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Lawigan Encounters: Milled Rumors? Yield and Think.

No doubt, the information supplied by witnesses over this

what I call: the “Lawigan alien visitation case,” was
offbeat and way too much for some common observers to
absorb. So there is this human tendency to ignore and
dismiss unexplainable matters outright because the mind
finds it too complex or unfathomable. And if not for the
less-publicized evidences the ETs have gifted humanity, I
could have also downgraded the Lawigan mystery to sheer

However, that ‘gift of evidence’ coursed through my previous UFO encounters also shows on
video, faces of ETs. And by its availability, I was able to recognize some oddities. Thus,
attempts by some quarters to debunk the testimonies given by principal witnesses – three of them
were children, are dull enough to dissuade me. Besides, there were at least 6 more adult folks
swearing they have seen these strange beings. And for the fact you have reached this line but
might have not noticed any difference in the first photo above, you may get the point why this
case is so important that it cannot be dismissed easily, let alone without musing.

When I saw the cartographic images provided by one of the witnesses

named Jo Ed Alvareza, I identified them as “possible aliens” basing from
the core features resembling the image of an otherworldly visitor (shown
here in blue regalia and with a boy in the left photo). Please note that
three of four principal witnesses who came in close contact with the
beings, were children: Clarissa and Judel Ann (of Sitio Punduhan on full
moon of September) and, Winnie Kaye (of Sitio Talus on full moon of
October). Were any of these children harmed? NONE. Was the boy in
the photo assaulted? NO.

Photos of bizarre nature acquired 10 years ago (as the ET

with the boy above) could not been given without any
intelligent reason. Baffled, no probable answer was
knowable to me until the Lawigan case came to surface.
And subsequent to my recent reading of Gerard Aartsen’s
GEORGE ADAMSKI: A Herald for the Space Brothers, I
obtained some answers, strengthening my former belief
that the ETs have waited for man to develop the right
technology before they could manifest themselves and even
more, in a totally reproducible manner.

An excerpt in Aartsen (2010, p.45) that may uphold this claim reads:

“The pilot of the scout ship who came to pick up Adamski on 23 April 1955, tells him: “This
meeting has been arranged specifically to fulfill your hope of the kind of photograph you spoke
of when we last met. We can guarantee nothing, but we shall try to get a picture of our ship with
you in it.” As Orthon stood in front of one porthole and Admaski in front of the one next to it,
the crew “were experimenting with the amount of light necessary to show the mother ship and at
the same time penetrate through the portholes to catch Orthon and myself behind them.”

(A story on how these bizarre photos were acquired is available at 2001 archive.
Or, click this link to view file in pdf format).

Why I Say “Aliens.”

I had two preliminary bases for deducting these elements visiting Lawigan could be neither any
trooping shape-shifting vampires (aswang), cult members or nocturnal animals but possibly ETs.

The drawings were my first basis. As mentioned, it was from the still frames showing
otherworldly images entering into the scene (as if they were there when the actual shot was
taken) that I came to familiarize myself with “them.”

Jo Ed Alvareza and Clarissa Pamaluan – who both claimed to have seen these beings at close
distances, were in tears while affirming to me and to the other folks around that the being in the
photo resembled tightly the faces of the being/s they saw.

The second item, also basing from the videotapes, agrees with the description by witnesses
Clarissa and Judel Ann Pamaluan, Jo Ed Alvareza, Ramon Fanunciales et al., regarding the
ability of these beings to leap from point-to-point at supernatural speed – depriving the human
eyes and the video capture device (Pinnacle MP-1) which I used in 2001, from capturing any

A Tattletale Gone Wild?

The labeling of an unverifiable event as gossip is a common norm. Chatting is a favorite pastime
for some. Often, a collection of speculative information can be tossed up as factual. But wiser
folks rather keep their reservations trusting only their observations. While for some, any report
they couldn’t confirm is but a product of a crafty tongue. In some personal situations however, it
is used as a popular by-line to cover-up or at least instigate doubt over some truths.

Was the Lawigan Alien Encounters indeed a product of imagination or gossip that caught media
attention? Here are three reasons why I firmly believe it could be not.

First, there were multiple witnesses. More so, there were reportedly five different events
involving different personalities in two different settlements, namely: Punduhan (in September)
and Talus (in October). The former is situated near the shore while the latter is up and at the foot
of a hill. Both events were separated by a distance of not less than 50 meters and four moon-
phase cycles (28 days) apart. In the latter incident, I and the TV crew of Imbestigador (GMA-7)
were only about 5 minutes shy of the actual encounter. Anyway, we got the folks’ reactions 10-
minutes fresh after that supposed incident.

Second, the testimonies were tested either against their own or complementing statements by
other people from both individual and collective perspectives. Previous flaws resulting from
dialect and relational barriers were smoothened after six repeated visits. Clarifications and
corrections were made. Overall, the accounts were consistent and hence formed the empirical
foundation for this case.

And third, the quality of the information they provided was so unique that no immediate parallel
account exists for comparison. Indeed, the fitting of strewn data to develop a collective picture of
these encounters requires unique analytical skills; length of dedicated UFO research and
desirably, a direct UFO/ET experience/s.

Yet for those seeking corporeal proof, they might get disappointed. Whilst granting there is, how
will they qualify some if many of these would skip their senses? Let alone, if their evaluations
are limited to how sci-fi motion pictures were usually depicted, they might not find the substance
to consider the Lawigan mystery a legitimate alien encounter case.

But please, that’s not enough reason to posit that these encounters were products of gossipy tales.

In my humble assumption, it is highly inconceivable for these folks to have any motive to
develop a false sensational story out of their plain aspirations and fair minds. In fact, they don’t
expect anything compensatory. They simply wanted the truth to be heard. And neither anyone
of the folks (including myself) has received anything in compliments for the time, effort, the
tears and the information they shared with the media group I was with for three nights in

Besides, fabricating UFO stories or alien encounters with credible elaborations would be more
difficult for folks whose access to learning is limited to the basics.

Supposing these witnesses have Internet access (which in these sitios they have none), a child or
an adult with outlandish imaginations and wealth of intellectual resource might even understate
or exaggerate the tale to pure rubbish. And for sure, I would not bother spending further time

It makes sense therefore to surmise that an outright denigration of the ‘visitation’ claims as plain
rumor is the greater folly than the act of tittle-tattling. Thereby, the vehement renderings made in
public to belittle innocent testimonies and labeling the incident as pure gossip (chismis) are more
preposterous than the context under scrutiny because in effect, it reflected no less than an
opposition to a supposed intelligent investigation.