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1) The Sir Francis Drake Channel is located

_______________ the British Virgin Island.

A. North

B. South

C. East

D. Between*****

2) What name was given by the Chinese merchants

in the country during the early days?

A. Xangley(s)*****

B. Lhasa Tibet

C. Guilin

D. Silk market

3) what is the famous Mrnao bamboo dance?

A. balse

B. Singkil*****

C. Kandingan

D. kuraldal

4) known as the "Lahar Region" of the country


B. Northern Mindanao

C. Ilocos Region

D. Central Luzon*****

5) the largest lake in the Philippines

A. Iligan Bay
B. San Pedro Bay

C. Laguna de Bay*****

D. Bacoor Bay

6) Body of water that lies south of the Philipiines

A. Sibuyan Sea

B. Samar Sea

C. Celebes sea*****

D. South China Sea

7) the world smallest shell found in the Philippines

A. Pisidium*****

B. Tridacna Gigas

C. Rafflesia arnoldii

D. Hippocampus

8) The places below the equator is in the


A. Northern

B. Southern*****

C. Eastern

D. Western

9) the tobacco region of the country

A. Bukidnon

B. Cagayan Valley*****

C. Cotabato

D. Zamboanga del Norte

10) the Philippines is almost as large as what

European countries?

A. Taiwan

B. Italy*****

C. Spain

D. Greece

11) The imaginary line which splits the earth in two

halves is called the___

A. Hemisphere

B. Equator*****

C. Longhitude

D. Latitude

12) The most useful indicator of the degree of

democracy reached by a particular society is

whether it has a:

A. Formal method whereby people can effect

changes in

government policy

B. System of government checks and balances

C. Two-house legislature

D. Civilian government*****

13) The ancient name of Panay?

A. Aninipay*****

B. Irong-Irong

C. Baranas

D. Aglipay
14) President Gloria macapagal Arroyo took her

oath as President of the Philippines at?

A. Malacanang Palace

B. The EDSA Shrine*****

C. The Quirino Grandstand

D. Quezon City Reception House

15) President known as the "Savior of democracy"

A. Garcia

B. Marcos

C. C. Aquino

D. Magsaysay*****

16) An important document signed in Washington

DC between the Philippine government headed by

Magsaysay and the US on Dec 15, 1954 which

provided for the gradual abolition of free trade

between the US and the Philippines from January 1,

1956 to july 3, 1974.

A. Military Bases Agreement

B. Laurel-Langley Agreement*****

C. Exploring free trade agreement

D. land use agreement

17) The president of the United States is elected by

the electoral college. What type of system is this?

A. Representative democracy*****

B. Oligarchy
C. Dicatatorship

D. Pure democracy

18) In ancient Athens (Greece) tribes and generals

took turns at power. This is an example of what

type of political system?

A. Monarchy

B. Dicatatorship

C. Pure democracy

D. Oligarchy*****

19) What type of political system is headed by

Queen Elizabeth II of England?

A. Monarchy*****

B. Oligarchy

C. Dicatatorship

D. Pure democracy

20) total amount paid by Japan as reparation for

the destruction committed by the Japanese forces

in the Philippines during WWII

A. $200,500,000.00 for 25 yrs.

B. $200,000,000.00 for 25 yrs.

C. $300,500,000.00 for 25 yrs.

D. $300,000,000.00 for 25 yrs.*****

21) Treaty signed by Pres. Magsaysay in San

Francisco, USA on July 16, 1956 ratified by the

senate, thereby ending the state of war between

Japan and Philippines

A. San Francisco Treaty*****

B. Penn treaty Park

C. Treaty of Hubertusburg

D. Treaty of Versailles

22) The Zhou Dynasty claimed this principle gave

them the right to rule.

A. Mandate of Heaven*****

B. Legalism

C. Censors

D. Shang Dynasty

23) The two most important rivers in China

A. Clang Hang & Hanfeizi

B. Chang Jiang & Hanfeizi

C. Confucius & Huang He

D. Chang Jiang & Huang He*****

24) The Great Wall of China was mostly built by


A. Labors

B. Farmers*****

C. Unskilled Workers

D. Contractors

25) In Chinese Society, the merchants were ranked

below these...

