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3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

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Posted by u/AzureHakua 11 months ago 

Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P)
Girls Band Party

Hey guys, Hakua here. I noticed that there's a lack of a good collection of tips for tiering, so I'd like to
offer some advice based on my experience in obtaining Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished. Now I know
I'm not in the top 10, so of course I haven't grinded the most and cannot accurately tell you what it
might be like to try to go for number one, but top 20 seems pretty good to me! I'd like to share a little
bit about my journey to finish at Rank 16 in this event and offer some advice to those who are new to
tiering and are considering it in the future. This is moreso aimed at people who are unfamiliar with
what tiering is like, but perhaps even tiering veterans might learn some helpful tips.
And of course, in case you needed it, here is my proof.

The event lasted 7 days. I actually kept a very organized record of my progress over these 7 days. If
you'd like to follow along, you can take a look at my spreadsheet here.
So I had little to no experience playing Bang Dream before this event really. How do I make a good
team? How do I efficiently grind points? What items should I buy to upgrade my band power? I
dabbled a little in the Japanese version of the game, but before this event, I was pretty much a
complete noob at this game.

Thanks to my good friend Aerate, I learned literally everything I needed to know from scratch. I
rolled a few times and ended with enough 3* cool types and a 4* Rimi. My final team ended up
looking like this. In hindsight, I should've used more Roselia + Cool characters on my team to
increase my multiplier, but I didn't really understand how things worked at the time, and the team I
made was good enough to get a 100% multiplier.

Team building tips for new players: 1/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

So for those who are unfamiliar, during an event, using particular characters and particular types
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(happy, pure, cool, or powerful) gives you a multiplier that increases your event points. This is
important for maximizing your point gain in the event even if it means sacrificing some of your band
power. In this event, Roselia characters had a 10% boost and cool type idols had a 20% boost. So if
you look at my team, Sayo and Ako would give me 30% each as they are both Roselia and cool type
idols. Tomoe and Kasumi are just cool type idols, so they would both give 20%. Rimi, my center, is
neither in Roselia or a cool type idol, so she wouldn't give me any bonus at all. If you add everything
together, it would be 30% + 30% + 20% + 20% = 100% boost. Try to get at least 100%. The higher the
multiplier, the better, but you also don't want to compromise your chance at getting into the Veteran
Multi Rooms, so keep that in mind when picking your team.

Priority of Upgrading Items:

1. Awaken Characters -> This raises their level cap, which has a huge impact on Band Power, so
always try to do this first.
2. Food Items / Ryuseido Items -> These raise the stats on all idols of a particular type. Since my
team has mixed band members, these items have a much greater impact on Band Power.
Furthermore, these are more useful in the long term.
3. Posters/Flyers -> These have a greater effect per level than instruments, so it's simpler to
upgrade these. Upgrade the Poster/Flyer for the band that makes up most of your team. Since
I had already upgraded Poppin' Party from the last event and I was using 2 Poppin' Party
members in this event, it was easier to just continue to upgrade these. This ended up being
more of an oversight as having a more Roselia focused team would've been better in the long
run to increase my multiplier.
4. Band Instruments -> These have the lowest stat increase per level on top of being annoyingly
diverse in their requirements. That being said, they're relatively cheap, so any leftover
resources can easily go here. Also, don't force yourself to level your instruments to level 6.
They're really costly for not a lot of gain. You can do these at a future time when you have
nothing else to upgrade.

Mixing and matching posters/flyers/instruments is honestly not very efficient. Pick one band and
stick with upgrading it for the event. By the end of this event, I had upgraded Poppin' Party's poster,
flyer, and all their instruments to level 5.

Tips on farming Stars:

I'm sure there are plenty of guides out there on how to effectively farm Stars, but I wanted this to be
a bit of a comprehensive guide, so I'll go over this briefly. You can farm a lot of Stars during the event
just by leveling up and unlocking the story, but also by unlocking the introductions and extra skits on
each of the cards you own. You'll gain 25-50 stars on each of these skits, so do find the time to unlock
these. You'll get a ton of shards during the event, so don't worry too much on scavenging for them.
Just unlock them when you can. Start off with the introductions first before the secondary skit as
those are much cheaper on resources. Starting from the 1s and working up to the 3 and 4*s is also
recommended as the lower rarity cards require less resources as well. FCing songs on Hard and
Expert also give you Stars. This of course is quite skill dependent, but if you can, try to go for them. 2/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

You'll also get Stars for getting an SS score on all songs. Don't worry about this at all because you'll
start getting this in Multi r/BanGDream
rooms as you grind and start building better teams. Once you hit the
Veteran Rooms, you'll easily start earning these Stars very shortly after.

