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A Training Report Submitted In Partial Fulfilment Of The Requirement For

The Award Of The Degree Of






Under The Guidance Of


Assistant Professor






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Dr.V.Ramesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of Sports Management And
Sports Psychology & Sports Sociology,
Tamilnadu Physical Education and Sports University,


This is to certify that the training work entitled “PADUKONE-DRAVID CENTRE

FOR SPORTS EXCELLENCE” Is a bonafide work carried out by NIKHIL

KUMAR (20175407008) and submitted for the partial fulfillment of the requirement for

the award of the degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

(SPORTS MANAGEMENT) in the Department of Sports Management & Sports

psychology and Sports sociology, Tamilnadu Physical Education & Sports University during

the academic year 2016-2018.

Place : Chennai Signature of Guide

Date :

Signature of External Signature of Head of The

Examiner Department

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I hereby declare that the project work entitled “PADUKONE-DRAVID CENTRE

FOR SPORTS EXCELLENCE” is done by me under the guidance of DR.V.

RAMESH KUMAR Assistant professor for the partial fulfilment of the requirements

for the award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Sports

Management) in the Department of Sports Management and Sports Psychology & Sports

Sociology, Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai. I assure that the

work is original and has not been submitted earlier to this university or any other institution.

Place: Chennai


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First of all I would like to express my gratitude to DR.SHAHIN AHMED Professor and
Head Of The Department Of Sports Management & Sports Psychology & Sports Sociology,
DR.S.PREM KUMAR Professor of Department of Sports Management, DR.V.RAMESH
KUMAR Assistant Professor Of Department Of Sports Management Mr.M.Kumaresan
guest lecturer of department of sports management and DR.G.NALLAVAN Assistant
Professor Department of Sports Technology In Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports
University Chennai of Department of Sports Management for providing me the permission
for taking up this Project.

I acknowledge the co-operation and guidance provided by DR.V.RAMESH KUMAR

Assistant professor Department of Sports Management.

I thank to the CEO of the Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence
Mr.R.Karthikeyan, operations team of CSE and the respective acadamies of the centre for
providing me with an opportunity to observe and learn about the working and management
system to pursue my project and all those various working executives of the who were
connected in my work.


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1.1 Operational capability

Generally operational capability is the ability to align critical processes,

resources and technologies according to the overall guiding vision and
customers focused value proposition coupled with the ability to deliver these
processes effectively and efficiently.

1.2 Processes

 A series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end, which

Involves procedures, operations, actions, exercise, affair, business,
Understanding, proceedings etc..,

 A systematic series of mechanized or chemical operations that are performed

in order to produce something which related to method, procedure, system,
technique, means, practice, way, approach.

 Sequences of interdependent and linked procedures which, at every stage,

consume one or more resources (employee time, energy, machines and money) to
convert inputs (data, material, parts, etc.) into outputs. These outputs then serve
as inputs for the next stage until a known goal or end result is reached.

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1.3 Resources

A resources is a source or supply from which benefits is produced. Resources are two
types based upon their availability they are renewable and non-renewable resources.
Typically resources are materials, energy, staff, knowledge, or other assets that are
transformed to produce benefits and in the process may be consumed or made
unavailable. Benefits of resources utilization may include increased wealth or wants,
proper functioning of a system, or enhanced wellbeing. From a human perspective a
natural resources is anything obtained from the environment to satisfy human needs
and wants. From a broader biological or ecological perspective a resources satisfies
the needs of a living organism.

The concept of resources has been applied in diverse realms, with respect to
economics, biology and ecology, computer science, management, and human
resources, and is linked to the concept of competition, sustainability, conservation,
and stewardship. In application within human society, commercial or non-commercial
factors require resources allocation through resources management.

Resources have three main characteristics: utility, limited availability and potential for
depletion or consumption. Resources have been variously categorized as biotic
renewable versus non-renewable, and potential versus actual, along with more
elaborate classification.

1.4 Technology

Technology in the workplace allows businesses to expand quickly and efficiently.

Business technology such as video conferencing, social networks and virtual office
technology has removed workplace boundaries that previously limited business
expansion. With business technology, companies can target a wider customer base
and grow to highest levels.

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1.5 Improve Communication

Business technology is important because it improves communication in the

workplace. Office works are not limited to phone calls or inter-office mail to interact
with one another anymore. Electronic mail allows workers to send messages instantly
without interruption the recipient. Business technology also improves communication
with clients and business partners because information can be passed through multiple
channels almost instantly.

