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The Green Party has always dared to be different - and we’ve always known the power of good ideas.

This political programme isn’t like other parties’ manifestos, it has not been squeezed through focus groups and stripped down
according to the latest polling. This programme is a vision of a better world - and it’s one which is based on a politics and
economics that would work not just for now, but for the long term.

What’s special about the political programme is that it’s the culmination of a grassroots democratic exercise. Our policy is set
by our members - meaning that our leaders have no more voting power than our newest recruits - and the breadth of these
transformative ideas reflects just how lucky we are to have such a dynamic membership.

Our plan is unique. Unlike others, we know that our planet has environmental limits, we understand that not everyone wants
to live to work, that inequality is not just unfair, but damaging to everyone in society. And we have the bold solutions which
allow us to offer inspiration in this age of uncertainty.

We are living through climate breakdown. We have an economy that prizes pointless jobs and condemns people to a lifetime
of drudgery. We have an electoral system that excludes everyone outside of swing seats of a meaningful vote. Britain needs
a party that makes the desirable feasible – that says what needs to be said, not what is deemed acceptable
by the powers-that-be.

The Green Party must always be an insurgent force for good, consistently asking the big
questions that matter. I have faith that our party will step up to the challenge that our
increasingly febrile times present, and give the people of this country the bold alternative
that is so desperately needed.

Caroline Lucas MP
Co-Leader of the Green Party, 2016 – 2018
our political
A system based on inequality and
exploitation is threatening the future
of our planet. The Greens are the only
political party in England and Wales
committed to fixing this.

And this is how we are going to do it. We are not a traditional party.
Elected Greens will work to:
Traditional parties all set out their plans in the same Our policy programme is founded on ten pillars,
way: built from policies proposed and voted on by our > Save the environment
members. It sets out what Greens are in politics > Green our land
99 Section on tinkering on with the current to do: to end the system that keeps hurting the > Protect animal life
economic system? environment and all of us who rely on it – and to > Challenge privilege
build a better alternative. > End discrimination
99 Section on spending more money on nuclear > Champion international friendships
weapons than on international aid to the As other parties run out of ideas, and rely on dated > Liberate our working lives
poorest countries? clichés to address the fast changing and fragile > Unleash our creative power
modern world, we embrace the new and relish the > Embed collective kindness in our society
99 Section on how our democracy couldn’t bold. > Deliver quality of life for all
possibly evolve any further?
Our Political Programme - save the environment

sa v e t h e
Our Political Programme - save the environment

We live on an amazing planet, rich in resources change, if the will and leadership is there. a new National Investment Bank with full
and able to sustain an incredible diversity borrowing powers, while expanding mature
of life. But we cannot take for granted it will Changing how we measure progress: renewable technologies such as wind energy
always be this way. Measuring whether an economy is growing isn’t and solar PV. We can provide cheap, clean,
the same as measuring whether it’s healthy. green energy for homes and communities
All around us are the warning signs of Using GDP (gross domestic product) as the across the land.
environmental crises. This century already has main indicator of success doesn’t leave space
seen 16 of the hottest 17 years ever recorded to consider people’s wellbeing, the state of Reducing our energy consumption: Everyone
in human history. We are in the midst of what our natural resources or whether economic deserves to live in a warm home, and to have
scientists have called the sixth mass extinction. prosperity is being shared equally. We will affordable energy bills. To help achieve this
Hurricanes and wildfires are spreading, seas develop alternatives to GDP that takes capital we will roll out a nationwide retrofit insulation
are rising and wildlife is in decline. and environmental depreciation into account as programme, ensuring that everyone lives in
well. This will allow us to build an economy that a home that preserves heat and uses energy
Whilst other political parties talk about the protects the environment rather than consumes effectively, both homeowners and renters. We
environment, they have repeatedly failed to it, and one which values social progress and will require all new homes to be built to the
make the urgent changes needed to protect wellbeing. highest energy efficiency standards.
our natural world, to safeguard us from climate
breakdown and to preserve the future. Rapidly accelerate the roll-out of renewable
energy: Driving forward the renewable energy
The Green Party are the only party that will look revolution presents incredible opportunities
after the planet on which we all depend by: - to secure our power supplies, localise
energy production and create high-quality
Strengthening international agreements on jobs. We can shift the power to produce and
climate change: Britain led the Industrial supply energy to communities, and away from
Revolution two hundred years ago – it falls unaccountable big energy companies. Wind
to us now to lead the Green Response. We and solar power can make every home a power
should lead the world in implementing the Paris station, and every street a power plant! To seize
Climate Agreement, made in 2015 to keep these opportunities, and do our bit to keep
global temperature rises below 2 degrees - global temperature rises to below 1.5 degrees,
and show that we can go further and faster and we will end harmful fossil fuel industry tax
keep rises to below 1.5 degrees. Global action breaks and subsidies. Instead we will invest
can be taken to prevent the worst of climate in cutting edge renewable technology through
Our Political Programme - save the environment

