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ELEMENTARY UNIT 5 2 Read the text and divide it into four paragraphs
paragraphs When it comes to hobbies most of my friends play a sport,
watch films or listen to music. My hobby is a bit more
unusual – it’s sewing, and I make most of my clothes myself!
WRITING TIP I think I love sewing because my mother and grandmother
When we write a text, we divide it into different love it too. They teach me to make lots of different things;
paragraphs. not just every-day clothes, but also special clothes called
A paragraph is a group of sentences about one ‘costumes’ – for parties and special times of the year. Our
main topic. When we start writing about a different cousins have a Halloween party every year and it’s always
topic, we start a new paragraph. lots of fun. This year, I want to make some Halloween
When you write an article or an essay it usually has: costumes for my brother and me. He wants a Frankenstein
• an introduction costume and I want a vampire costume! Not many people
• two or three main paragraphs my age like sewing, and some people say it’s a boring hobby
• a conclusion. for a young person, but when I show my friends the clothes
I make, they think they’re brilliant. Some of them want me
to teach them how to do it and that makes me really happy.
1 Read the report of a class questionnaire
about hobbies. Match the titles below to the 3 Read the text and put the paragraphs into the right order.
different paragraphs. 1 People usually eat trifle on special occasions like Christmas
1 Hobbies popular with some people in the or at parties. It’s delicious and very sweet. My mum makes
class one every year at Christmas; everyone always eats it and
2 Conclusion there’s never any le at the end of the meal.
3 Unusual hobbies 2 One of my favourite hobbies is cooking, I find it very
4 Hobbies popular with everyone in the relaxing aer a hard day at work. I collect cookbooks and
class have more than fiy! I like to make dishes from lots of
different countries but one of my favourite dishes is a
5 Introduction
traditional British dessert called ‘trifle’.
3 I make trifle all year round because my friends always ask
a) Most people have a hobby that they do for it. Every month, my friends and I have a dinner party.
in their free time to relax or have fun, for A different person cooks every time, and whenever it’s my
example doing exercise or playing a musical turn to cook, my friends always want … trifle!
instrument. What are your favourite hobbies?
4 The main ingredients of trifle are
Here are the results for my class.
sponge cake, custard, jelly, cream
b) Some hobbies were very popular with all and fruit. You put the sponge
the class. We all listen to music on our MP3 cake in a bowl and pour fruit
players or phones a lot. We also love films juice (or sherry) over it. Then you
and we all watch TV every evening. All of us put jelly and custard on top of
spend a lot of time on the internet and use the cake, then cream and finally
social media to keep in touch with our friends. fruit. It’s very easy to make.
c) Some hobbies are popular with only some
students. For example, some people like sport
but some people never do any exercise. Some 4 Write a description of a favourite dish. Write about the
people enjoy cooking and cook every evening ingredients of the dish, how you make it and why you like it.
but others only cook sometimes or not at all!
d) Some students have very different hobbies Plan your writing
from everyone else. For example, one student • Think about the dish you’re going to describe.
makes musical instruments from wood and • What’s it called? What is it like?
sells them online. Another student collects • What are the main ingredients? How do you make it?
socks from every town and city he visits – he When do you eat it?
has a collection of over 1000 pairs of socks! • Why do you like it?
e) In general, the results are not surprising. Check your writing
People are different, and so they like • Did you use clear paragraphs to separate your ideas?
different things, but it is interesting to discover • Did you check your grammar and spelling?
what the other students enjoy doing in their
• Did you find any mistakes?
free time.

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