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Skill Development Activity

Citing Your Work

You will likely have to do some research in order to develop a knowledgeable presentation. Before you begin, it is very important that you
properly credit any information you use in our presentation so that we do not plagiarize someone else’s work.

You are expected to properly paraphrase, and cite your work (both in-text and bibliography) in
order to avoid plagiarism!
Please ensure that you are properly citing your work. You MUST create a bibliography as you take information from websites and other
Read the definitions below and then complete the activities that follow:

 Citation: provides a way for you to credit others when you use their work in your papers or projects. It also gives your readers the
information necessary to find that source again.

 Plagiarism: Plagiarism involves copying material, either word from word or as a paraphrase, from anything ranging from books, to
internet sites, course notes, oral or visual presentations, lab reports, computer assignments, or artistic works. It is considered a form
of fraud! It is also a violation of Chinook High School’s Academic Integrity Policy!

 Paraphrase: Paraphrasing is using your own words to express someone else's ideas. If the wording of the paraphrase is too close to
the wording of the original, then it is plagiarism.

AS A GROUP answer the following questions. Feel free to do some research to help you.
1. What can we do we AVOID PLAGIARIZING someone else’s work?

Site their work or write it in your own words

2. What can we do to properly give credit (cite) information we take from a source (i.e. Book, video or website)?

Go to their website you used and copy the URL and past it in your project

3. What do you think citing your work “in-text” means? In what way do you think citing your work “in-text” brings “credibility” to your

If you cite someone else’s work you add their URL in your text so you don’t plagiarise. By doing this you are adding credibility to
what ever you’re working on.

4. Do some research on how to format an APA format for creating a bibliography. Record the correct formats as indicated below:
APA Style for:
Websites Books Videos
 Structure: Last, F. M. (Year, Month  Structure: Last, F. M. (Year Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from
http://xxxxxxxxx The in-text citations
Date Published). Article title. Retrieved Published) Book. City, State: include the author name outside of
from URL. Publisher. brackets (whichever that may be) and the
date. From the APA Style Blog: How to
Create a Reference for a YouTube Video.

Once you’ve answered the questions above, go to Moodle and read over the “Citing Your Work” handout for more info on how to paraphrase and cite your work. Add new ideas to your lists

You are expected to properly paraphrase, and cite your work (both in-text and bibliography) in order to avoid plagiarism!