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BitGo Offline Vault

for Advanced Security

BitGo’s Enterprise-Grade Offline Multi-Signature Vault

Secure your digital assets in an offline multi-signature Vault Documentation

vault in minutes. An offline vault generates and

Vault Documentation

What would you like to do?

stores private wallet keys on a clean air-gapped For security purposes, make sure you install BitGoVault on
a machine that is offline
Fornever connect
security to the
purposes, internet.
What would you like to do?
sure you install BitGoVault on
a machine that is offline never connect to the internet.

Generate Keys Sign Transaction Audit Key Shards
Generate a single key or a Private keys are used to sign Verify all private keys are accessible
sharded key to share between any transactions. This denotes that the and can be used to properly sign

To spend funds from an offline wallet securely, you

number of admins. holder of a private key is giving transactions.
approval for a transaction.

can sign transactions with your private keys offline Regenerate Keys Create Keys Change Password Sign Transaction

using BitGo Offline Vault. This means your private

If you lose access to a partial key,Generate
you administrative keys Re-encrypt
required for a private key with Use
a newco-signing keys to verify withdrawals. This
can recreate sharts to regain full account creation. After thepassword.
keys are created, action requires multiple users, passwords and a
control of your private key. return to the account setup process. pre-created transaction.

keys are never online or linked to a computer

connected to the internet. BACK NEXT


Private keys are stored offline Create and submit transactions using our web interface

Require M-of-N co-signers via an offline vault Real-time transaction notifications

Set organization and wallet level policies Multi-user access control

How it works:
You can setup and use your wallet in 4 easy steps as listed below:


Generate public key and partial keys using the BitGo
Offline Vault.


Using the Advanced Setup option in our web interface

and your newly generate public key, create an offline wallet.


Transfer your transaction offline and sign it using your

partial keys on an air-gapped computer.

Upload your half-signed transaction using our web
interface and submit to BitGo.

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