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I. Author---Sample basic questions below for you to think about: (1/2 page minimum) *Citations
a. Who is he/she? What does history say about this person?
b. Why do we study him/her?
c. What is important about this writer’s work in his/her literary time period?
d. What has he/she written? Does he/she tend to stick with a particular subject or theme?
e. What else is important to know about your person?
II. Plot----Think like you are dissecting the story (central idea OR theme): (1/4 page minimum)
a. Characters (who are the main ones and what do they do?)
b. Exposition
i. Setting
ii. conflict
c. Rising action/climax
d. Resolution
III. Critique (1/4 page)
a. Write a critique about your short story
i. .What was GREAT about the short story? Was it the characters? The topic? The irony?
The plot?
ii. What was TERRIBLE about the short story? Was it the characters? The topic? The irony?
The plot’s pacing?
iii. In a final sentence, make a recommendation for people to read it or not
IV. Term and short story (1 ½ to 2 pages) *Citations required
a. Introduction
i. Hook me in and build background information for your short story
ii. Definition of word *CITE **Hint: Include the definition in your intro paragraph
iii. Thesis statement that includes the following: the term, your author and short story’s title,
and your idea to prove about your term’s use in your short story (i.e. why did the author
use that term? Author’s purpose!)
b. Body of your paper
How is this word used throughout your short story? *CITE Explain how each example supports
the term.
1. Example w/ explanation
2. Example w/ explanation
3. Example w/ explanation
c. Conclusion about your term
i. Why is it important to know how your term is used?
ii. How does the term explain/support your writer’s theme, purpose, or plot?
V. Works Cited page

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