gre e n o u r l a n d
Our Political Programme - green our land

The woods and hills, rivers and meadows, cliffs green spaces for the community. We will use Planting more trees: We will introduce a
and beaches of England and Wales make up our the planning system to increase the amount of Forests Protection Bill to safeguard existing
green and pleasant land. green open space – we want everyone to live woodland and plant a new generation of
within 5 minutes’ walk of publically accessible forests. For the first time in four decades, more
Yet the land is under assault – from greedy green spaces. trees are being cut down each year on our
developers, from dirty technology, from a tide island than are being planted - we want to
of plastic. It’s an assault driven forward by Protecting land and seas for all reverse that trend and ensure everyone enjoys
corporations and the privileged few, putting communities: We will strengthen existing the many benefits of trees.
profit over people and the places they love. Green Belt, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
and National Park planning protections, Banning fracking: With so much potential
It’s time for a counter-attack. It’s time to not prohibiting all inappropriate development. for clean renewable energy to be captured
just protect forests, but to plant new ones, not Environmental protections will be expanded from the sun, wind and our coastline, there is
just to fight fracking but to ban it forever, not at sea through the creation and enforcement just no reason to be fracking for shale gas.
just to tackle litter, but to eliminate all waste. of new Marine Conservation Zones around It’s a dirty industry, it devastates our precious
Britain’s shores. A new Office for Environmental environment, is pushed through against the will
The Green Party will green our land, for us and Protection and an Environmental Court will be of local communities and is incompatible with
for generations yet to come, by: instituted to monitor and enforce new long- our climate targets. We will build an energy
term goals for biodiversity, water and air quality. future that’s frack free and rich instead in
Making it easier for communities to block renewables.
the wrong type of development: The planning Moving towards a zero waste society: We
system is based on a presumption in favour of will make it easier for everyone to recycle and
development, which loads the dice in favour take tough action to reduce plastic and other
of speculative developers seeking high profits. waste. In some European countries over 90%
We will repeal this presumption, and replace of plastic bottles are recycled through Deposit
the current National Planning Policy Framework Return Schemes – we want to meet and beat
with spatial plans that preserve ecological that target. Overall we aim to recycle 70% of
habitats and prioritise council house building domestic waste within 5 years, and to move
on brownfield land. A new developer’s duty towards a zero-waste system, with food waste
will ensure that a greater share of the profits and other organic material being banned from
that are created when new homes are built landfill.
goes back to the local council, to be spent on
planning new council homes and accessible
Our Political Programme - save the environment

