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2567 King Edward Street • Winnipeg • Manitoba • R2R 2W8

(204) 962-1751 (c) •


 Completed a successful co-op placement at Environment and Climate Change Canada’s

Winnipeg weather office helping the operational meteorologists forecast severe thunderstorms
 Exceptional performance in academic studies with relevant courses including Atmospheric
Thermodynamics: Clouds and Precipitation, Atmospheric Dynamics: Storms and Radar, and
Mesoscale Meteorology: Storms


Bachelor of Science (Major in Physical Geography), University of Manitoba 2016 – Present

Stream: Atmospheric Sciences
GPA: 4.2 / 4.5
Relevant Courses: Mesoscale Meteorology: Summer and Winter Storms, Synoptic Meteorology,
Atmospheric Thermodynamics: Clouds and Precipitation, Atmospheric Dynamics: Storms and
Radar, Weather and Climate, Process Hydrology, Environmental Science
Expected Graduation Date: Fall 2020

Academic Awards:
Roscoe R. Miller Award in Geography (2018)
Mr. & Mrs. S.W. Golden Prize (2018)
Joseph Wolinsky Scholarship (2018)
Dean’s Honour List (2016, 2017, 2018)
Clayton Riddell Faculty Entrance Award (2017)


Technical and Research

 Proficient in using both real and model data to analyze different atmospheric layers, forecasting
the location, severity, and associated weather of thunderstorms across the Canadian Prairies
 Experienced in using RADAR on NinJo and URP IV to track thunderstorms
 Skilled in creating surface maps, drawing isobars and placing fronts using real surface and upper
air data, to forecast the progression of weather systems across the mid-latitudes
 Completed a research report on microbursts to determine their causes, effects, and new
developments in the topic by pulling information from recently published scientific journals
 Created computer programs in Java for searching and computing using basic knowledge of if
statements and loops
 Applied knowledge of SQL queries and geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS to determine how much
mountain gorilla habitat fragmentation has been caused by road development Uganda, Africa,
finding that it decreased available habitat by about 40%
 Attended the 99th Annual AMS Conference and learned the latest research surrounding
Stratospheric Meteorology and tornadogenesis
Information Management

 Updated a Microsoft Excel sheet containing severe weather bulletins and reports across the
Canadian Prairies used for climate data and analyzing verification statistics
 Managed company inventory using Adagio to invoice and ship orders


 Phoned people near thunderstorms to obtain severe weather reports and expand Environment and
Climate Change Canada’s list of weather watchers
 Worked both independently and with others in the weather office, adapting to the pressures and
demands associated with the tasks at hand


Summer Severe Weather Assistant (Full-Time Seasonal) Summer 2018

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Winnipeg, MB

 Assisted forecasters with forecasting thunderstorm location, severity, and associated hazards
(flooding, hail, wind gusts, tornadoes) by completing Miller analyses
 Tracked severe thunderstorms using RADAR on URP IV and NinJo to phone weather watchers
and businesses near them and obtain severe weather reports. These were then used by the
forecasters to help them update their severe weather bulletins

Warehouse Personnel (Full-Time Seasonal) Summer 2014 - 2017

Northland Healthcare Products, Winnipeg, MB

 Worked as part of both the shipping and receiving teams, shipping out the ordered merchandise
and verifying the amount of received merchandise


Sustainability Circle Leader 2014 - 2016

Sisler High School

 Collaborated with other leaders to organize and manage specific groups within the sustainability
circle, such as recycling, composting, and e-waste
 Planned sustainability conferences to help promote sustainability within Sisler High School as
well as nearby elementary schools


Student Member, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) 2017 - Present
Sales and Marketing Lead, University of Manitoba Weather Club 2017 - Present


Valid Class 5 Driver’s Licence