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Next Generation Physics (NGP) Plugin (PhysicsNG, Version 5.0) for RBR 1.

02 SSE

This plugin for Richard Burns Rally enhances RBR's builtin physics. Tyres and
surface materials have been optimized to improve the behavior of the vehicles.
The vehicle physics have been enhanced with new differential types and new
New drive types like rear wheel drive and torque splitting all wheel drive are
Suspension has been improved by progressive bumpstops and fast rebound damping.
Setup parameters are being validated, fixed and logged if invalid.

RBR's tyre parameters have been optimized.

RBR's surface materials have been optimized.

Center Diff Handbrake Release and Left-Foot-Brake Threshold

RBR does allow to edit these values in the builtin setup editor, but the
values are not being used by the original game's physics calculation.
Instead, the game uses the predefined values from the car's physics files.
This plugin enables the physics calculation to use the user specified setup
This applies to all AWD cars.

Configuration: setup.

A new engine implementation allows for specifying arbitrary torque curves.

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

New Differential Types

New types of differentials are provided which can be used as a replacement for
any of the original differentials (front, center, rear).

One of the new differential types is a Salisbury type, which allows for
parameterizing the preload torque in Newton meters (Nm), the throttle lock and
brake lock as a percentage, e.g. 25% locking.

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

Configuration: setup.
Use first the mapping entry (throttle/brake 0%) for the locking percentage.
All other values in the mapping are being ignored and locked in the settings
Viscous Coupling
Another new differential is a viscous coupling type, which allows for
parameterizing the preload torque (only available with special VC diff types)
in Newton meter (Nm), and the lock as a percentage of some builtin base
torque, e.g. 25% locking.

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

Configuration: setup.
Use the first mapping entry (throttle 0%) for the locking percentage.
All other values in the mapping are being ignored and locked in the settings

New Drive Types

* rear wheel drive
Uses the specified rear diff type.

* front wheel drive

Uses the specified front diff type.

* torque split all wheel drive

All wheel drive with fixed torque split respective bias between front and rear

* non-center diff all wheel drive (center spool)

This new drive type realizes a four wheel drive without a center diff.

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

Bumpstops are linear or progressive, depending on the vehicle and setup.
Bumpstop settings are adjustable (applies to some vehicle types only).

True 4-way damping can be configured via the builtin setup editor.

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

Aero Kit
Front and rear downforce can be specified separately, in N(ewton).
The value provided is only a base value. The actual downforce varies with

Parameterization: LSP physics files.

FFB Sensitivity Adjustable

The force feedback sensitivity may be adjusted separately for each surface and
car (based on the car slot).
See "Configuration" for details.
Material Maps Processing
RBR defines material maps sized 16x16 (=256 spots) for specifying the physical
properties of the track. RBR uses only the first row (x coordinate) of this
map, so only the first 16 values apply. The remaining 15 rows or 240 values
were simply ignored which is not what the track creators intended. This
plugin convinces RBR to calculate the material in two dimensions (x and y).

Setup Parameter Validation

The NGP plugin checks all setup parameters relevant for the car's performance
just before the stage is being started, and sets invalid setup parameter
values to reasonable values.
Invalid values are being logged in a file named �NGP_SetupErrors.log� located
in the �Temporary� directory specified by the operating system's settings.

The following setup parameters are being checked:

* MaxSteeringLock
* FrontRollBarStiffness
* RearRollBarStiffness
* MaxBrakePressureFront
* MaxBrakePressureRear
* CenterDiffThrottle
* LfCenterDiffThrottle
* CenterDiffBrake
* LfCenterDiffBrake
* CenterSpeedMap
* LfCenterSpeedMap
* FrontDiffThrottle
* FrontDiffBrake
* FrontSpeedMap
* RearDiffThrottle
* RearDiffBrake
* RearSpeedMap
* CenterDiffHandbrakeRelease
* LeftFootBrakeThreshold
* CenterDiffMaxTorque
* FrontDiffMaxTorque
* RearDiffMaxTorque
* StrutPlatformHeight
* SteeringRodLength
* WheelAxisInclination
* SpringLength
* SpringStiffness
* HelperSpringLength
* HelperSpringStiffness
* DampingBump
* DampingRebound
* DampingBumpHighSpeed
* BumpHighSpeedBreak
* DampingReboundHighSpeed
* ReboundHighSpeedBreak
* BumpStopStiffness
* BumpStopDampingBump
* BumpStopDampingRebound
* Pressure

Differential mapping velocities are not validated, as these parameters have no

impact on the performance of the car.

