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Science Grade IV Cumulative Review September

Name: _______________________ Date: ___________ Section: _______

Time: 30 min Marks: /20

Q1. Sara set up an experiment as shown below. She placed a healthy plant in a
container of water and added a layer of oil. /4

(a) What will happen to the level of water after a few days? Give your reason to
justify it.


Q2. John prepared 2 similar potted plants as shown in the diagram below. He
painted all the leaves of Plant black. For one week, both plants were given the
same amount of water each day and the growth of the plants was observed.
After one week, Plant (A) continued to live while Plant (B) died. Answer the
following questions.

Science Grade IV Cumulative Review September

(a) Why did Plant (B) die after a week? /2

(b) Name two other variables that must be kept the same way so that the
experiment conducted is a fair test. /2

Q3. (a) Why do you think small plants do not grow on the floor of a forest? /1

Science Grade IV Cumulative Review September

(b) Complete these sentences about seed germination by using words from the
given word bank. /3
leaves shoot germinate

Many plants have seeds which grow into seedlings. When the conditions are right,
a seed can _________________ or start to grow. First the root grows, and then
the ________________ appears. In the beginning the seedling gets its food
from the seed. When _________________ develop, the seedling starts making
its own food. It grows to become an adult plant.

(c ) The tubes (A) and (B) are found in the stem of a plant. The arrows in the
diagram represent the movement of substances in the plant. /2

a) Tube (A) carries _________________ from the roots to the other parts
of the plant.
b) Tube (B) carries _________________ from the leaves to the other parts
of the plant.
c) Name the green substance found in the leaves which enables it to trap the
energy of sunlight. /1

Science Grade IV Cumulative Review September

d. The diagram shows a green plant. /2

Identify and state the function of part X?

a. X: __________ b. function: ________________

e. The flowchart below shows the properties of 3 states of matter, A, B and C.

Choose the appropriate names of the states in the given space below. /3
solids liquids gas

A: ______________ B: ______________ C: ______________