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Zagazig University 4th Grade, MGT

Faculty of Commerce Jan, 2014

Eng. Sec. Prog. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Time: 3 hours
(Final Exam)
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Give short & direct answers for the following questions:

1. What are the steps included in business research. (3points)

2. What are the 2 types of business research, define each with an example. (3points)

3. What is the meaning of “Replicability” & “Generalizability” the main

characteristics of scientific research. (2points)

4. Choose ONLY ONE of the following broad problem areas …define its exact
problem & hypotheses to be tested.. (5points)
a) A drop in sales…OR .. b) Frequent production interruptions

5. A scientific hypothesis must meet 2 requirements one of them is to be

“testable”. Explain with an example for a hypothesis that is not testable. (2points)

6. What are the main types of variables? Define each. (3 points)

7. What is the meaning of “exploratory study”, give an example. (2points)

8. “When a bank manager wants to have a profile of the individuals who have loan
payments outstanding for 6 month and more, including details of their average age,
earnings, nature of occupation, full-time/part-time employment status and the like”
..What kind of study is this?. (1point)

9. Define population & the different types of units of analysis. (4points)

10. Differentiate between “cross-sectional studies” & “longitudinal studies”.. with

examples. (4points)

11. “Service quality” & “customer switching”.. (4points)

a. State as a hypothesis in a proposition format.
b. State as a hypothesis in if-then format.

12. What are the different types of scales? Define each with an example. (4points)

13. Data are classified according to their sources into primary data & secondary data,
explain to show the difference. (3points)

14. List the methods of collecting data, with an advantage for each. (4points)

15. List an advantage & a disadvantage for “personal interview”. (2points)

16. List the points to be included in the cover letter of the questionnaire?. (3points)

17. Define each of “elements” & “subject”, with an example for each. (2points)

18. Define probability & nonprobability sampling & their types. (5points)

19. List the procedures of stratified sampling & its types. (3points)

20. What are the different types of information to be gathered about the organizational
background & their sources? (2points)

21. What are the key criteria to assess the quality of the problem statement? (2points)

22. What are the key elements of the research proposal? (4points)

23. “Women men motivation”... (4points)

a. Represent as directional hypothesis
b. Represent as null hypo & alternate hypothesis

24. A problem statement must be relevant from a managerial perspectives and from an
academic perspective. Explain. (2points)

25. Write a short report (one page) about your term paper. (7points)


Best Wishes