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Understanding and Addressing I planned lessons and activities for a variety

of different developmental stages and cultural

Each Child’s Developmental and
backgrounds during my student teaching as
Learning Needs evidenced in my “Developmentally
Candidates use their understanding of Appropriate Instruction” competency which
child growth and development, individual can be accessed here:
differences, and diverse families, cultures
and communities to plan and implement mentally-appropriate-instruction.html
inclusive learning environments that
provide each child with equitable access
to high quality learning experiences that
engage and create learning opportunities
for them to meet high standards. They
work collaboratively with families to gain
holistic perspective on children’s
strengths and needs and how to motivate
their learning.

Understanding and Applying I am able to use my content knowledge to

create learning experiences that are
Content and Curricular Knowledge
meaningful and meet standards across the
for Teaching curriculum. A few lesson plans that display
Candidates demonstrate and apply my ability to use content knowledge for high
understandings of major concepts, skills, quality instruction can be accessed here:
and practices, as they interpret
disciplinary curricular standards and nowledge-in-interdisciplinary-curriculum.html
related expectations within and across
literacy, mathematics, science, and social

Assessing, planning, and Designing I used a wide variety of assessments during

my student teaching and used the
Contexts for Learning
assessment to create lessons that met the
Candidates assess students, plan
needs of my students. An example of my
instruction and design classroom contexts planning based on assessment data can be
for learning. Candidates useformative and accessed here:
summative assessment to monitor
students’ learning and guide instruction. preperation-instruction-and-assessment.html
Candidatesplan learning activities to There are several different ways that I
promote a full range of competencies for planned my instruction to meet the needs of
each student. They differentiate my learners. A few examples of my planning
instructional materials and activities to can be accessed with the following
address learners’ diversity. Candidates links:​
foster engagement in learning by ning-preperation-instruction-and-assessment.
establishing and maintaining social norms html
for classrooms. They build interpersonal
relationships with students that generate nowledge-in-interdisciplinary-curriculum.html
motivation, and promote students social
and emotional development

Supporting Each Child’s Learning I used a wide variety of assessments during

my student teaching and used the
Using Effective Instruction
assessment to create lessons that met the
Candidates make informed decisions
needs of my students. An example of my
about instruction guided by knowledge of planning based on assessment data can be
children and assessmentof children’s accessed here:
learning that result in the use of a variety
of effective instructional practices that preperation-instruction-and-assessment.html
employ print, and digital appropriate
resources. Instruction is delivered using a I use a wide variety of instructional strategies
cohesive sequence of lessons and to engage students. One of my favorite ways
employing effective instructional to engage students to develop a deep
practices. Candidates use explicit understanding of content is through using
instruction and effective feedback as technology. An example of how I use
appropriate, and use whole class technology in the classroom can be accessed
discussions to support and enhance here:
children’s learning.Candidates use
flexible grouping arrangements, including n-of-technology-and-media-resources.html
small group and individual instruction to
support effective instruction and improved
learning for every child.

Developing as a Professional I was able to communicate and collaborate

Candidates promote learning and with students, parents, and colleagues
development of every child through throughout my student teaching experience.
participation in collaborative learning A few examples of my collaboration and
leadership experiences can be accessed
environments, reflective self-study and
professional learning, and involvement in
their professional community. communication-and-collaboration.html