pr o t e c t
our a n i m a l s
Our Political Programme - protect our animals

Policy making around animals should be We will implement a complete ban on cages We will end all commercial shooting, including
designed to protect them against cruelty. and close confinement of farm animals. We will grouse shooting, and will outlaw the use of
help consumers choose cruelty free food with cages to rear game birds.
All too often it isn’t. Animal testing, hunting mandatory labelling of meat and dairy products
for sport, factory farming – all have flourished to indicate method of production, country of
under successive Governments. origin and method of slaughter.
A new Commission on Animal Protection will
We don’t think it’s right to exploit the other Banning animal testing: Animal testing is not oversee these new protections for companion
species we share this planet with and are only cruel, it’s outdated and inefficient too. We animals, farm animals, and wildlife. This will
prepared to take on the vested interests will immediately stop the use of primates, cats ensure that the right of all sentient beings not
that fuel animal cruelty. and dogs in research and the importation of to be subject to undue suffering, is always
monkeys for use in labs, and work towards an respected.
The Greens will protect our animals by: outright ban on all animal testing. We will also
end the use of live animals in military training.
Ending the abuse and exploitation of
companion animals: We will tighten the law Stop the badger cull and extend the Hunting
regulating the breeding and sale of cats and Act: The Green Party will immediately end the
dogs, with mandatory licensing of breeders and badger cull that has to date killed thousands
a ban on the sale of puppies younger than eight of badgers without effectively protecting cattle
weeks, without the presence of their mother. from disease. In its place we will follow the
We will also place controls on breeding certain evidence and introduce a comprehensive
breeds to prevent exaggerated characteristics badger vaccination programme. We’d also
likely to cause suffering and will outlaw cruel improve the conditions in which cattle and
training aids such as electric shock collars. other farm animals are kept. We will tighten
up existing legislation to ensure that the killing
Reforming animal farming: We believe of wild mammals during a trail hunt cannot be
producing food shouldn’t go hand in hand passed off as an ‘unfortunate accident’ and
with animal suffering. We will enforce tougher will increase the punishments available to the
regulations on animal transportation, including courts so that the Hunting Act is brought into
a maximum limit of 8 hours travel for animals in line with other animal-protection legislation.
transit and an end to live exports from our
Our Political Programme - save the environment

a l l e n g e p r i v i l e g e
c h
Our Political Programme - challenge privilege

Privilege is power. The power of well- Single Transferable Vote (STV) to make sure that diverse candidates to stand for office. We
connected groups and individuals to dictate everyone’s vote truly counts, for the first time in aspire towards a gender balanced parliament
what happens in our society, and the power to British history. by 2025, with non-binary identities also fully
keep things that way. represented. We will introduce the right to vote
Retiring unelected politicians: 791 unelected and stand for election at 16 and will ensure that
Privilege is all around us. From vested interests lords shape every law passed through non-biased political education is in the school
that use our broken electoral system and Parliament, their privileged position conferred curriculum to inform and engage young people.
corrupt party funding process to steer policy in as a mark of favour from the establishment
the direction they want, to politicians who feel parties. 92 of these lords are able to shape Reforming political funding: Money buys
they have a right to rule because of the school every law simply because they were born into power in our current system, with donations
they went to. their title. Successive Labour and Conservative from wealthy individuals and groups shaping
Governments have let this insult to democracy the priorities of establishment politicians. We
Reducing privilege increases the power linger well into the 21st century. The Greens will implement a fair system of state funding
of ordinary people – of all of us. As the will finally and completely reform the House of for political parties to eliminate the need for
establishment shrinks, democracy grows. Lords, turning it into a democratically elected large private donations, removing the undue
body, chosen by Proportional Representation influence large donations confer.
The Green Party will challenge privilege by: to promote its independence. Members will be
elected for a maximum of 10 years with half of
Making votes matter: Democracy should the house being elected every 5 years.
puncture the power of the privileged few.
Our democracy fails to do this, being based Enabling diversity across politics: In a
on a First Past the Post voting system that dazzlingly diverse country like ours, politicians
ignores the votes of millions of people. This shouldn’t all look the same. We want to break
broken system entrenches the privilege of open the barriers that stop our politics from
establishment politicians, who can use their more accurately reflecting the society we
resources to target the very small number of live in. We will make it easier for women and
marginal seats that swing whole elections disabled people to be elected to parliament
and keep Governments in power. We all by introducing job-share MPs. Our own
deserve better than this. We will make every Party has shown, through our 2016-2018
vote matter and give voters real choice by co-leaders Caroline and Jonathan, that this
scrapping First Past the Post in favour of new way of doing politics is possible. We will
Proportional Representation, adopting the work hard to encourage and support more
Our Political Programme - save the environment

