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Sirissa Koebke

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education Anticipated: Dec. 2019
Second Major: Early Childhood Education
Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, MI
Dean’s List: 4 Semesters
GPA: 3.20/4.00

Study Abroad Experience

Faculty-Led Study Abroad | Buenos Aires, Argentina | August 4 –August 20, 2019
· Studying classroom management, school curriculum, and teaching styles through observation and visits
to several different early childhood centers and elementary schools.
Study Abroad 101 | Guanajuato, Mexico | January 6 –January 13, 2019
· Studied Mexican culture and the Spanish language through many museums and classes taken at
Universidad de Guanajuato.

Early Childhood Special Education Endorsement (ZS Endorsement) Anticipated: Dec. 2019

Student Teaching Experience

Early Childhood Special Education Preschool | To Be Determined May 2019 | August 2019– October 2019
· Will be determined in May 2019.
Elementary School | To Be Determined May 2019 | October 2019–December 2019
· Will be determined in May 2019.

Teaching Fieldwork Experience

Early Childhood Education, K-3 Curriculum and Assessment Feb. - April 2019
2nd grade, Sherwood Elementary, Saginaw, MI
· Implemented guided reading instruction with four to five students and conducted guided reading
Elementary Education, Reading Methods Feb. - April 2019
Kindergarten, Hemlock Elementary, Hemlock, MI
· Invented and taught two hours of reading lesson plans and instruction structured around the concepts of
· Conducted MLPP’s (Michigan Literacy Progress Profile) phonemic awareness, concepts of print, and
letter/sound identification assessments to one student and developed raw data used to develop six
tutoring plans to further the students understanding in emerging concepts.
Elementary Education, Math Methods Sept. - Nov. 2018
3rd grade Magnet, Kolb Elementary, Bay City, MI
· Invented and taught one hour of a mathmatical lesson plan centered around the concepts of place
value and rounding large numbers.
Elementary Education, Science Methods Sept. – Nov. 2018
1st grade, Kempton Elementary, Saginaw, MI
· Designed and executed an interactive and engaging “All About the Sun” unit to include seasons,
weather, the sun, and the moon to contribute to the end of the semester grade.
Elementary Education, Social Studies Methods Feb. - April 2018
2nd grade, Chester Miller Elementary, Saginaw, MI
· Designed and executed an interactive and engaging unit on “How Communities Change Over Time”
focusing on then and now, how we learn about history, how communities change over time, how history
is created, and writing about history in the local community.

Relevent Experience
Exceptionalities in Early Childhood Education Feb. - March 2019
Longview Early Childhood Center, Midland, MI
· Implemented the Brigance IEC (Inventory of Early Development) assessment to a 3-year-old and
developed an IEP (Individualized Education Program) based off of the data collected.
Early Childhood Education, PreK Curriculum and Assessment Oct. – Nov. 2018
Carrollton Early Childhood Center, Saginaw, MI
· Created and taught a small group lesson to a group of eight four year olds in a GSRP (Great Start
Readiness Program) classroom using TS Gold objectives.
· Implemented the PQA (Preschool Program Quality Assessment) within a GSRP classroom recording and
analyzing data.
Language Development, Dysfunction, and Intervention May- June 2018
· Observed and recorded data on communication between an infant and a mother using the collected
data to make infrences about the infant’s development and relationship.
Early Childhood Education, Infant/Toddler Curriculum and Assessment Jan. - April 2018
Growing Years Preschool and Daycare, Saginaw, MI
· Implemented ITERS (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale) assessment within a waddler daycare room.
· Implemented the ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) assessment to a 30 month old child.

Work Experience
Uno Chicago Bar and Grill | 4960 Towne Centre Rd. Saginaw, MI 48604 | October 2014 - Present
Hostess, Server, Expoditer, Shift Supervisor
· Serve guests that come into the restaurant. Ensure that all guests are pleased with the service that was
provided to them and their meals.
EDUStaff | March 2019
· Substituted through EDUStaff in fifth grade classrooms.

Professional Development
Member, Early Childhood Organization, SVSU, University Center, MI 2018- Present

References Upon Request

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