1.6 Human Capital

Technology in the workplace improves efficiency of screening, recruiting and hiring

potential candidates. Businesses utilize the internet to spread the word about
organization and advertise job opening. Hiring managers can target candidates by
using digital advertising technology that tracks the websites they visit. Technology
like personality assessments and screening tools allow businesses to determine
whether a potential candidate is appropriate fit for the organization.

1.7 Efficiency

Office technology save time by speeding up the work flow process. Digital filing
systems save space, paper and printing costs. The use of computer systems allows
corrections to be made instantly. Resources like electronic files and success to
information technology are available with the click of a button.

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1.8 Mobility

Technology in the workplace practically eliminates space and time. Video

conferencing technology lets businesses on any part of the globe interact with one
another. Technology reduces travel costs because businesses can set up virtual
meetings and distribute data without the need to be on the same room. Technology
allows businesses to establish a global presence at a fraction of the cost.

Let us see how these terms are related to our Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports
Excellence (PDCSE)

1. Processes are in the form of execution of operation in the field of Sports Facility
Management, which is basically related to the management work. The serious thing
which effects the execution processes is environmental condition, location of the
facility, climate condition, unavailability of manpower and equipment’s.

2. Resources which the company actually used are of two types:

a) Outsources

b) In- sources

 Outsources in a Sports Facility Management are labours (for construction purpose).

 In-sources are different sports facilities, program development, cost containment,

human resources, marketing, and asset management.

3. Technology which is basically implemented in PDCSE is internet, mobile

communication and high tech sports equipment’s.

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1.9 Internet

The main purpose of internet is communication, video conferencing, e-mail, social

media like Whatsapp, Twitter, linked-in and Facebook, Printing, and transactions of
money etc…,

1.10 Mobile communication

The facility provided by mobile communication is to get e-mail (to send daily reports
to the head of the particular departments), Whatsaap (to get text messages, images and
videos of daily operation), voice call, video call and printing.

Due to this technology we are getting some advantages like,

 It improves easy flow of communication

 Human capital ( screening, recruiting, and hiring potential candidates)
 Efficiency ( saves time and speeds up the work flow process, due to digital filing
system saves space, paper and printing costs, due to computer system data correction
will be done automatically)
 Mobility (eliminates space and time, due to video conferencing facility we can
monitor our work from our own place and reduces the travel cost)
 Collection of data (it provides all the necessary information for the analysis
 Flow of information In and Outside the facility
 Performance (big data can pinpoint a number of metrics useful to assessing
performance, both during competition and in training.
 Fan engagement (the web in particular has allowed sports fan to enjoy virtually any
sporting event around the globe in real time)
 Safety (due to the technological advancement in sports safety can also be ensured in
 Democratizing sport (many big data tools now available however are fairly cheap
and in many ways it is enabling poorer young people to get into sport at an early age.

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The Padukone-Dravid Centre for sports excellence (CSE) is dedicated to two of India’s most
revered sporting legends, Prakash Padukone and Rahul Dravid, in honour of whom the
Centre is named.

The remarkable 15-acre Centre for Sports Excellence Vivek kumar has set up on bangaluru’s
outskirts is his tribute, he say, to Rahul Dravid and Prakash Padukone – two of the country’s
greatest athletes

Formally inaugurated in December, the Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) is perhaps the
only private venture of its kind in India. Located north of the city, some 20 minutes from the
airport, the campus contain a full-sized football pitch, a 10- lane Olympic-sized swimming
pool, 16 badminton courts, squash, tennis, and basketball courts, a cricket ground, indoor and
outdoor nets, and a state-of-the-art sports science centre.

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Company Profile

Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence (CSE) is a world class, integrated sports
complex offering state-of-the-art facilities in Badminton, Cricket, Football, Tennis,
Swimming, Squash, Basketball, Table-Tennis and Athletics. Spread across 15 plus acres in
Bengaluru near the city’s international airport, the Centre offers every convenience for sports
training, practice and competition, and is the ideal venue to host events and tournaments at all
levels of sport.