dis c r i m i n at i o n
Our Political Programme - end discrimination

At the heart of the Green Party is a belief that are not excluded before the interview stage Fighting for the LGBTIQA+ community:
everyone is equal, that all lives have intrinsic because of their identity and pursue stronger There is still so much to fight for to tackle the
value and that personal life choices are recruitment drives for BAME workers in the legal, political and social discriminations facing
deserving of dignity. public sector. We will restrict police use of stop LGBTIQA+ people. We will immediately remove
and search, which disproportionately targets pension inequality for same-sex couples who
Whatever your skin colour, sexuality, ability or BAME people. We will also make it easier for are married or civil partners. LGBTIQA+ rights
gender identity, our country should be a place families to come together – we will abolish the are fundamental human rights and must be
where you feel at home. requirement that a British citizen must earn at protected as such.
least £18,600 a year before their partner can
We need a society that recognises the needs of come to live with them here. Improving trans rights: Trans people are
all, that celebrates diversity and where people subject to ingrained prejudice; at school, in
are supported when they need it. Tackling misogyny: We will take immediate work, in society and in the media. The Green
action to deliver real gender equality and to Party affirms that trans men are men, trans
The Green Party will end discrimination by: tackle violence against women and girls. We women are women and that non-binary
will make misogyny a hate crime and make genders exist and are valid. We will tackle
Starting in schools: The values we are taught it easier to challenge media sexism. We will prejudice against trans people, strengthening
in school shape the society we contribute to fiercely protect and enhance women’s rights - hate crime legislation and improving public
as adults. We will make equality and diversity protecting long-term funding for Rape Crisis education on the issue. We will take practical
teaching mandatory in all schools and will centres, decriminalising abortion procedures steps to make life easier for trans people,
provide training for all staff on diversity and across the entire UK and making it illegal to updating the Gender Recognition Act to allow
inclusion. Sex and relationship education will stop nursing mothers feeding their babies in trans youth and non-binary people to get
also be mandatory, age-appropriate, LGBTIQA+ a public place. We recognise that the current legal recognition through self-declaration
inclusive and immune from faith school opt- economic system is patriarchal and commit to and enabling a x gender marker to be added
outs. Our curriculum will be expanded to teach dismantling it, starting with a requirement for to passports. We will legislate to ensure that
more about global culture, and foster a better at least 40% of all members of public sector young people get access to objective, evidence
understanding of our shared history and future. boards to be women. We will provide free based information about gender and gender
sanitary products in schools. treatment, as well as full access to related
Smashing barriers for BAME people: We medical services.
still have a long way to go to reach equality in
the workplace, and in our wider society. We
will make anonymised CVs mandatory so that
Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates
Our Political Programme - save the environment

ch a m p i o n
i o n a l f r i e n d s h i p s
in t e r n a t
Our Political Programme - champion international friendships