Climbing tips for new players:

Join the Discord and try to join rooms with other players. Unfortunately Veteran rooms are the most
popular, so you'll have a harder time trying lower rooms. You might be on your own until then. If you
follow my advice in team building, you should be able to enter the Veteran room in short order. I
actually played on my own for the first 2 days of the event, and frankly, it wasn't that bad. Playing in
public rooms is much faster than trying to coordinate private rooms, but the trade off is that
sometimes other players will pick a terrible song, die, or fail to trigger Fever Time. Overall, try to find
a private room if possible, and public otherwise. And play on 3x Stamina. You're gonna be playing a
Frankly, I don't like Special Rooms at all because I prefer variety of Shards obtained over specific
Shards, but others might want Special Rooms for particular Shards, so keep that in mind when
making rooms. The only Special Room you should definitely use is the Saturday special room for
Coins. Coins will be your limiting factor in leveling up all your various items. It's way more of a
limiting factor than any Shard. Avoid the Sunday and Monday Special Rooms. These rooms give you
Studio Tickets. You get an infinite number of these anyway, so these are literally useless. By the end
of the event, I had max leveled every character in my roster and was left with 7000 tickets.
In my journey across many private rooms, I'd like to give special thanks to: Ayumi97, Jefferi, Jayson,
Nanashi, Meg, Raydude, Jefez, and P o t a t o. There are others I probably forgot too... really sorry if I
did! A lot of these folks helped me in various private rooms at various times in my climb. Really nice

Learn a bit about what songs score the most. You can find info here and here. You want to mostly
play songs near the top of the list. My advice for you is that you don't need to use some of these
difficult songs. Tiering is ultimately more of an endurance game than an optimization game. Songs
like Guren and Louder while optimal are not going to be great picks when you're tired and half-dead.
If you mess up and fail them, then it was pointless. I-I Never Said Love!, Little Busters!, Hacking to
the Gate, READY STEADY GO, Passionate Starmine, BLACK SHOUT, Orchestra of Smiles!. The easier the
song gets, the harder it is to mess up. This isn't a solo effort but a team effort because you'll be in a
multi. Consider picking easier songs so that no one fails. Also try switching it up. You'll drive yourself
and everyone else insane if you keep picking the same song over and over again. great escape is the
shortest song in case you were wondering, so that's also not a bad song to pick if you just want to
grind fast. Also, don't try too hard to pick Expert if you can't do it. Just go with what you're most
comfortable with. If you're in a Multi with a bunch of strangers, they're all not gonna pick Expert
either, so don't worry too much about optimizing songs. Lastly, I recommend NOT picking Don't say
"Lazy" if you can. The "26" difficulty is a bit misleading because the chart is very "unique". If you're
in a group of people who think they can clear "26" difficulty songs, then this song might just catch
them off guard and kill them immediately at the start because of its unexpected sliders, and that's
no fun for anyone.

General tips for tiering: 3/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

So while I have never really played Bang Dream before, I am a Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage main.
Search r/BanGDream
I have tiered in numerous events, so I did have the experience in tiering before, especially in a more
competitive environment. Here are the biggest tips I can offer for those trying to tier.