In addition to its top-notch sporting facilities, CSE has also set up Sports Museum-Cum –Hall
of Fame on its premises, in honor of India’s sporting greats. The Centre hosts a fully
equipped Media Centre for briefings and presentations, and convenient sports retails and food
outlets. These amenities make CSE the ideal venue to host large events, workshops and

CSE’S premier training facilities can help the novice, casual users or the elite athlete take
their sporting skills to the next level. The Centre offers membership opportunities at its
premium Sports Club & Lounge. The Club@CSE. Club Members enjoy exclusive lounge
facilities, a Fitness Centre , a fine-dining restaurant and access to many exclusive privileges
designed to enhance the experience of fitness and well-being at CSE.

CSE was envisioned to meet the training needs of India’s competitive and recreational
athletes, professional coaches, sports academies and aspiring young talent with passion to
excel in their sport of choice. It also aims to create pro-bono opportunities for higher talented
low-income athletes and support Paralympic athletes.

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List of delegates at CSE

Vivek kumar (Founder & Director)

The Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports (CSE) has been set up and promoted by Mr.Vivek
kumar, a sportsperson and philanthropist deeply committed to the idea of developing sporting
excellence in India. A National and State-level badminton player of Karnataka, Vivek is a co-
founder of the Prakash Padukone Badminton Achdemy (PPBA) and also support Olympic
Gold Quest and GoSports Foundation.

Advisory Board

 Prakash Padukone
 Rahul Dravid
 Nandan kamath
 Kiran Kaushik
 Viren Rasquinha

Board of Directors

 Parth Amin
 Madhukeshwar desai
 Samir Choudhary
 Nikhil Kumar
 Vijay Tadimalla
 Dr. Shama Kittur
 Vivek kumar.

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Types of Sports and Facilities at CSE

1. Football
CSE has a huge infrastructure for football as it facilitates the players as well as fans to
use the facility according to their respective needs. Presently CSE has a 11 a side full
size football field length 105m and width 68.5m and along with that it also has a 5 a
side football field length 36.5m and width 27.5m both the fields are artificial turf
ground which requires less amount of water to maintain the ground and for fans and
spectators a gallery with capacity of 300 fans has been built just next to the football
area. CSE provides these facilities for all professional players as well as recreation
playing purpose also. Basically two main academies are taking their sessions at CSE;

1. BYFL (Bangalore youth football league)

BYFL is an academy that is based out of Bangalore which is now accredited

under All India Football Federation. BYFL brings you the latest coaching
methodologies for the budding football stars. At CSE facility BYFL is coaching to
more than 300 students on a regular basis.

2. BOCA (Club Atletico BOCA Juniors)

BOCA is an Argentine sports club based in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos

Aries. Boca juniors is mostly known for its professional football team, which
currently plays in the Argentine Primera division. In CSE Boca juniors are taking
coaching sessions for almost 100 plus students.

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2. Cricket

Six Cricket Academy

Six Cricket Academy was set up by the cricketing legend Rahul Dravid to provide top
class training, technical know-how, events and competitive opportunities to an
audience ranging from first-class cricketers to aspiring young cricket enthusiasts of all
levels. Six Cricket Academy operates on the philosophy of ‘Cricket for All’, and the
Academy aims to refresh the way cricket is learned and played.

The coaching is structured in a format which helps to create an environment where

children are allowed to discover their own way of playing. They follow a constraints
based approach to coaching, i.e. tell a kid what to do and let him/her figure out the
way instead of always instructing on how to do.

CSE has own cricket ground which is of 150 yards and 10 huge outdoor practice nets
for players to develop their skills and ability along with that CSE has an indoor
cricket facility that provides players to practice sports even in unsuitable climate. Six
Cricket Academy has 5 main coaches along with 3 assistant coaches. Players from
different part of the country use to come and practice with Six Cricket Academy and
improve their skills for the further upcoming matches. Six Cricket Academy has
produces many Ranji trophies and IPL participating players and few of them are
representing team India.

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3. Tennis

Peter Burwash International

The company Peter Burwash International (PBI) was founded by Canadian Davis
player Peter Burwash in 1975.

Through a meticulous selection process of professional and sites, and a

comprehensive training program, PBI has grown to a group of over 95 tennis
professionals who staff 55 exclusive resorts and clubs in 23 countries.

Recognized for its world-class teaching program and exceptional customer services,
PBI tennis professionals have taught over three million students since the company
was founded.

