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1. "When a computer prints a report, this output is 10. A _____ is a collection of buttons which
called_____." represent various operations that can be carried
(A) Hard copy. (B) Soft copy out within an application.
(C) COM (D) None of the above (A) Buttons (B) Menu
2. "=ROUND(2.15,1) entered in a cell displays" (C) Toolbar (D) None
(A) 2 (B) 2.1 11. The topmost bar in any application window is
(C) 2.2. (D) None of the above the _____.
3. The default page orientation in Excel is (A)It displays the name of the document or
(A) Landscape (B) Horizontal application. (B) Menu bar
(C) Portrait (D) None of the above (C) Toolbar (D) Status bar
4. “To create a new blank presentation you could 12. Which of the following is a graphical package?
(A) Click on the new button (A) Corel Draw (B) MS-Excel
(B) Use the File New command (C) MS-Word (D) None of these
(C) Both of the above 13. "A mouse, trackball, and joystick are examples of
(D) None of the above (A) Pointing devices
5. ”In which menu Change Case command appears (B) Pen input devices
(A) Insert (B) Slide show (C) Data collection devices
(C) Font. (D) Edit (D) Multimedia devices
6. "What would you use for immediate, real-time 14. The Save as... dialog box can be used
communication with a friend?" (A) For saving the file for the first time to save
(A)Instant Messaging (B)E-Mail (B) File by some alternative name
(C)Usenet (D) Blog (C) To save file in a format other than Word
7. Software instruction intended to satisfy a user’s (D) All of the above.
specific processing needs are called ___
(A)System software (B) Microcomputer 15. A page break is used to do what?
(C) Documentation (D) Application Software (A) Create a new page at the insertion point
8. The first page that you normally view at a Web (B) Create a new page at the bottom of the
site is its: Document
(A) Home page. (B) Master page (C) Create a new page that cannot be deleted
(C) First page (D) Banner page (D) Create a blank page at the top of the
9. The binary number system has a base Document
(A) 2 (B) 4 16. "In Word, split cells command appears in _____
(C) 8 (D) 16 menu."
(A) Table (B) Layout
(C) Insert (D) Tools

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17. In Excel the intersection of a row and column is 28. You can stop using the spelling checker at any
called time by clicking the close button.
(A) Square (B) Cubicle (A) True (B) False
(C) Cell (D) Worksheet 29. The View menu in Word is used to create header
18. Animation effects appear in the Standard and footer.
toolbar. (A) True (B) False
(A) True (B) False 30. Primary memory has higher storage capacity
19. BIOS stands for Basic Integrated Operating than secondary memory.
System (A) True (B) False
(A) True (B) False 31. Pressing F1 is a common way to invoke help in
20. LENGTH () function is used to find the length of Windows?
the string. (A) True (B) False
(A) True (B) False 32. [Ctrl]+[U] selects the italics style for the selected
21. You can add items to the Start menu of windows text.
(A) True (B )False (A)True (B) False
22. You can swap over the functionality of the left 33. "From the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, you can
and right mouse buttons only open an existing data source but cannot
(A) True (B) False create a new one."
23. Bullets and numbering appears in the standard (A) True (B) False
toolbar. 34. "In Excel, The delete and clear commands
(A) True (B) False perform the same function."
24. PowerPoint allows you to differentiate your own (A) True (B) False
animation effects. 35. Cell address A$4 in a formula means it is a
(A)True (B) False (A) Relative cell reference
25. Internet is not a commercial information service. (B) Absolute cell reference
(A) True (B) False (C) Mixed cell reference
26. The Back and Forward buttons can be used to (D) All of the above
visit only pages from the same website 36. When you create a chart on a separate sheet in
(A) True (B) False the same workbook it is called a
27. "A smiley is a sequence of ordinary printable (A) Chart sheet (B) Embedded chart
characters, or a small image, intended to (B) View sheet (D) View chart
represent a human facial expression and convey 37. Pressing _____ is a quick way to cycle between
an emotion. open program windows.
(A) True (B) False (A) Alt+Tab (B) Ctrl+Tab
(C) Shift+Tab (D) Shift+Alt