A. Farmers & Aristocrats*****

B. Farmers & Architects

C. Foremen & Aristocrats

D. Recruits & Originators

26) Qin Shihuangdi based his rule on this...

A. Permissible

B. Legalism*****

C. Endorsed

D. Sanctioned

27) Why did so many Chinese begin to practice


A. Because the Chinese government required every

person practice a religion

and most Chinese at that time did not have religion.

Buddhism gave them


B. Because Buddhism allowed people to built

hospitals for people and animals,

built stupas, built roads with rest stops and shade


C. Because parents wanted to send their children to

the Theravada school of

Sri Lanka which was a early Buddhist schools that

believed everyone was

generally accepted as representatives.

D. Because lots of fighting and war broke out when

the Han Dynasty fell and

Buddhism helped the people cope with their fear

and stress. The Chinese

were able to seek inner peace and cleanse

themselves of worldly


28) President from Bohol known to be a poet-

politician and a good chess player

A. Diosdado Macapagal

B. Carlos Garcia******

C. Ramon Magsaysay

D. Manuel Roxas

29) Who believed all humans were evil?

A. Hanfeizi******

B. Confucius

C. Liu Bang

D. Laozi

30) Who taught that people should put their family

and community before their

own wants?

A. Hanfeizi

B. Confucius*****

C. Liu Bang

D. Laozi

31) Who was the founder of the Han Dynasty?

A. Hanfeizi

B. Confucius

C. Liu Bang*****

D. Laozi

32) Who was the founder of Daoism and "The Old


A. Hanfeizi

B. Confucius

C. Liu Bang

D. Laozi******

33) Who were military leaders with their own


A. Govenor

B. Bureaucrat

C. Warlords*****

D. Administrator

34) President who proclaimed Sultan Kudarat, a

Maguindanao sultan, a national hero of the


A. Ferdinand Marcos*****

B. Manuel Quezon.

C. Joseph Estrada

D. Fidel Ramos

35) First President to take his oath in Pilipino

A. Carlos P Garcia
B. Ramon Magsaysay

C. Manuel L Quezon

D. Ferdinand Marcos*****

36) Name given to the "New Republic" of 1981

A. First Republic

B. Second Republic

C. Third Republic

D. Fourth republic*****

37) Who is the head of the Chinese family?

A. The Oldest Man*****

B. The Father

C. The Oldest Woman

D. The Smartest Person

38) What is the meaning of NPA, as the military

arm of the communist Party of the Philipines

A. National Policy Association

B. New People's Army*****

C. No Permanent Address

D. Non Performing Assets

39) Wu Wang lead a rebellion against this dynasty

because they were cruel

A. The Han Dynasty

B. The Daoism Dynasty

C. The Shihuangdi Dynasty

D. The Shang Dynasty*****

40) A system of appointed officials that run

different parts of the government.

A. Bureaucracy*****

B. Civil Service

C. Officialdom

D. A Union

41) ____ promotes a peaceful society

A. Taoism

B. Dao De Jing

C. Zhuangzi

D. Daoism*****

42) A formal order

A. Directive

B. Consent

C. Mandate*****

D. Tenure

43) A practice that requires children to respect their

parents and older relatives.

A. Permissible

B. Filial Piety*****

C. Hanfeizi

D. Bureaucrat

44) New system of provincial and town councils

created by President Marcos in

A. Kilusang Kabuhayan at Kaunlaran

B. New Society

C. Sanggunianng Bayan*****

D. Batasang Pambansa

45) The alleged assassin of Ninoy Aquino

A. Rolando Galman*****

B. Danding Cojuangco jr.

C. Gen. Fabian Ver

D. Ferdinand Marcos

46) A character that stands for an object

A. Hieroglyph

B. Reflection

C. Diagram

D. Pictograph*****

47) Among the problems confronting the Aquino

administration was the threat

fron the MNLF in Mindanao. What is the meaning of


A. Moro National Liberation Figther

B. Moro National Liberation Front*****

C. Moro National Liberation Foundation

D. Moro National Liberation Freedom

48) An idea formed from 2 or more pictographs

joined together.

A. Isography
B. Ideography*****

C. Geography

D. Orthography

49) Which is considered as the most ancient part

of the world by historians?