Input Controller Filter For Handbrake And Clutch

The filter settings for handbrake and clutch can be configured (like throttle
and brake filters) for analog and digital input.

Multi-Colored Gear Shift Indicator

The gear shift indicator of the dash has been enhanced to use multiple colors.
The delta RPM for changing the colors can be configured.
See "Configuration" for details.

Skid Sound Threshold Adjustable

The slip peak relative threshold for playing the skid sound can be configured.
Standard RBR uses 125 (%), which is too high to really help the driver finding
the limit.
We recommend values close to or less than 100, so you can actually hear when
a tyre starts to reach its peak force.
See "Configuration" for details.

Direct Gear Mapping aka Stick Shift (H-Shifter)

Original RBR only allowed to shift up or down sequentially. NGP enhances the
builtin controller mapping to use arbitrary keys for changing gears directly.
You may use this for applying an H-pattern or to directly shift into
neutral while using a sequential gearbox.

Goto "Options-->Controls-->Controller Setup-->Controller Setup".

There will be new entries in the list of "Action" to "Input" mappings:

* Reverse
* Neutral
* First Gear
* Second Gear
* Third Gear
* Fourth Gear
* Fifth Gear
* Sixth Gear

Please note that if you do not assign the "Neutral" action, the other actions
like "First Gear" etc. have to be mapped to sticky keys, as otherwise when
releasing the mapped key, RBR will shift into neutral automatically (like a
real stick shift).

Also note that you should remove the H-shifter plugin, if installed.
Otherwise there might be conflicting key mappings.

This plugin needs RBR patch 1.02 SSE to work properly.

1) Make a backup copy of your original physics.rbz.

2) Extract the archive into your RBR installation folder or, if you prefer the
manual way:

2a) Copy PhysicsNG.dll into the 'Plugins' folder of your RBR installation,
which is usually "C:\Program Files\SCi Games\Richard Burns Rally\Plugins".

2b) Install the new physics.rbz as usual in the RBR folder.

2c) Copy strings.ini into 'Plugins\PhysicsNG' folder.

3) Install the cars as you would normally do into the new physics.rbz file or
the Physics folder, depending on the plugin or mod you are using for driving
the stages.

Important notes:
The PhysicsNG plugin will not work without the accompanying physics.lsp
located in the new physics.rbz.

If you also want to use the FixUp plugin, which is highly recommended due to
stability issues, you have to use FixUp.dll Version 2.8 or higher !


Simply delete the PhysicsNG.dll file and restore your original physics.rbz.
You may also delete the PhysicsNG folder located in the "Plugins" folder.


In the file "RichardBurnsRally.ini" some new parameters in a new section [NGP]

will be generated the first time you start RBR with activated PhysicsNG

To resolve the surface type the plugin reads the �SetupSpec� value from the
active �surface�.lsp file of the selected car and applies the respective
ForceFeedbackSensitivity�Surface Type� value:

SetupSpec := Surface Type

0 := Gravel
1 := Tarmac
2 := Snow

Generally values only apply if they are greater than 0 (zero).

If set, car specific values overwrite the global values.

; Specifies whether the required revision is shown on screen
; when the camera moves around the car before starting the stage
; and when pausing the game.
; Valid values:
; 0 - hide revision hint
; 1 - show revision hint

; The force feedback sensitivity, given in percent.

; Values lower than 100 decrease the FF sensitivity and increase the FF force.
; Values larger than 100 increase the FF sensitivity and decrease the FF force.
; Generally lower values do make the force feedback less precise, but
; stronger, and reduce peak force impacts.
; Global values (without Car�N� postfix)
; applies to gravel stages

; applies to tarmac stages


; applies to snow stages


; car specific values:

; a value of 0 (zero) leaves the FF sensitivity unchanged

; Specifies the slip percentage threshold to play the skid sound for tarmac
; surface.
; Standard RBR uses 125 (not recommended).
; Specifies the slip percentage threshold to play the skid sound for
; non-tarmac surfaces.
; Standard RBR uses 125 (not recommended).