Our country can be a force for good in the world Standing up for migrants and refugees: other devastating weapons, including chemical
- working with other nations to combat shared We are proud to stand up for free movement weapons. We will diminish dependence on arms
threats like climate change, and to build a more and migrants’ rights. Migrants are our friends, sales by ending all government subsidies and
prosperous, happier future for everyone. our neighbours, our work colleagues, and our will introduce strict licensing regimes to stop
families. We value the skills migrants bring to military equipment being sent to regimes that
We want to build a country that is at ease with boost our economy and public services, we violate human rights.
itself and its neighbours, which builds bridges value the diversity they bring to enrich our
not walls. society, we value the lives they make here – Transforming lives through international aid:
and we value the ability of UK citizens to in turn We are one of the richest countries in the world,
And we desperately need a Government that migrate to other countries. We will create a we can and should take the lead in sharing the
understands that closer global cooperation, humane immigration and asylum system, where world’s wealth more fairly. We will increase
rather than ever increasing spending on migrants have access to legal advice, childcare the international aid budget by a third and will
world-destroying weapons, is the best way of and subsistence allowance, and reintroduce increase the proportion of aid given directly to
protecting its people. Legal Aid for immigrants. We will immediately families and communities, putting the best aid
end the indefinite detention of all refugees and tools in the hands of those best qualified to use
The Green Party will champion international asylum seekers for immigration enforcement it.
friendships by: purposes, and will ensure no-one is detained
or criminalised for seeking sanctuary in our
Holding a People’s vote on the Brexit deal country.
and campaigning for a reformed Europe:
The full impact that leaving the EU will have Abolishing nuclear weapons and curbing
on us is now clear – jobs lost, hard won rights the arms trade: We believe in waging peace
eroded, historic ties sundered. Given the facts not war, and are the only Party in England to
that have now come to light, we believe that the unambiguously oppose all nuclear weapons,
public deserves a chance to vote on the final with their potential to end all human life.
deal with all the information about what this We will immediately cancel the renewal of
might actually mean, with the option to remain Trident, saving at least £110 billion over the
if they choose. Whatever the outcome or terms next 30 years and will initiate international
of Brexit, we will continue to stand in fellowship negotiations on a universal nuclear abolition
alongside our European neighbours, healing the treaty. We will also promote treaties and laws
scars of centuries of conflict through sharing to stop the development and deployment of
and collaboration.
Our Political Programme - save the environment

libera t e o u r
wo r k i n g l i v e s
Our Political Programme - liberate our working lives

The economy is there for our benefit – not the Introducing a Universal Basic Income: Ending workplace exploitation: Every
other way round. It doesn’t always feel like that Everyone seeks financial security, for workplace, including in the gig economy, should
though and we need to take action to get things themselves, for their future, and for their be a place of safety where every worker’s rights
back in balance families. We are a rich country and we can are upheld. We will improve working conditions
afford to guarantee this security - through by introducing a real living wage for all - not
We can build an alternative to the current giving every citizen a basic income. This would just those over a certain age - and will make it
system, an economy which delivers for the replace the current complex, divisive and easier for workers to challenge exploitation. We
people who make it. An economy that delivers hugely expensive system of benefits and tax will ban exploitative zero-hour contracts and
more free time to spend with friends and family, allowances. It would mean that everyone could exploitative unpaid internships.
which ensures greater financial security for meet their basic needs, have more choices and
everyone, alongside the opportunity to live the space to make mistakes, try new things and Tackling wage inequality: Pay ratios across
larger lives. build more fulfilling lives. We will work towards the economy are deeply unfair, making a
creating a universal basic income, addressing mockery of the idea that your pay is linked to
The Green Party seeks to liberate our working the causes of poverty by giving everyone the contribution you make. We will tackle this
lives by: financial security. inequality by ensuring that the maximum pay
ratio in an organisation is 10:1 between the
Phasing in the four day working week: Creating more high quality jobs: A Green New best and worst paid. We will also work to end
More and more evidence shows that people in Deal, founded on investment and support for the gender and race pay gaps.
full time work are more productive when the expanding new technologies will create new
working week takes place over four days, rather jobs; jobs which will make a positive impact
than being stretched out into five days. Even on both society and the planet. This investment
more importantly people on a four day week will halt - and reverse - public sector cuts,
say they enjoy their work more! Trials of the restoring jobs lost to the long years of austerity
four day week in a range of countries, including and creating new ones. We will also help small
the Netherlands and the USA, have shown that businesses to create new jobs; reducing the
a four day week increases productivity, does not proportion of National Insurance contributions
result in cuts to pay and that people relish the small businesses have to pay.
time freed up to do other activities. The Green
Party will act on that evidence and will phase
in a four day working week. We can break open
the week and grow the weekend.
Our Political Programme - save the environment

unleas h o u r
cr e at i v e p o w e r
Our Political Programme - unleash our creative power