A. Gangetic Valley

B. Southern part of Vindhya Mountain*****

C. North Western Indian Valley

D. North Eastern part of India

50) The TV station and media installations that

were blocked by the rebel soldiers

A. Channel 2

B. Channel 5

C. Channel 7*****

D. Channel 9

51) The name "Archipelago of San Lazarus" was

given to the Philippines by

A. Ruy López de Villalobos

B. Ferdiand Magellan*****

C. Miguel López de Legazpi

D. Antonio Pigafetta

52) The actual site in Maragondon, Cavite where the

Bonifacio brother, Andres & Procopio, were executed

A. Mt. Hulog*****

B. Mt. Halcon
C. Mt. Montalban

D. Mt Isarog

53) Many revolutionaries were executed during the

early years of the katipunan.On March 23,1897,

Capiz witnessed the execution of katipuneros from

kalibo. What were these martyrs called?

A. "Martyrs of Capiz"

B. "Martyrs of Santo Tomas"

C. "Nineteen martyrs of Kalibo" *****

D. "The three martyrs"

54) The American consul-general who collaborated

with Gen. Aguinaldo against Spain

A. Adna Chaffee

B. Manuel Tinio

C. Spencer Patt*****

D. Joeseph Wheeler

55) The vessel that Aguinaldo and his men upon

their return to the Philippines from Hong kong

A. Fort McHenry

B. Victoria

C. McCulloch*****

D. Sampson

56) The person who was named as 'Tiger of


A. Tippu Sultan*****
B. Hyder Ali

C. Sabdar Ali

D. Fadek Hyder

57) A Filipino sergeant who led about 200 Filipino

soldiers and workers in the famous Cavity Mutiny

A. Paciano

B. Gomez

C. Zamora

D. La madrid*****

58) 'Siravasthi' means

A. Temple

B. Town******

C. River

D. Holy Book

59) Which Ocean has one third of land surface in

the world

A. Indian Ocean

B. Arctic Ocean

C. Pacific Ocean*****

D. Atlantic Ocean

60) The science of constructing map is called

A. Topography

B. Demography

C. Cartography*****

D. Geography
61) The Archbishop of Manila who defended the

Filipino clergy even up to the execution fo GOM-


A. Archbishop Tagle

B. Archbishop Martinez******

C. Archbishop Ledesma

D. Archbishop Palma

62) The Article which deals with 'Education for All'

A. Article 41

B. Article 43

C. Article 45******

D. Article 44

63) City where the novel El Filibusterismo was


A. Belin

B. Kowloon

C. Ghent*****

D. Hamburg

64) A satirical anti-friar novelette written by

Graciano Lopez Jaena

A. Fray Butod*****

B. Diaryong Tagalog

C. La Indolencia de los Filipinos

D. Su Palan de Estudio

65) Spanish Governor who SIGNED the death

sentence of Jose Rizal?

A. Gen. De Sande

B. Gen. McArthur

C. Gen. Polavieja*****

D. Gen. Despujol

66) Who is known as the Father of Economics

A. Karl Marx

B. John Marshall

C. Malthus

D. Adam Smith*****

67) 'Khajuraho' temple was built by

A. Sandelas

B. Chauhans

C. Prathiharas

D. Rajputs******

68) Which is the nearest planet to the sun in the

solar system?

A. Earth

B. Marse

C. Mercury******

D. Jupiter

69) Choose the largest map scale from the


A. 1:50,000******

B. 1:00,000
C. 1:250,000

D. None of these

70) Spanish Governor who ordered the

DEPORTATION of Jose rizal to Dapitan is

A. Gen. De Sande

B. Gen. McArthur

C. Gen. Polavieja

D. Gen. Despujol*****

71) Date of proclamation of the first Philippines


A. June 12, 1894*****

B. July 4, 1946

C. June 4, 1894

D. July 12, 1946

72) The basic features of Economics are

A. Production, Labour, Income

B. Production, Labour, Consumption

C. Production, Distribution, Income

D. Production, Distribution, Consumption*****

73) The King who invaded India many a times to

capture Punjab before the third Battle of Panipet

A. Mohamud Ghori

B. Auranzeb

C. Ahamed Shah Abdali*****

D. Gazani Mohamud
74) The Atmospheric layer responsible for weather


A. Stratosphere

B. Troposphere*****

C. Ionosphere

D. Exosphere

75) Event which mark the fall of the first Philippine


A. Cadiz Constitution is rejected by the conservative

government and Filipino representation in the

Spanish Cortes is abolished.

