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Topics covered:
1. Identities
2. Experiences
3. Human Ingenuity
4. Social organizations
5. Sharing the planet


External Assessment

 Paper 1 (1 hour 30 minutes) 30m 25%

One writing task of 600 words from a choice of three

 Paper 2(2 hours) 50 %

Listening Comprehension (1 hour) 25m

Reading Comprehension (1 hour) 40m

Comprehension exercises on three audio passages and three written texts drawn from all five

 Internal Assessment 25%

Individual Oral Assessment 30m

A conversation with the teacher, based on an extract from one of the literary works studied
in class, followed by discussion based on one or more of the themes from the syllabus.

Curriculum Breakdown:

Main Topics Subtopic 1 Subtopic 2

Identities Life Styles Mental Health

Facing life
Experiences Migration challenges

Human Ingenuity Migration (Immigration) Media and

Cultural Identity Communication
Population Diversity

Social Volunteering Social Networking


Sharing the Environmental Challenges Human Rights


Literature Literary Piece 1 Literary Piece 2:

Lord of the Flies by William Golding 1984by George
Issues addressed in the novel also covered topics Orwell
related to:

Social Relationships (fanaticism, relationships, social

and political structures)
Sharing the Planet ( global mindedness)

Identities (What are the qualities that shape a


Human ingenuity ( problem solving skills in times of

great challenges

Semester Grading Rubric:

Reading 25%

Listening 25%

Speaking 25%

Writing 25%