; Specifies the delta RPM (engine revs) for changing the color of
; the gear shift indicator.
; Colors are as follows:
; white - white
; green - white
; green - green
; yellow - green
; yellow - yellow
; red - yellow
; red - red
; Double red light appears above (upshift - 25) for all gears except the last,
; where (rpm limit - 25) applies.
; Setting this value to 0 (zero) skips the intermediate colors and uses only
; white - white
; red - red


- The UI dialog page shows the state of the physics patches.

- All currently existing cars, genuine or modified add-on, still work the same
as before, but with reduced engine power.


This software and the accompanying files are supplied "as is" and
without warranties as to performance or merchantibility or any other
warranties whether expressed or implied. No warranty of fitness for
a particular purpose is offered.

You may use this plugin in online plugins as long as you distribute all the
files being initially contained in the PhysicsNG installation package,
especially the readme and documentation files.

Version History
5.0.1 2017-11-30
* fixed issue of RBR shifting into reverse when using H-pattern and vsync
is off (usually only noticable when frame rates exceed ~130 maybe)
* don't downshift from first gear to N(eutral) when N is mapped to a key
(mimics behavior of real R5/WRC cars)

5.0 2017-11-25
* more aggressive tyres, improved handling
* direct gear mapping aka H-pattern
4.4 2016-11-11
* bug fixes after intensive testing

4.3 2016-10-22
* new viscous coupling differential type for all diffs (center/front/rear)
* optimized differential handling
* optimized engine idle/stall handling

4.2 2016-02-20
* use correct labels in "Differential Torque" page ("preload"), depending
on the differential type
* tyres/materials evolution, improved tyres not suitable for
the surface (e.g. snow on tarmac etc.)
* changed mass and inertia of some movable objects for more variance

4.1 2015-12-27
* fixed power/coast diff issue

4.0 2015-11-19
* adjustable linear and progressive bump stops
* adjustable fast rebound (4-way damping)
* engine loses some power when some parts are damaged
* variable shift times
* better support very lightweight and heavyweight vehicles
* new dialog to select game language

3.1 2015-06-05
* tyres optimized
* optional single color gear change indicator
* support for big wheels with radii > 400mm

3.0 2015-03-14
* decreased performance of "wrong" tyres (dry on wet etc.)
* more decrease of performance with tyre wear
* reduce/remove downforce if front bumper/wing are damaged/broken
* allow negative downforce
* maximum clutch torque depending on maximum engine torque
* fixed weird engine behaviour after collision if damage is non-realistic
* set helper spring minimum length to 40% of helper spring length
* input controller filter for handbrake and clutch
* multi-color gear shift indicator
* adjustable threshold for playing the skid sound

2.4 2015-01-06
* fixed typo in readme
* removed FixUp from installation archive

2.4 2014-11-25
* new tyre performance parameter
* fixed loading of physics in quick rally mode

2.3 2014-11-15
* tarmac/snow improved

2.2 2014-10-12
* aero kit

2.1 2014-09-21
* improved support for online plugins
* set idle rpm of standard engine

2.0 2014-09-06
* setup parameter validation
* fixed high speed damping

1.11 2014-08-16
* progressive bumpstops
* improved high power turbo engine

1.10 2014-07-24
* same grip level for all cars
* optimized snow surface parameters

1.8 2014-05-20
* improved force feedback

1.7 2014-05-11
* adjustable force feedback sensitivity
* show/hide revision hint

1.4 2014-04-03
* variable tyre diameter

1.3 2014-03-28
* fixed engine idle
* clutch help adapted to new engine idle

1.2 2014-03-23
* drivetrain fixes
* optimized snow walls
* online-ready, activation codes in physics files

1.1 2014-03-06
* fixed restart of engine after wheels lockup

1.0 2014-03-02
Initial version.


Credits for the translation of the �strings.ini� file go to Vaclav K. (CZ),

Cristiano V. (vcorp, IT), Wojtek N. (PL), Gabriel R. (SP).
Thank you, guys !

mail to guenter.schlupf at

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