B. Deaths of Jose Rizal

C. Pedro Bravo de Acuña appointed Governor-


D. Capture of Aguinaldo*****

76) What island was Napoleon born on?

A. Elba

B. Corsica*****

C. Saint Helena

D. Outer Hebrides

77) Who commanded the Prussian forces at


A. The Duke of Wellington

B. Mr Wilson

C. Gebhard Blucher*****
D. Frederick William III

78) Iconography was introduced by

A. Cholas

B. Later Cholas******

C. Pallavas

D. Later Pallavas

79) The Father of History

A. Lyxes

B. Herodutos*****

C. Cyrus

D. Halikarnassos

80) The first American newspaper to be published

in the Philipines

A. Bounding Billow *****

B. Newsday

C. The Baltimore Sun

D. The Liberator

81) The right to property is–

A. All of these

B. A fundamental right

C. A citizen's right

D. A legal right******

82) A teacher has to be adapt at–

A. Acting

B. Learning
C. Communication*****

D. Playing multiple roles

83) The Fundamental Rights in India are designed


A. Ensure rights of human beings

B. ensure that all Indians can lead their lives in

peace and harmony as citizens of

India ******

C. protect liberty

D. protect freedom

84) Part of the complexity in teaching social

sciences lies in the fact that their subjects is–

A. Every changing *****

B. Very complex

C. Non-existent

D. Localised

85) When does history begin?

A. when human civilization begins

B. when human memory begins

C. when written sources be-come available

D. All of these******

86) The first Japanese General to land in the


A. Douglas MacArthur

B. Shizuichi Tanaka
C. Tomoyuki Yamashita

D. General Masaharu Homma*****

87) Which of the following occupies the largest

cultivated area in India–

A. Barley and maize

B. Jowar and bajra

C. Wheat

D. Rice******

88) The chief organ of the Japanese propaganda





89) What was Benevolent Assimilation?

A. American efforts to make the Philippines more


B. American efforts to grant the island their

independence immediately

C. Filipino efforts to gain the goodwill of the


D. American efforts to provide for the Philippines

until a suitable leader was found*****

90) In terms of history which is the proper

chronological order–

A. Palaeolithic, Megalithic, Microlithic, Neolithic


B. Neolithic, Megalithic, palaeolithic, Microlithic

C. Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Microlithic, Megalithic

D. Microlithic, Neolithic, Megalithic, Palaeolithic

91). The greatest impact on the environment of

earth has been from–

A. Atomic blasts

B. Human activity *****

C. Chemical pollution

D. Solar radiation

92) Where rice was first domesticated?

A. Antarctica

B. South Asia ******

C. America

D. Europe

93) The location of Fertile Crescent refers to:

A.The yellow river basin, China.

B. Two river basins, ancient Babylon.

C. The Nile basin, ancient Egypt.*****

D. Silmugi River, borbon

94) Which famous code is the sentence "An eye for

an eye. A tooth for a tooth." from?

A. Hammurabi Code*****

B. Law of the Twelve Tables

C. Elements of International Law

D. Justinian Codes

95) The third planet in the solar system is also


A. Venus

B. Mars

C. Earth *****

D. Mercury

96) The last emperor of the Roman Republic, also

the first emperor of the Roman Empire, the one who

quelled the civil strife of the Republic, the one who

established the emperor of the Roman Empire is:

A. Gayves House Dawei Augustus*****

B. Nero Claudius

C. Gayus Urius Caesar

D. Marcus Aurelius

97) Ashoka's dhamma was–

A. A principle of good conduct

B. An ideology

C. A set of ideas propagated by emperor Ashoka

D. All of the these ******

98) In the legend of King Arthur, the knights of the

round table united the British isles. One of the

knight, who was also a bastard of Arthur betrayed

the King, and died with Arthur in the battle of

Karman. The name of this knight was:

A. Gawain

B. Lancelot

C. Mordred*****

D. Queen Guinevere

99) The science that deals with the study of the

Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and

phenomena is called–

A. Paleontology

B. Geography ******

C. Biology

D. Sociology

100) "Where the mind is without fear" were lines


A. Mahatma Gandhi

B. Swami Vivekananda

C. Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore ******

D. Sardar Bhagat Singh

101) What was the name of the first manned

spacecraft to land on the moon?