1. Decide that you're going to tier as soon as possible. The earlier you decide, the easier it will
be to grind. Are you fully devoted or not? You need to decide that as soon as possible. In this
event, I decided that I would grind for Top 100 as soon as the previous event ended. The
longer you wait, the more draining later days in the event will be. I'd recommend deciding by
the end of the first day if possible.
2. Come to terms that you will be spending a lot of Stars. Outside of leveling up, there aren't any
ways to regain stamina other than to spend Stars. I spent a little over 10k Stars in this event
starting at level 35. The higher your starting level, the more Stars you will have to spend. From
a fresh account, you can easily grind 10k Stars without spending any money. The reason you'll
have to spend more Stars if you're at a higher level is because that means you'll have less free
stamina off of level ups. Like the title said, I got to Rank 16 without spending a single dime.
All the Stars I used were all farmed during the event.
3. Make a schedule! Most people don't do this at all and can tier just fine. That being said, if
there's anything I really learned from tiering in Cinderella Girls is that planning a schedule
gives you a sense of progress and security. Being organized is extremely helpful, and I highly
recommend doing so. Having a "quota" of how many points you want to obtain or how many
songs you want to play in a day is extremely helpful for tracking progress. For example, I
wanted to play about 100 songs a day, which is a bit arbitrary of a goal, but it's helpful to keep
things simple. On the weekend, I had more time, so I pushed myself to ~120 plays, but I
considered that "extra credit". I didn't need to play all those extra songs, but I had more time
on the weekend, and any extra songs I played I could use as a buffer for if I felt exhausted on
later days.
4. Pull the trigger on Star usage; fill up to 80-90 stamina at once. Going back to the menu to
refill your stamina is tedious and also forces you to exit a private room. If you leave a private
room, you're prone to having your spot sniped by another user. Furthermore, if you refill your
stamina a little at a time, you can second guess yourself on spending Stars. Once you spend
enough Stars to be at 80-90 stamina, you also create an artificial quota as well (see point 3).
You've already decided to tier at this point, so just do it.
5. Know when to take breaks or just quit. This isn't going to be easy. You're going to have to sit
down and play song after song after song. If you play 100 songs in a day and each play takes
about 2-3 minutes, then that means about 4-5 hours of playing this game in a day. That's a lot
of time. Consider playing for 2 hours in the afternoon and take a break until the evening.
Tiering in an event isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. You need to pace yourself and take breaks if
you get tired. Repeatedly tapping your phone or tablet while sitting in the same place also
isn't going to do you any favors on your body. There are serious dangers of inflicting ailments
upon yourself. If you ever feel unwell, consider just quitting. Yes, you've wasted serious time
and Stars, but there will always be another chance in the future to tier. There won't be
another chance if you seriously harm yourself.

These tips aren't the law or anything, but just some advice that I'd like to give. As I mentioned
before, I made a spreadsheet of my progress, which I found to be a very helpful tool in pacing and 4/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

tracking myself. You don't have to make something as elaborate or fancy or even track as much
information as I did, Search r/BanGDream
but give it a try to some degree. You might find it to be a useful tool.

Some personal tips:

-I drank a lot of water; very helpful for staying hydrated but also making you have to use the
restroom! Forcing yourself to stand up and walk around the house is an added bonus!
-I bought a 4-pack of ice packs. Like the kind you would put in with your lunch. My phone overheats
like crazy when I play this game, so the ice packs help to keep them cool! Best $7 I've spent honestly!

About my climb:
Without any prior data or idea on what the WW meta would be like, I had to just take a guess on
what to aim for in terms of points. The previous event ended a little over 3 million points, so I was
expecting a Roselia event to perhaps maybe even hit 4 million. My initial goal was to get to 4 million
points and fight my way into top 100. That being said, it ended up being much less than my
expectation, so that ended up being a huge bonus.

Day 1: A slow day. The event just started, and I was still getting myself adjusted to playing songs in
this game. I started using 3x Stamina right off the bat. I wasn't sure what my competition was like, so
I played it safe. I ended up at Rank 96 before going to bed, so I figured that was good enough pace
for the first day. I was certain I'd fall way down the following day, so I had already prepared to grind
hard the next day.

Day 2: Fortunately for me, I barely fell out of top 100 when I woke up. I was around ~130, so I figure
climbing back up would be a very easy task. I have had lots of experience playing songs continuously
because of tiering in Cinderella Girls, so I used this to my advantage to start my grind off strong. I
was testing the waters with the rate of point gain on this day, so I played an medium amount of
songs in the afternoon and in the evening this day. Around 30-40 songs separated by a break. At the
end of this day, I ended up at Rank 36, so I pretty much had a good feel for what the rate of play
would be like.
Day 3: It's the weekend, so it's time to grind. I wanted to make today count big time because I had a
lot of time. Since I had 500k points from the previous days of grinding, and I wanted 4 million points
at the end of the event, I calculated that I should hit 700k points/day. I set that as my quota for today,
and got to work right away. My team starting slowly becoming better with upgraded items this day,
so I started slowly gaining more event points as well. I ended the day at Rank 21, so I felt like I was
going above and beyond at this point, but I wasn't sure if it was just because people were saving up
for a burst on the last day or not, so I didn't feel comfortable just quite yet.

