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In China today, the use of Invisible Needles in Medical Qigong therapy is usually reserved for
patients who are hypersensitive to energy flow. As the patient's sensitivity increases, the
treatments are modified in order to complement their perceptive abilities. To perform the
Invisible Needle technique, the Qigong doctor must first connect with the divine energy. This is
performed by drawing energy from the Heavens through the Baihui GV-20 point at the top of the
head and extending it out through the hands, enveloping the patient.
Some Qigong doctors imagine that needles of light, from the Heavens, descend through
their Baihui point. As this light fills their body, they become empowered with a never-ending
reserve of Invisible Needles to treat the patient. In order to use these needles, the doctors rotate
their wrist clockwise and the Invisible Needle flows out the Pc-8 – Laogong Point at the center
of their palm.
Other Qigong doctors use a single needle image. The doctor imagines needles of light
coming out of the Heavens, spiraling around the head like a golden halo. This golden halo is
positioned above the head, above the Heavenly Transpersonal Point (located about a foot above
the head). To use these needles, the doctors reach above their head and pluck the needles from
the Heavens. These needles are then inserted into the patient's body. When using either
visualization, the important factor is to focus on how deep the needles should penetrate. When
treating an area deep in the major organs, a clockwise rotation reinforces and tonifies, while a
counterclockwise rotation sedates the organ area.


Before inserting an Invisible Needle into the patient, it is important for the doctor to
dredge the diseased area first. This is similar to swabbing an area with alcohol (or disinfectant)
before inserting an acupuncture needle. As one hand extends the Invisible Needle, the other is
used to reinforce its energy. The doctor works the Invisible Needle into the patient's tissues until
he or she feels it inside the patient's body. Sometimes the patient may feel a cold sensation while
being treated by the doctor. This is a normal reaction to the Invisible Needle insertion. The
longer that the doctor keeps the Invisible Needle inserted inside the patient's body, the better the
healing effect.


The skill of using Invisible Needles encompasses a complete system of energetics that
utilizes both reinforcing (tonifying) and reducing (sedating) techniques. The polarity of the
patient's channel (Yin or Yang) determines the angle at which the Invisible Needle is inserted.
• When performing reducing or sedating techniques, it is important to insert the Invisible Needles
perpendicularly into the patient's points or channels, forming an energetic dam to slow the flow
of Qi. The doctor removes the needle slowly, and leaves the point open (this allows the point to
continue to release Qi naturally).
• When performing any reinforcing or tonifying techniques, insert the Invisible Needle at an
angle, pointed in the direction of the channel's flow (provided that the channel is flowing towards
the direction of the intended organ). Then, when retracting the Invisible Needle, remove it
quickly and seal the point. This quick retraction method is done to prevent the Qi from escaping
the area once it is stimulated, and is followed by pressing the needle hole to seal the point.
One favorite tonification technique is to leave the Invisible Needles inside the patient,
while regulating the Conception and Governing Vessels.
Once they have strengthened the patient's Microcosmic Orbit (Fire Cycle), they retract the
Invisible Needles and disperse them one by one into the Earth. The insertion and manipulation of
the Invisible Needles is performed with the Invisible Needle Palm technique. Another favorite
technique used for tonification is for the Qigong doctor to first insert the Invisible Needle deep
into the patient's Kd-1 – Yongquan point at the bottom of the feet. Once the needle is inserted,
the doctor extends his or her intention, causing the needle to grow and extend up the patient's
legs and into the Kidneys. Next, the doctor emits energy up the patient's legs to further tonify the
Kidneys and Mingmen area.
The Invisible Needles can also be transformed into the specific colors of the Five
Elements to enhance tonification. A blue needle, for example, can be used to intensify Kidney
tonification. Each needle can additionally be spiraled in a clockwise or counterclockwise
direction to generate an energetic vortex used for either tonification or purgation

In general, Medical Qigong Invisible Needle Technique and Point Therapy is applied
once a day. A routine therapeutic course includes six to eighteen treatments. Patients with mild
diseases may continue the therapy from six to twenty-four treatments. For chronic patients,
however, treatment may last as long as one to three months depending on the patient's condition.
As far as the time sequence of when to treat the patient or when the patient is to treat themselves,
the chronometric rate is based on the high tide sequence of the patient's channels.


During tonifying treatment, the Qigong doctor removes the Invisible Needle quickly from
its point of origin while the patient is inhaling. This allows the patient to keep the Qi and Shen
within the body's channels and tissues. After extracting the needle, the doctor presses down on
the acupuncture point with emitted Qi and lightly rubs it in a clockwise direction until the open
point has closed. During a sedating treatment, the Qigong doctor has the patient exhale to expel
the Evil Qi and Heat from the patient's tissues. After extracting the needle slowly, the doctor
allows the acupuncture point to naturally drain and eventually close by it-self. This aids in
draining the Evil Qi and Excess Heat from the patient's body.