with others.

Here's how to do it:

-Bring the style that you want for the 'a' section into the StyleMaker.
In this case it was ZZBOSSA.STY
-Save the style with the new name (eg. Dolphin.STY )
-Delete all the 'b' substyle patterns from the style.
For drums this would be all the patterns on the 'b' row, as
well as any fills that are marked as 'B fill only'.
For the other instruments, the 'b' patterns are the lower 4 rows
(not counting the ending)
-*** Make a count of the # patterns that are in each row, so that you
will be able to easily identify the Bossa and Jazz patterns after
you import the Jazz Style.
- Now, use the Style | Import Instrument From Style button.
Set the dialog box setting to to ADD to existing patterns.
First import the drums, then bass, then piano (from J_DIZZY.STY)
- No need to import guitar or strings since there is no guitar
or strings in the J_DIZZY.STY.
- Now , delete the Jazz Swing Patterns from the 'a' substyle
For drums, this will be the 'a substyle patterns that have been
added with the Import Instrument # (use the #s you've written down
as a guide -see *** above). Set all the Bossa Fills to 'A substyle'
and the Swing fills to 'B' Substyle (using the F10 key or the Edit button)
Delete all the recently added Swing patterns from the 'a' substyle for
the other instruments (piano, bass)
- We need to make sure the Guitar doesn't play anything in the 'b'
substyle - so record a blank pattern in the Guitar '8 beat B substyle row.
- for strings, we don't want any strings - so record a blank string pattern
or delete whatever strings patterns are there.
Now, let's deal with the pushes. Press The MISC button, and set the
Amount to Push to 35 (120 ticks = 1 beat). And set all the push %s to
zero except Piano in the 'b' substyle (it can push 40% of the time)
- Then Set Patches as desired.
( As an optional final move, I started a new style, and imported all
the instruments from the Dolphin.STY I just made, that way I got a cleaner
looking Style in the StyleMaker, and there are no spaces from deleted
patterns. This is not necessary though.

Have Fun !
Peter Gannon
PG Music Inc.