Day 4: Being another weekend day, I wanted to match my 700k points I earned yesterday. This day
was by far the most exhausting day because I really wanted to push myself as it was the last
weekend day I could do so. I managed to break into Top 20 this day, so I started feeling a lot more
relaxed at this point, but I am always afraid of the last day push by everyone, so I didn't want to be
completely off guard.

Day 5: Not only was I tired, but I also started realizing that I was easily maintaining Top 20 with the
rate I was going at. At this point I realized that I didn't actually need to be scared. I was actually just
way ahead of the curve at this point. I realized that this point that the event would very likely not hit
4 million, so I threw away the quota of 700k points/day and just decided to play until I was tired. I
ended up staying up a bit late that night, but I ended at Rank 18, so I was quite content. 5/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

Day 6: This was the best day in the event. I went to bed at Rank 18, and I woke up at Rank 18. At this
Search r/BanGDream
point, I knew that the event was over for me. I had easily secured top 100 without a doubt in my
mind. Of course, that doesn't mean that I should just stop playing, but it meant that I could relax
and just take it easy. No need to stress myself out without overworking myself. Play was a bit more
sporadic on this day, but I ultimately ended up deciding to play 100 songs as it was a fun round
number that felt like a good goal, and that's ultimately what ended up happening. I ended up at
Rank 15 with only one day left to go and 3.1 million points.

Day 7: And on the seventh day, he rested. I went to bed at Rank 15. When I woke up, I was still at
Rank 15. I proceeded to go to school and work and come home, and I was still Rank 15. I found this
to be just absolutely hilarious. I was also really bored of playing songs as well, so today was a
complete slack off kind of day for me. I ended up playing 75 songs, which may seem like a lot but
after you've been grinding 100 songs/day, it actually felt like nothing. I spent the day really goofing
off with my friends and watching anime as I watched other people suffer and fight for the top 100
near the bottom of the cutoff. Near the end of the event, I was just under 3.6 million points, so
during the final hour, I decided to set up my points to be at exactly 3609063, which has some nice
symmetry. Yeah, yeah, 3690963 would've been nicer, but there was no way I was gonna grind 90k
more points at this point. I was pretty much out of Stars and enjoyed the idea of just fooling around
on what is usually the most stressful day for everyone.

Overall, this is kind of the idea by setting up a schedule and having arbitrary quotas. You can get
yourself a nice head start and then change your plans as the event progresses by checking out the
rate of everyone else. If you're really lucky like me and worked above and beyond on some of the
earlier days in the event, then you can spend the last day like me: goofing off and watching anime
instead of grinding like crazy.
Thanks for reading, and I hope that ending didn't come off as too much of an epeen stroking :P
Good luck to all you future tierers!

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 Milmes 16 points · 11 months ago

 Very interesting to read! I may never tier to top 100 because I'm lazy it seems like it takes a
lot of effort, time and stars, but it's nice to see that a F2P can make it through top 100. 6/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

Congrats on your rank and thank you for this post!

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 ninjasexbang 7 points · 11 months ago

 I was interested in tiering, but I can't afford paid stars and I have a wife who'd be pretty
annoyed with me spending 4-5hrs a day on my waifu gachas, so I guess it's out of reach for
me. Thanks for the guide, it looks super helpful for those who can and definitely showed me
a realistic look of whether or not it's worth trying.
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 AzureHakua  2 points · 11 months ago

 For these first few events, you only get the nice looking title for getting Top 100, but it's
definitely possible to get Top 2000 with very little effort in the current state of the game
without spending too much effort, so that could perhaps be a consideration if you're still
interested in tiering. The later events will have titles for things like top 500 and top 1000 I
believe. And I didn't use a single paid star this event, so going completely free is possible
too :)
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 pnguyen379 1 point · 11 months ago

 If it helps top 2000 is a whole different ball game than top 100.
I haven't spent any stars on boosts, just try to keep my flames low as conveniently as
possible (I let them sit while I work, and I don't cut my sleep short to spend them more
Spend then one at a time to squeeze as many ranks ups as you can out of them. I find I
sit around rank 1000 with 600k event points for both events.
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 yayoi_is_waifu 2 points · 11 months ago

 now that you're level 109 id assume its impossible to top 100 another event f2p?
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 AzureHakua  2 points · 11 months ago

 I wouldn't say it's impossible, but I'd have to save up a lot more jewels, so trying to top
100 another event f2p wouldn't happen for a while until I've saved up enough again. It
also means sacrificing pulling the gacha for the event.
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 wanderingsanzo 2 points · 11 months ago

