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Sally Solomon

Buffalo, NY | 716-000-0000 |

Date: Jan, 28, 2014

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Dear Contact Name:

With this letter and enclosed resume, I wish to be considered for the position of MSW therapist
(title) as posted on (job board/website). I will be earning my MSW this May from The University at
Buffalo and my skill sets and qualification are a strong match for the job requirement.

As my resume shows I have extensive experience of working with adolescents in variety of settings.
I offer the following experience and skills:

 Psychotherapy: Provided individual and group psychotherapy services to culturally diverse

group of adolescents ages 12-18 diagnosed with attention disorders, anxiety, depression
and substance abuse
 Crisis Intervention: Provided crisis intervention and emergency services to a diverse client
population at City Hospital in Buffalo
 Certified Instructor: I am a certified white water instructor and also an avid hiker

My clinical skills combined with my passion for fitness and the environment makes me well
qualified to serve as a therapist to youth in your organization. Thank you for reviewing my
application and for considering my candidacy for the MSW therapist position with your
organization. In case you need any additional information please feel free to contact me via phone
at: 716-000-0000 or email:


(Sally Solomon)

Enclosure: Resume