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Reading and Writing Portfolio 6

Reading notes and messages

Writing messages: notes;
Writing notes A
common abbreviations
Review Present Simple; Past Simple;
1 Read messages and notes A–E be going to; articles; auxiliaries
quickly. Which note is about: Amy
1 a social invitation?
2 money? eaner
Need to pay cl Hi Beth,
ot got
3 a job application? tomorrow. N You left yo
y wallet! Pls. ur mobile a
4 saving energy? anything in m again! Going t home
30? Thx!
can you get £ to my photo
5 doing a course? class. Don’t
worry abou
2 Read the messages and notes again Will get sa t dinner.
and answer the questions. Love you v
. much.
1 Who is going to have a meal in a Steve
restaurant later?
2 Who isn’t very considerate about the
3 Who keeps forgetting their phone?

4 Who hasn’t got any money?

Tara If poss. can you check my CV before tonight?
Need to send tomorrow.
5 Who has also emailed someone?
Me Where is it?
Tara Check your email.
3 Look at the messages again. Notice
how we often miss out pronouns, To Sam Turner
auxiliary verbs be and have, and
From Chris Jacob
Lost your mobile
● pronouns and auxiliary verbs: no. Going for lun
Italian place in Sh ch at
irland Rd. with co
I’m Going to my photography class. friends. Can’t rem uple of
ember name – bu
one we went to be t same
I’ve Lost your mobile no. fore.
Come down!
● articles:
Think of the planet!
Will get a sandwich.

don’t leave
TIP • We don’t miss out will or
should in notes: E – P le a s e
n! Think of
Will eat something at pub.
t s & T V o
not Eat something at pub.
ligh u t h is e
y o
planet! See . Mum x
a b o u t t e n

4 Write the full form of these sentences from the HELP WITH WRITING
messages. Notes and abbreviations

1 I can’t remember the name. 6 Look at the abbreviations in bold in the notes in 1.
Match abbreviations 1–7 to meanings a–g.
2 be back about ten.
1 Rd. a and
3 got anything in my wallet!
2 & b number
4 need to pay cleaner tomorrow.
3 v. c very
5 going for lunch at Italian place in
4 poss. d thanks
Shirland Rd. with couple of friends.
5 no. e please
5 Make these messages shorter. Write them again using
6 pls. f possible
the number of words in brackets or less.
7 thx. g Road
1 To Dad,
I’m going to the gym. I will be back at six o’clock and
I will be very hungry! 7 Read the messages in 5 again and replace as many
Tracy words as possible with the abbreviations in 6.
(13 words)
1 Dad, going to gym. Back at six & will be v. hungry! Tracy
To Dad, I’m going going to the gym. I will be back
Back at six o’clock and I will be very hungry! Tracy
2 Hi Sarah. If possible, can you call the garage about
the car? It should be ready today. 4
Thanks. 5
(15 words) 8 a Read these situations and think about the questions.

1 You ordered a new sofa last month and someone will

deliver it today. However, you have to go out for a short

3 Jack, while. Write a note to leave for the delivery company. Tell
Have you got the number of a good electrician? We’re them to wait or call you if nobody is at home.
sitting in the dark and we really need someone! Lyn
(15 words) a How long are you going out for?
b What is your phone number?

2 You are going to do some sport. Write a text message

to your husband/wife and say where you are going and
4 Jan,
I’m going to the cinema in Mason Road to see a when you will be back. Say if you want dinner.
comedy film. I’m meeting Rob for a drink first. Do
a Where are you going?
you want to come? Macy
(20 words) b When will you be back?
c Do you want dinner?

b Write notes for the situations in 8a.

5 Dear Mel, ● Don’t use pronouns, auxiliary verbs or articles.
There’s a very good drama on BBC1 tonight at 8. It’s ● Use some abbreviations from 6.
called ‘Boy’. I won’t be home. Please can you record
it? Adrian ● Read and check for mistakes.
(18 words) ● Give your notes to your teacher in your next class.

Tick the things you can do in English in the

Reading and Writing Progress Portfolio, p88.