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Design Manufacturing

3D Printing Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting 3D Printing

Software Software
TinkerCAD CoSpaces TinkerCad

Explore different types of materials and explore how they act

-- Uses for various materials (rubber, paper, wood, metal,
plastic, etc.
-- Pros and cons for each material
-- How materials can be used together...or explain why they

Project Ideas Project Ideas

Key rings Print pieces for movies
Foam Fliders Print pieces for game
Name Plates/Signs Print pieces for house/treehouse/etc.
Design characters/scenes for stop motion/green screen Build a robot that can...
Design characters/pieces for game
Design the ultimate treehouse/bedroom/house/car/etc.
ufacturing Coding Electronics
Game design Hummingbird
Merge VR Cube Finch
oftware Software Software
Scratch CoSpaces

ject Ideas Project Ideas Project Ideas

Build a game for the Merge Cube
Build a game in scratch/Tynker/Kodable, etc.
/treehouse/etc. Build your own "Mouse Trap" board game
ectronics Where does this fit?

Last year we talked about using the arduino boards to do something like this...
Metaverse scavenger hunts OR have kids make their own Metaverse scavenger
oftware hunts

Rice Krispy Challenge --- everyone uses the same rice krispy treats...or they get to
make their own recipes (all we need is a microwave) and then build something
(icing, rice krispy treats, kind of like a gingerbread house)
Real World Video Game -- Students can design a simple video game (think Temple
Run) and build their own obstacle course. Students have to develop idea/concept
for game, build physical prototype (could be for them or for sphero?), run course
and show it works, then build game digitally with code.

ject Ideas
o something like this...
n Metaverse scavenger

krispy treats...or they get to

d then build something
video game (think Temple
e to develop idea/concept
r for sphero?), run course