The creative urge in all of us builds businesses, Delivering genuine localism: Genuine gains that large corporations make from their
upholds communities and enriches all our lives localism, devolving well-funded powers to entrenched economic power, and will be used
through the arts. communities, allows the people most affected to fund further investment in small businesses
by local decisions to shape those decisions. We and in sustainable job creation. Business rates
Nourishing that urge, and the small business will give voters the power to force referendums will be abolished and replaced by our proposed
owners, artists, students and professional on local government issues (if more than developer’s duty, which will reduce bills for
pioneers that embody it, will build a better 40% of the local electorate call for it), and small businesses.
future for our country. will empower local government to do more
than ever once they have community support, Making high speed broadband a right:
For other parties supporting creativity is granting new tax and revenue raising powers Operators, especially BT, have benefited from
afterthought – for us it is a priority. Creativity to authorities. We will give fuller voice to local years of Government support – it’s time now
is key to building an economy that works for identities, creating a Cornish Assembly and for them to give back. We will give BT and
individual and communities, not just huge increasing the role of the current National other public telecommunications operators an
corporations. Assembly for Wales. Our kind of localism is obligation to provide affordable high-speed
about trusting people and sharing power – we broadband-capable infrastructure to every
The Green Party seeks to unleash the urge in don’t agree with the Conservatives that it’s business and to every household.
all of us to be creative, to be innovative, to be a way to wash your hands of the impact of
brave by: spending cuts, nor do we agree with Labour Increasing funding and tax cuts for the arts
that a bigger state is the solution to everything. and independent media: The arts have been
Widening access to university and hit hard by years of austerity, hindering the
adult education, for people of ages: The Giving small businesses a competitive ability of individuals and communities alike
Greens have consistently backed the right break: Small businesses will benefit from to access music, theatre and art. We would
to free higher and further education for all, a new community banking network, with a restore this access by increasing arts funding
whilst successive Conservative and Labour people’s bank for every city and region tasked by £500 million a year, and by removing
governments have attacked it. We will fully with lending at fair rates to small businesses VAT from tickets to live performances. We
fund every student and scrap undergraduate to help them grow. These banks will help fill would increase funding for small-scale, local
tuition fees, as well as writing off existing the gaps that have been left by large banks independent media organisations, both in
student debt. We will restore access to lifelong pulling out of many towns, and provide print and online, helping them to break up the
learning by supporting mature students and financial services to keep local money in current concentration of our media in the hands
their families and restore local adult education local economies. A sovereign wealth fund will of the few.
programmes across England and Wales. be created to capture some of the financial
Our Political Programme - save the environment

embe d c o l l e c t i v e
e s s i n o u r s o c i e t y
kind n
Our Political Programme - embed collective kindness in our society