A. Eagle******

B. Columbia

C. Gumdrop

D. Enterprise

102) Dateline: 15 March, 44 B.C. - What significant

event happened on this date?

A. Death of Pope Lucius II

B. Columbus returns to Spain from America

C. Assassination of Julius Caesar******

D. Andrew Jackson born

103) In the history of the ancient Indian peacock

dynasty, the third emperor, known as the king of

Buddhism is:

A. Chandragupta Maurya*****

B. Ashoka

C. Samudragupta

D. Dasharatha

104) What is the oldest epic in the history of


A. Mahabharata(India)

B. Gilgamesh Epic(Babylon) *****

C. Homer's epic(Ancient Greece)

D. Toldi's Eve (England)

105) The civil war of which country lasted from


A. Spain******

B. Portugal

C. Greece

D. Lithuania

106) Who established Pennsylvania?

A. Benjamin Franklin
B. William Penn******

C. John Hancock

D. Bumblebee

107) What is the fiery name given to the famous

Civil War General Sherman's military tactics?

A. Scorched earth******

B. Vertical envelopment

C. Massed howitzer fire

D. Pride's purge

108) The name of a dynasty with the longest

duration in human history is:

A. Byzantine Dynasty

B. Zhou Dynasty*****

C. Tudor Dynasty

D. Tang Dynasty

109) What prominent Greek orator overcame a

speech handicap by putting stones in his mouth?

A. Phaeax

B. Aristogeiton

C. Demosthenes*****

D. Androtion

110) The ancient South American civilization

located in the south of South America today,

stretching from central Ecuador to central Chile is:

A. Aztec*****
B. Maya

C. Applied

D. Inca

111) What grand-nephew of Julius Caesar was the

first emperor of Rome?

A. Augustus******

B. Mark Antony

C. Pompey

D. Ajax the Lesser

112) Launched in 1973, what was the first space

station owned and operated by NASA?

A. Skylab*****

B. Salyut

C. Mir

D. International Space Station

113) By which name was the American World War

2 Medium tank 'M4' better known?

A. Pershing

B. Grant

C. Sherman*****

D. Tiger

114 The capital of the Ottoman Empire is Istanbul,

and during the Roman Empire it was named after a

famous emperor, which was:

A. Claudius
B. Constantinople*****

C. Justinian Fort

D. Ottoman

115) During WWII, what does the term 'ghost

division' generally mean?

A. a division that only existed on paper******

B. a division that had been destroyed

C. a division that had not deployed yet

D. a division that had been reconstituted

116) "The Old Dominion State" is the official

nickname of which U.S. state?

A. Louisiana

B. Virginia******

C. Oregon

D. Ohio

117) What nation has the longest border with the


A. England

B. Canada******

C. Mexico

D. Sudan

118) Which country in Europe is also known as 'The


A. Italy******

B. France
C. Portugal

D. Spain

119) Which country, the capital city of which is

Cairo, is also known as 'Om El Donya'?

A. Iraq

B. Iran

C. Egypt******

D. Somalia

120) What city has been dubbed the Chocolate

Capital of the United States?

A. Hershey*****

B. Carmel

C. Cocoa

D. Ding Dong

121) 'Old Blighty' is the nickname of which

European country?

A. Italy

B. France

C. Spain

D. United Kingdom******

122) Finland is also known by what name?

A. The Land of a Thousand Lakes******

B. The Land of the Rising Sun

C. The land of Poets

D. The Land of Blue Skies

122) Which country is also referred to as 'Hellas'?

A. Turkey

B. Greece******

C. Albania

D. Bulgaria

123) Which country, that was once known as

Ceylon, has also been referred to as 'Zeilan'?

A. Oman

B. Somalia

C. Yemen

D. Sri Lanka******

124) In which ocean would you find the island of


A. Pacific Ocean******

B. Atlantic Ocean

C. Indian Ocean

D. Arctic Ocean

125) Who was the first Pole to become a Pope?

