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Introduction to ED system
The emergency shut down system is the primary safety system in the event of an
uncontrolled escape of hydrocarbon at surface. The system consists of:
-a hydraulic of pneumatically operated valve on a flow-head
-control panel
-remote shut down stations
-a number of remote air-operated pilot valves(pressure or level)
-ssurvace safety valve

When a pilot or the main valve in the panel is actuated,it caused a loss off air pressure which
in turn drops out othe main hydraulic valve which releases the pressure from the flow head esd
valve actuator.

Remote shutdown stations are strategycally placed at designated accessible areas where the
test crew can actuate them by pulling or pushing the button , as indicated on the sign, when the
observe an emergency situation.

Other piots may be high/low pressure/level actuated pilot insatalled at critical points in the
system to protect equipment from system/reservoir problems.the system is also actuated if a hose
is cut or melted by heat from a fire , also releasing the air pressure.

2. Component of ESD system

ESD system are mede up of mutiple components , all of which need maintained and
regullarly tested, these include:
-esd control panel
-remote esd buttons
-hydraulic and pneumatic actuators
This procedure relates specifically to esd panels. If there is a requirment to maintain other
components, refer to the relevant procedure or contact the workshop supervisor.
3. Model of ESD control panels.
Expro maintain and operating three main types of rig-floor control panels.

a. Surface test tree control panel with ESD function.

This is deployed on the rig flor in close proximity to the surface test tree. It may be used to
hydraulically operated kill valve , master valve and flow wing valve (sdv) of thr STT
b. Hydration single circuit ESD panel
This is used to operated hydraulicaly operated safety valves deployed across the floor
.hydratron also supply a fast esd panel which is similiarly maintained.
c. Resato SPP-10
This ESD panel contains a pilot valve to be connected to one or a series of remote esd
bottons.the unit has an air-operated 3-way valve with manual ovrride such that if the air
pressure fails the unit can be operated with a manual everride.
4.typical layout of ESD control panels.

5.typical ESD panel connectors

6.Remote ESD stations.

As detailed in 1, a number of remote ESD stations are deployed across the installation/rig/well
site whe well testing is being undrtaken. These effectively act the same as pressing the esd button
on the esd panel itself,by dropping theair pressure.

As partof the maintenance process, the operation of the emergency shutdown system is also tested
from a remote station,for correct operation and timely shutdown.

Remote ESD system are operated by pulling a red stop valve outward . this prevent accidental
operation while still facilitating ease of operation.other push button type station should not be used
unless there is something surrounding the button that will prevent accidental operation.

7. control fluids

The valves of ESD panels require control fluid for correct operation and this should be checked as
part of the maintenance process. There is fill point on the esd panel and a gauge indicating fill level.