Our schools, hospitals, rail links and bus routes Freeing schools from the current test-led been undermined by savage short-termist
aren’t merely services; they are the roots that regime: Education should mean liberation, cuts inflicted by austerity governments. We
sustain our society. They are roots that need to empowering children through acquisition of will restore local government budgets, creating
be nurtured so that they in turn can nurture us. knowledge and tools to enable self-expression. good quality local employment. We will give
Yet our current system places unacceptable Councils new powers to set local charges and
We envision a country underpinned by well- pressures on both teachers and pupils, access borrowing, allowing them to spearhead
funded, locally led public services providing draining the joy out of learning. We will abolish the renewal of their communities and restore
care and support for all - a society rooted in Ofsted and restore local authority control over invaluable services lost during the long years
kindness. education, ensuring that control and inspection of austerity. Community centres will re-open,
of our schools rests with their communities. libraries will be revitalised and essential
The Green Party would embed collective We will abolish SATs and league tables and childrens’ and pensioners’ services will be
kindness in our society by: encourage creativity and outdoor learning for all reinstated.
Restoring the NHS: The awe-inspiring original Supporting disabled people: We will restore
vision for the NHS has been chipped away by Bringing railways and buses into community access to meaningful networks of support
successive Governments; it is time to turn the hands: We will bring railways and bus routes for disabled people, access that has been
dream of comprehensive care from cradle to back into public ownership, reducing fares threatened by years of austerity. We will
grave into reality. We will enable the health and giving rail workers, passenger groups, increase disability benefits, and will restore
service to do more, for more people, than ever and local authorities a far greater say on how the independent living fund in full, to give
before. We will invest at the level required to services are run. We will scrap HS2 and use the people more resources to lead fulfilling lives
do so, while tackling at source the causes money to invest in the much needed upgrade of in their communities. We will increase housing
of increased pressure on our NHS – through regional services, creating new rail links in rural options for disabled people and ensure more
a crackdown on unhealthy food and alcohol areas and better integrating existing transport houses are built to lifetime home and mobility
advertising, improved mental health training options in our towns and cities. We will give standards over the next 5 years. Carers need
in the workplace, and a Clean Air Act fit for the local authorities the support they need to increased support also, including increases
21st Century. We will ensure that services are restore lost bus routes and create entirely new to the Carer’s Allowance and the creation of
always publicly provided, funded and free at ones, to better connect people in rural areas. carers leave rights for those in employment.
the point to access, and will expand the NHS to
include comprehensive free access to dentistry, Investing in community renewal: Councils
prescriptions and mental health treatments. The have a key role to play in providing caring, high
costs would be more than recuperated from the quality services to local people; a role that has
wider benefits of a healthier society.
Our Political Programme - save the environment

de l i v e r
i t y o f l i f e f o r a l l
qua l
Our Political Programme - deliver quality of life for all

The water we drink, the air we breathe, the Localising energy provision: We will build a pedestrian and cycling revolution.
grass our children play on, the homes we live in democratic, locally owned networks for energy
– they determine our health and wellbeing. supply, taking utilities out of the hands of big Making council housing accessible again:
companies and into community ownership. After years of sell-offs, and a collapse in new
Our current system allows vested interests and We will require grid operators to give priority building, council housing has become a scarce
corporations to degrade that wellbeing in the access to community energy projects, and commodity. We would reverse these trends by
name of profit. Increasingly communities are pioneer a new Community Energy Toolkit to instigating a mass programme of new council
fighting back – standing up for their right to empower local communities to create energy housing, building half a million new socially
breathe clean air, to enjoy green space, and to and municipal heating projects, so we can all rented homes in five years, with secure tenures
live in warm, affordable housing. We don’t think reap the rewards of renewable energy. and affordable rents for residents.
that it is too much to ask. We want to build a
future where these are accepted rights, not Insulating our homes: The number of Giving more rights to private sector renters:
distant hopes. insulation projects in UK homes has fallen We will introduce a living rent to control rip-
by 70% since 2010. This means that too off rental prices, and will reduce costs further
The Green Party seeks to deliver quality of life many people are still living in cold homes. for tenants by banning license fees. We will
for all by: We will tackle this by a national Warm Homes implement mandatory licensing for all landlords,
programme of insulation and retrofitting – and will support the development of a renters
Tackling air pollution: Air pollution is bringing two million people out of fuel poverty, union to stand up against landlord abuses.
emerging as one of our biggest health crises, insulating nine million homes, and creating
causing an estimated 40,000 premature deaths hundreds of thousands of jobs.
each year in the UK. We will tackle this by
publishing a new Clean Air Act fit for the 21st Boosting access to green space and outdoor
century, cracking down on dirty diesel engines exercise: We will amend planning legislation
and reducing the need for private car usage. We to stipulate that everyone lives within five
will also bring forward the phase out of petrol minutes’ walk of a green open space, and our
and diesel car sales from 2040 to 2030 and uplift to local authority funding will ensure they
implement an expanded, rigorously enforced, have the resources they need to extend and
network of Clean Air Zones across England and improve local parks. Immediately on taking
Wales. office we would increase annual spending on
measures to encourage walking and cycling
from £6.50 to £30 per head, paving the way to