CSE has 5 five full size international standard tennis courts along with that it also has
5 quick start tennis courts basically for kids of lesser than 10 years of age which help
them to learn the basic and improve their skills. Peter Burwash International (PBI) has
appointed two main coaches from different part of the world to give their specific
training to athletes. Along with them CSE itself has appointed a national level coach
to meet the needs of the players and providing the best for their development. All the
tennis courts are available to the outside people for their recreational purpose and
anyone can avail the facility through booking with the facility Pay & play.

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4. Badminton

Prakash Padukone Sports Management

Prakash Padukone Sports Management was initiated to actively participate in the

process of popularizing the sport of Badminton in the country by coaching players at
all levels and providing avenues to involve passionate Badminton lovers thereby
promoting the sport.

The curriculums followed by Prakash Padukone Sports Management (PPSM) at their

beginner level Centre are in line with that of Badminton World Federation’s Shuttle
Time. Here, great emphasis is taken to ensure that Badminton is taught to children and
beginners in a gradual, fun and inclusive way. Lot of emphasis is given to skills and
learning the basics correctly. Coaches focus on coordinate exercises and balancing
routines before they put the children to hardcore conditioning exercises. The attention
the children at our Centre enables them to learn as quickly as they can as they are
always under the radar of watchful and trained coaches.

CSE has in total 16 international standard Badminton courts that are being divided for
the players according to their level. The TATA Capital has also sponsored some of
the remarkable players of the academy and pushing them forward in their carrier.
There are total 19 qualified coaches which are from different part of the country
which will give the players an skillful environment.

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5. Swimming

Dolphin Aquatics

Dolphin Aquatics is one of the oldest registered swimming clubs in Karnataka. It was
register with Karnataka swimming association in 1984 with Mr.Ameen Shacoor as the
president. Mr.Nihar Ameen who is current program director and secretary of Dolphin
Aquatics took over the running of the club in the year 2010.

A numbers of National and International swimmers who were trained by him shifted
to Dolphin Aquatics in 2010 when the K.C.REDDY SWIM CENTRE where their
used to train was shut down.

From 2010 onwards Dolphin Aquatics has gone from strength to strength with
amazing performance by its swimmers in every age group category. Dolphin
swimmers have been winning consistently at the International level too with the
highlight been Olympian Veerdhawal Khade’s Bronze medal at the Asian games 2010
and Olympian Sandeep Sejwal’s Bronze medal at the 2014 Asian Games.

Dolphin Aquatics has been moved to CSE, Bangalore; India’s Premier Private Sports
Facility Complex. Brand new Olympic sized 50m, 10-lane pool built by Myrtha Pools
and a 20m x 10m, 4-lane Heated Indoor pool. Coaching classes are being held for
both beginners and professional levels and the pools are also being used by the
outsiders for their recreational purposes.

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6. Squash

Ray Malik School of Squash

Ray Malik School of Squash is named after a brigadier named Ray Malik. He himself
is the advisor and consultant coach and former India international, National coach,
Silver Medalist South Asian Federation Games & joint secretary SRFI.

CSE has 5 International standard Squash courts which are fully functional for training
for kids as well as outsiders. Parmeet Singh (chief coach) reigning national squash
champion and along with him Karan Malik (visiting coach) former national junior
champion & silver medalist U-19 World Cup. The training includes technical
assistance, swing mechanism, personalized feed patterns & drills, match play and
tactics, lesson reviews and future goal setting.

7. Kids playing area

The Little Gym

The little gym is a premier child development center that aims at building physical,
mental and social abilities in children using gymnastic as a tool. We have absolutely
fun programs that are non-competitive and designed to make the child feel confident
in themselves. Little Gym recognizes that every child is unique and progresses
differently. They have professional national level gymnasts who use positive
reinforcement, creative music and individual attention as tools to develop the love for
gymnastic in children.

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8. Yoga & Boxing

Cult- Fit- Cure-Fit

Deepak Poduval and Rishabh Telang started Cult- the workout station. Cult is a
Bangalore based fitness startup focused on training programmes that use no machine
or equipments.
Cult provides a mix of martial arts, yoga and outdoor activities that have fitness
machines, but contains a boxing ring, jump ropes, boxing bags, tyres/hammers, speed
chutes, resistance bands and plyometric boxes

9. Fitness & Physiotherapy


Versoma in CSE , Bangalore, is a fitness, rehabilitation and Sports Medical Centre. It

caters to the increasing demand of the urban populace for a holistic well-being. At
Versoma, they offer a responsive, competent and excellent service which includes
those of a Fitness Centre, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Group Exercise Classes,
Senior Citizen Classes, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition among others.

