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News Analysis


Media provide new of every type to its viewers. Media use different strategies in the

coverage and broadcasting of news for the sake of maintaining viewership. Delivering a new on

old aspects is not enough in this era of time because now viewers are required to be

psychologically attached in the content which the news channel is providing. This document

aims to provide pieces of evidence about different strategies that media use in the coverage of the

news through different means for different purposes. This document will analyze three different

news from three different international news channels to analyze the strategies that are being

used by these news channels to generate massive traffic of viewers. Strategies that are discussed

in this document are based on t authentic research and analysis of different news published by

one of the three international news channels. All of the strategies discussed in this document are

taken from the book (Gaddie & Dye, 2016)

Interest building strategy

This strategy simple elaborates its meaning in its name. This strategy is used for generating the

interest in the viewer or reader. KABC uses interest building strategy in the first stages of its

news coverage and broadcasting. It can commonly be seen on the official website of the news
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channel that it uses words like destruction, killing, torture, chaos, downfall, and contamination.

These words simply interact with the mentality of the viewers, and it generates interest in the

minds of viewers to watch or read the news. It is the analysis of this news “It is just a recipe for

destruction,' fire chief says of California wildfires.” The strategy used in this news demand

words that are used in the title of this news (HUTCHINSON, 2018). Interest is considered to be

the first factor in the news broadcasting because without building interest in the news will lead to

no reader or viewer of the news.

Consumable and sharable content

It is the second strategy used in the same article. Terminologies of this strategies demand enough

information in the news or article, so the viewer or reader starts believing it. Using this strategy

require authentic facts and figures regarding the news topic. The news “It is just a recipe for

destruction,' fire chief says of California wildfires” discuss aspect on the basis of figures and

facts. Using this strategy in the new coverage helps the viewers or reader to fully consume the

information or simple the revolving idea in the news. Secondly, these kinds of news are

published or broadcasted in a way that they can be shared or criticized. Every reader or the

viewer has different perception or mentality so it can never be judged that how they will perceive

the content. Due to the mental state, any person can have a different perception from the news

published by the news channel.

Fairness strategy

Due to the massive competition in the market of news channels, it required for the news

providers to provide authentic and verified news. Without having purity or fairness in the news

may lead the news channel to the downfall regarding viewers. In the same news mentioned

above, there is no use of “probability or chances” in the whole news. This is totally pure and
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authentic news gathered from the sources of the news channel. Being fare in providing authentic

news leads any news channel to great rewards. This strategy helps any news channel to build

trust in the mind of the viewers and viewers always prefer the news channel who always stay fair

in the news.

The second example of this strategy can be seen on the same news channel in the form of this

news (DWYER, 2018). In this news, there is information about the economic condition of the

United States of America of 2018. It is said in this news that Donald Trump has succeeded to

generate 4.1% growth in the economy of the country. It is totally fair news. There is no poor or

unacceptable argument because this statement can be judged through facts, figures and

measuring economic conditions personally. KABC always get priority on other news channels

of United States of America just because of using this strategy in the broadcasting of the news.

Net neutrality

This strategy means providing access to the viewer to reach the sources from which the news

channel is getting news. This news from the channel KNBS elaborates the ways through which

this news channel is using the strategy of net neutrality (Riechmann, 2018). Title of this news is

“Trump Says No Penalty for Saudi Prince for Khashoggi Murder.” There is video at the ending

point of this news where Saudi prince is talking about the Khashoggi Murder. KNBC provides

the sources of the news to the viewers. Doing so helps the channel to make the viewers or reader

start believing in their news. It has the direct relation to the truthiness because viewers get to

know that there is addition by the channel in the actual news.

Being neutral in the news broadcasting or sharing does not allow the news channel or the

publisher to make changes or do addition in the actual news. This news channel does not use its
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own or the perception of the writer in the publishing of news. They work to provide the same

news they get through their sources. Mentioned news in this strategy can be analyzed in this

context because channel also provides the video as a piece of evidence to prove their news


Opinion and participation strategy

This strategy does not mean to make changes or editing the news. This strategy means to provide

an authentic opinion on any argument with proper participation. KNBC use this strategy by

providing the reality of facts. Channel does not make any changes to the news but provides the

professional opinion by relating the authentic proofs. This strategy is usually used for the people

who try to criticize or judge the news on the basis of facts. This is not considered a common

strategy in the news channels because it also has some disadvantages too. Using this strategy can

directly go against the strategy of net neutrality because news channels are supposed to provide

the information only not the judgments or solutions.

Politics and public opinion

Politics and public opinions, both are considered to entirely different some situations. Political

decisions sometimes do not match the perception or mentality of the public. Using this strategy

helps the news broadcaster to differentiate and then segregate the political and public opinions at

a platform. This is the example of the new channel KCBS where news (CBS/AP, 2018) is

discussed. In this news, it is argued that Donald Trump has used his personal email account for

the processes of government. This news is particularly political but also differentiate the facts

that Donald Trump should not have used his email account. In this news, politics and public

opinion is highly used because at one side news elaborates the whole discussion about the

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On the contrary, news also provides information about the public response and opinions about

this activity of Donald Trump. Then it segregates the negative and positive aspect of public and

political opinions on the same topic. Doing so helps the news channel to provide the segregated

but compiled information to their readers or viewers.

Shaping political life

This is the strategy of clearing the perception of common people about politics. Usually, the

common people do not have enough knowledge about the politics, political conditions and

political moves of the country. This strategy simple compiles the facts and delivers very simple

knowledge about the politics to their viewers. Simply this strategy means to provide the

complexed information in easy terms so that the viewers can understand better.

This news simply clears this strategy in very easy terms (cbsnews, 2018). This news show that

Manual Ballot recount ordered. As long as the Senate is concerned there require a massive detail

of knowledge about the seats, senators, speakers, and rule of Senate. This news does not seem to

be confusing the people by elaborating irrelevant aspect but shaping the political life by using

simpler terms in the news. This strategy is not bounded to the political shaping, but public

arguments, opinions, and perceptions can also be related in this context. As long as this example

is concerned in this strategy, this news does not require huge information or knowledge for the

viewer. If the reader or viewer has enough understanding about the ballot papers and Senate

elections he can understand easily that the Senate has the ordered to recount the ballot paper

manually. All of these strategies, directly and indirectly, relate to the shape, context and the

knowledge of the news. All of these strategies are used in different context but almost for the

same purposes. Doing so and implementation of these kinds of strategies help the news channels

to derive and maintain a good line of viewers and readers on the channel.
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