 This was a great read! It's really nice to know that even in a Roselia event it's not required to
play CONSTANTLY to stay in a high rank like that. I tried to get into the top 5 on an ENSIF
event once and even after taking days off from school just to play, I still only had the time
and stamina to get to rank 7, so I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to tier for the 7/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream

event I wanted to in Bandori. But reading this post reassured me that it was possible to do
Search r/BanGDream
even with daytime obligations!
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 AzureHakua  2 points · 11 months ago

 For sure! I still had morning class/work, so it's definitely doable, especially if you can take
advantage of the weekend!
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 shiinamachi 2 points · 11 months ago

 Nice writeup!
I was mostly looking through the tiers for the event and found that it was going roughly
according to what I was expecting (although tbh there's probably room to go higher).

From a fellow F2P top 100 grinder here, what I did during my grind was to get by on
watching anime (Koizumi-san is a great recommendation btw) while letting my thumbs
handle hard mode. It cost me maybe 500-1k pts per game compared to optimal, but it did
allow me to stretch out my stamina and not have to spend too much energy playing. I think
this is probably a thing that's up to each individual's playstyle, since I did some premades
with fellow top 100 grinders as well who have no issue continuously spamming great escape
I think I mostly played songs based on speed efficiency, so songs like DSL, Teardrops etc
were pretty much a no go, and for a couple of days I ended up dodging them though I didnt
have too much qualms about playing stuff like HTTG, Orchestra, etc.
From what it seems, with the free stars available it is possible to tier extremely high, for the
current state of EN. I estimated after the event that I'd be able to hit at least top 20 or even
challenge top 10 if I had the time to burn the 3k+ stars that I was left with, so your
achievement is more or less a confirmation of that.
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 AzureHakua  2 points · 11 months ago

 I was seriously contemplating hitting Top 10 on that final day, I definitely could've, but I
ended up deciding that I didn't want to spend any more Stars, so you're exactly right. And
yeah, a lot of the rooms I was in, I was constantly spamming Chomama and great escape,
for the most part they didn't mind which was nice. Grats on your top 100 too :)
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 AngelNya 1 point · 11 months ago

 Thank you so so much for making this! I’ve never tiered in any of my idol games - never had
the resolve, as I usually play SIF and it feels close to impossible to get that high in some
events. However I’ve always intended to tier in Bandori when EN was released, as it’s a new
game and I’m not hugely behind the top players. But I’ve lately been at a loss of how to do
so, and this really helps, thank you!
(PS: look out for me in any Himari, Hina or Chisato events!) 8/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream
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 smilezsosik 1 point · 11 months ago

 It's great how extensive you are with this guide down to what you did on a day-to-day basis.
It really helps me planning for the next event.

Also, that was your average points per song?

I calculated your total points/total songs and it looks like average 5518.
3609063 pts / 645 plays = 5418.44

I wanted to gauge what would be a good event points per 3x fire song to have.
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 AzureHakua  2 points · 11 months ago

 That's about right actually! The amount of points will seriously vary based on several
factors though. I started the event at around 4.5-5k and slowly improved my band power
and got closer to 5.5-6k. Who you're in a room with also affects that too. Better private
rooms could net me up to 6.5k at times.
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 MultiCola 1 point · 11 months ago

 are those numbers using 1 or 3 flames? seem really high for 1 =o
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 AzureHakua  1 point · 11 months ago

 I used 3 flames the entire event!
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 ThatKoolKidOverThere 1 point · 11 months ago

 Do you find it better to burn stars to replenish boosts or to play songs without boosts until
another level up? Or is that not quick enough?
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 AzureHakua  1 point · 11 months ago

 playing on 0 flames is way too slow and too much effort, so I just immediately burned the
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 ThatKoolKidOverThere 1 point · 11 months ago

 Okay. I figured that to be the case. Just wanted to make sure before Aya/Chisato's
events. Thanks!
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 dudehacker2 1 point · 10 months ago

 u could play 15h at 1x per day. if u want save stars 9/10
3/23/2019 Some Tips for those trying to Tier ~ Rank 16 in A Song Unfinished (F2P) : BanGDream
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 Orridyon 1 point · 10 months ago

 Can you somehow influence the type of shards you get? I seem to be lacking blue shards by
a lot :<, and No Im not using the special rooms in the Multi Live, just the saturday one
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