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10. ABTP

Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance

The AB Targeting Performance centres are equipped with some revolutionary equipment
which combines assessment with training giving athletes and clients real-time feedback
while they go through their training. The centre is ideal not just for athletes but also
anybody who wishes to improve their human performance, efficiency and fitness.

Currently the AB Targeting Performance Centres are present in Mohali, Delhi,

Bangalore. These advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation centres are dedicated to
ensuring that people walk out free bone and joint pains by using intricate, intense
exercises executed in a precise manner so as to attain the most accurate result.

Services available at AB Targeting Performance Center at Bangalore

 Tecnobody
 EMS training
 Cryospace
 Pilates

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Other facilities at CSE are;

 Membership area and lounge

 Club house
 Food bowl - A multi-cuisine dining and restaurant for members as well as
 Underground car parking area for more than 400 vehicles
 Amphitheatre - for conducting any cultural programmes
 Hall of fames for all the renounced player of the country
 Basketball courts 2
 Table tennis court 2
 Commercial shops for rental inside the campus



Layout of Padukone Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

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Events at Padukone-Dravid Centre for Sports Excellence

1. Big Bash by DNA entertainments

2. HPCL (Hindustan petroleum and chemicals limited) all India Inter-unit
indoor games tournaments
3. South Asian region & National sub-junior badminton coaching camp
organized by Prakash Padukone badminton academy (PPBA)
4. Swimming Asian games qualifiers 2018 organized by Dolphin Aquatics
5. Senior ranking badminton tournaments
6. Presidency Challenge Cup 2018
7. Trident Cup 2016
8. Trident Cup 2017
9. Trident Cup 2018
10. Football D. License coaching camps 2018
11. Wild Warrior ( Obstacle run)
12. The ultimate show down ( ultimate frisby)
13. Multi sports summer camp i 2018
14. Multi sports summer camps ii 2018
15. Multi sports summer camp iii 2018
16. Multi sports summer camp iv 2018 ( international schools)
17. Multi sports summer camp v 2018 ( international schools)
18. Cricket championship under 10 years

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SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a useful technique for understanding your strength and weakness, and for
identifying both the opportunities open to you and the threats you face.

Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to your organization, while opportunities and
threats generally relate to external factors. For this reason, SWOT is sometimes called
Internal-External Analysis and the SWOT Matrix is sometimes called an IE Matrix.


The centre strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for
developing a competitive advantage.

Some of them are listed down.

 Multi-sporting complex will attract large group

 Providing training sessions
 Potential investors will see the benefits to local community
 Centre will provide the only all weather sporting facility in area
 Competitions will bring back team again each seasons
 Capture the attention of sporting bodies venue hire
 Celebrity as a mentors to attract outsiders as well as investors
 International standard playing courts
 Huge amount of space to expand in future
 Qualified trainers
 India’s only private sports facility
 Goodwill of the organization
 Sound management of the organization

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The absence of the certain strength may be viewed as a weakness. For example each of the
following are consider as weakness.

 Maintaining casual and volunteer staff

 Looking after the premises to look new and fresh always
 Pressure from head departments to reach targets and KPI’S
 Location of the facility is quiet far from the main city
 Less number of safety equipment
 No cameras inside the campus area
 Food in the restaurant is not according to international standard


The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for profit and
growth. Some examples of such opportunities are listed down.

 Growing area
 Near schools
 No government interference because of private sports facility
 Connecting both rural and urban peoples with sports
 India’s only private sports facility with huge infrastructure
 Timely visit of elite athletes to the Centre


Changes in the external environment may bring threat to the centre. Some of the examples of
such threats are listed down.

 Limited public transportation from outside of the area

 Competition of another centre opening in the area
 Membership numbers may take time to develop. This cause concerns for covering
costs early in the business infancy
 Existing community sports clubs near by that area.

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Padukone- Dravid Centre for sports excellence situated in Bangalore is a private

sports facility that provides all the training and recreational facilities to elite athletes,
sports players and to the outsiders who plays sports as a hobby. Inspite of its location
which is a bit far from the main city people are visiting the facility and taking part in
different sports for their enjoyment.

To develop the sporting environment of India it is concluded that facilities like

Padukone-Dravid Centre for sports excellence should be open in different states of the
nations. So, athletes and local peoples also can use the sports facilities which will
ultimately benefit the society and sports development of the nation could be possible.

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