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Artifact 2a

This artifact includes a piece from an annotated bibliography I created in a previous course at
Regent University. The purpose of this handbook was to be a reference and guide throughout our
teaching career for helpful techniques/strategies in the classroom. I was able to practice Teaching
and Learning with Graphic Organizers in student teaching thus far. I attached an image
displaying a life size graphic organizer my students used during a hands on science lesson on
Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.

16. Teaching and Learning with Graphic Organizers. (n.d.). Retrieved March 01, 2017, from Graphic

Graphic Organizers are a great visual learning tool. They organize information, making it
more clear for students to understand.
Artifact 2b
This is an image of my students work. Each student was given an animal. While using the human size
graphic organizer, students had to classify whether the animal they were given was a omnivore,
carnivore or herbivore. Below is the result of their work!