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38. Alignment buttons are available on the _____ 46. "When you hide a slide it remains in your file,
toolbar. even though it is hidden when you run the
(A) Status bar (B) Formatting toolbar presentation."
(C) Standard toolbar (D) none of these (A) True (B) False
39. GIGO stands for _____. 47. Change case command is used to change the
(A) "Garbage Input, Garbage Output". capitalization of a sentence.
(B) "Gigabytes in, Gigabytes out" (A) True (B) False
(C) "Garbage In, Garbage Out" 48. You cannot change the position of the slide
(D) None of the above images on the Handout Master.
40. GUI is used as an interface between (A) True (B) False
(A) Hardware and software 49. A set of rules is known as protocol.
(B) Man and machine (A) True (B) False
(C) Software and user 50. ISP is a company that provides an Internet
(D) None of the above connection
41. Using Microsoft Word’s Find & Replace feature (A) True (B) False
you can 51. Pressing [Shift]+[Spacebar] selects the entire
(A) Replace both text and formatting column.
(B) Replace text of a document only (A) True (B) False.
(C) Replace formatting only 52. Which of following is an output device?
(D)Replace document’s name with a new name (A) Light Pen (B) Keyboard
42. In Word Drop caps applied to (C) Mouse (D) Printer
(A)Characters (B) Sentences 53. Word processor is system software.
(C)Words (D) None of the above (A) True (B) False
43. "In the print dialog box of Word, you can select" 54. Which of the following menu option show the
(A) All page in a range (B) Odd pages type of numbering you can give to the selected
(C) Even pages (D) Any of the above paragraphs or lines.
44. "In Excel, once a range has been named, you can (A) Bullets and Numbers.
go to a range" (B) Online Numbered
(A) By selecting ranges using the name box (C) Numbering
(B) By selecting ranges using the [F5] ke y (D) None of the above
(C) Both a and b. 55. Which of the following option is used to
(D) None of the above establish a link between two documents?
45. You can search for a file in Windows even if you (A) Textbox (B) Auto text
know only part of the file name (C) Hyperlink (D) Bookmark
(A) True (B) False

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56. Which of the following shortcut key is use to Find 65. What is full form of "E-commerce"?
& Replace the MS-Word? (A) English Commerce.
(A) Ctrl+F (B) Ctrl+G (B) Electronic commerce.
(C) Ctrl+H (D) Ctrl+E (C) Electric Commerce
57. You can insert an Excel worksheet into a MS- (D) Element commerce
Word document by __________ option from 66. RAM stands for
menu bar. (A) Readily available memory
(A) Insert --> File (B) Insert --> Frame (B) Returned access memory
(C) Insert --> Object. (D) Insert --> Field (C) Random access management
58. Which of the following device has no sequential (D) Random access memory.
access? 67. In URL addresses, COM is short for
(A) Floppy disk (B) Tape drives (A) Communications (B) Commercial
(C) CD-DVD. (D) Hard disk (C) Computer (D) Command
59. Which of the following is an input device? 68. ______________ is a collection of related data.
(A) Keyboard. (B) Printer (A) Word document (B) Database
(C) Plotter (D) VDU (C) Excel (D) Table
60. Which of the following is not the storage device? 69. Permanent memory in a computer is called
(A) ALU. (B) CD-ROM _____________
(C) Floppy disk (D) Hard disk (A) RAM (B) CPU
61. Which of the following is not a type of protocol? (C) Mother Board (D) ROM
(A) TCP/IP (B) IPX/SPX 70. All of the following are considered output
(C) IPX (D) ASCII devices except
62. Which of the following is not a type of (A) Printers (B) Monitors
Topology? (C)Scanners (D) USB Drives
(A) Bus (B) Star 71. Internet is example of
(C) Ring (D) TCP/IP (A) LAN (B) WAN
63. Which of the following is not manufacturer of (C) SAN (D) MAN
workstation? 72. In Website Meaning Of “ .In” Means
(A) BPL (B) IBM (A) India (B) Information
(C) ZENITH (D) HCL C) Internet (D) Insert
64. Is the Internet an example of a LAN? 73. Which Of Following Not browser
(A) True B) False (A) Google Corm (B) Mozilla
(C) Yahoo (D) Opera
74. Speaker Is an output Device
(A) True (B) False

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