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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 9

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

A. Internalize the true meaning of the word FAMILY

B. Identify the elements of a strong family
C. Apply the values learned in daily living

II. Subject Matter

Family Values

Reference/s: Celebrating Diversity through World Literature (English, Learner’s Material)

III. Materials

black/white board

Copy of the text to be read

IV. Learning Procedure

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

A. Introduction/ Preparation

Good morning class. Good morning Ma’am.

Kindly lead the prayer. (one student will eventually lead the prayer for the
whole class)

Shelly’s prayer:

Our most loving and gracious Father, thank you so

much Lord for all the blessings that you have given
to us. For always keeping us safe and for never
ceasing in answering our prayers. May you grant us
the knowledge and understanding as we start our
lesson this morning. We are humbly asking for your
guidance and forgive us from our sins. All these we
ask in your Holy name, Jesus Christ our Savior, Amen.

(students will do what the teacher instructed them)

Before you take your seat, please pick up pieces of
paper under your table and arrange your chairs

Let me first check your attendance. Say “present” once

your name is called.
(students whose names were called will say
(the teacher will start calling names in alphabetical “present”)

B. Motivational Activity

What comes into your mind whenever you hear the Students: Mother/Father
word FAMILY?
Student 1: Family members
What else? Student 2: Respect

(More varied answers will follow…)

What you have said are all true. A family is composed Students: no Ma’am
of family members just like a mother, father, and
siblings. But does one needs to be blood related to be
consider as a family?

Why do you thinks so? (diverse opinions from the students will follow)

Thanks for all of your pleasant opinions.

C. Lesson Proper

This time, I want you to open you books on page 495

and read the short article and find out what the article
is all about.

You have ten minutes to read it. Then I after that I will
call names to give their own interpretation on what the
article is all about.

Did you get the instruction?

Yes Ma’am

(students will open their books to page 495 and will

read the article silently)

After ten minutes…

Okay I will now call some of you to give their insights

about the article.

(the teacher will call 5 students to) (the five students who were called will give their
insights as well as what they think the article is all

According to the article, a strong family is compose of (students listen attentively)

these elements:

1. Cohesion- in families, it would be defined as a

feeling of being loved, of belonging to the
group, and being nurtured by it.

2. Flexibility- there must be a structure in a

family or it will become chaotic and will not be
a peaceful setting for a family.

3. Communication- lack of communication can

rip a family apart and destroy

(sharing of outlooks and ideas about the topic will (students will share opinions and ideas)
V. Evaluation

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

Find out how you have understood the article. Fill out Yes Ma’am
the 3-2-1+1 chart below.

3 things you found

2 interesting things
you discovered
(Students will start answering and will to the task
1 question you still assigned to them)
want to ask
1 issue you have
discovered from the

IV. Assignment

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

Write a letter addressed to your family. (students will listen attentively)

Students: yes Ma’am

(students will all stand up)

Goodbye class.

Students: Goodbye and thank you for teaching us


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