Karol Wojtyla******

Lech Walesa

Zbigniew Boniek

Henryk Sienkiewicz

126) What is the other for the Philippines Autonomy

Act of 1916?

A. Jones Law*****
B. Tyding Mcduffie act

C. Hare-Hawes Cutting Act

D. Treaty of Paris

127) Where is the Temple of the Tooth found?

A. India

B. Thailand

C. France

D .Sri Lanka*****

128) 18. The highest mountain in Iran is:

A) Mount Everest

B) Pamir Mountain

C) Mount Damavand*****

D) Lenin Peak

129) Who wrote the "Kartilla", considered the 'bible'

of the Katipunan movement?

A. Emilio Jacinto******

B. Andres Bonifacio

C. Apolinario Mabini

D. Valentin Diaz

130) Who created the designs for the Philippine

national flag?

A. Marcela Agoncillo

B. Julian Felipe

C. Apolinario Mabini

D. Emilio Aguinaldo******
131) Who named the country 'Islas de San Lazaro'?

A. Ferdinand Magellan******

B. Diego Barbosa

C. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

D. Alvaro Saavedra

132) Who was the first Filipino recording artist?

A. Imelda Papin

B. Pilita Corales

C. Margi Moran

D. Maria Carpena******

133) Who founded the la Liga Filipina?

A. Jose Rizal******

B. Emilio Jacinto

C. Andres Bonifacio

D. Emilio Aguinaldo

134) What is the first word of the 1987 Philippine


A. I

B. People

C. The

D. We******

135) Who was the first Miss Philippines?

A. Margi Moran

B. Mirriam Quiambao

C. Evangeline Castro******
D. Gloria Diaz

136) Who was the first Filipino Olympian?

A. Paeng Nepomuceno

B. Efren 'Bata' Reyes

C. Akiko Thompson

D. David Nepomuceno******

137) Whose last words were 'It is done!'

A. Ninoy Aquino

B. Jose Rizal*****

C. Manuel Quezon

D. Andres Bonifacio

138) Who designed the Rizal Monument?

A. Antonio Luna

B. Carlos Nicoli

C. Richard Kissling*****

D. David Antel

139) In 1908, the Philippines Premier State

University was created by Act No. 1870. Name the


A. University of the Philippines*****

B. University of Sto. Tomas

C. Escuela Municipal de Manila

D. De La Salle University

140) He arrived in Cebu in 1565 to establish the

first Spanish settlement in the Philippines, marking

the beginning of Spain's colonization and

Christianization of the archipelago. Who was he?

A. Ferdinand Magellan

B. Christopher Columbus

C. Antonio Pigafetta

D. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi*****

141) In 1851, the first commercial bank in the

Philippines and the far East, was established. What

is the present name of this bank?

A. Bangko Central ng Pilipinas

B. Bank of the Philippine Islands*****

C. Banco de las islas Filipinas

D. Far East bank

142) After the death of her husband Andres

Bonifacio, Gregoria de Jesus was later married to


A. Julio Nakpil*****

B. Jose Calugas

C. Felipe Calderon

D. Franciso Trinidad

143) Who was the last Sultan of Sulu?

A. Haji Butu

B. Tarhata Kiram

C. Abu Bakr

D. Jamalul Kiram II*****

144) The first woman to top the Philippine BAR


A. Tecla San Andres Ziga*****

B. Tina Munoz Palma

C. Josefa Diokno

D. Geronima Pecson

145) He was also known as Hermano Pule.

A. Aurelio Tolentino

B. Apolinario de la Cruz*****

C. Juan Arellano

D. Pedro Feced

146) Who was the chief advisor of Gen. Emilio


A. Pedro Paterno

B. Jose Rizal

C. Felipe Calderon

D. Apolinario Mabini*****

147) The first political party in the Philippines

organized on December 23, 1900 by wealthy

Filipino illustrados.

A. Partido Nacional Progresibo

B. Nacionalista Party

C. Federal Party******

D. Liberal Pary

148) What is the pseudonym used by Pablo Faced?

A. Hermano Pule

B. Quioquiap*****

C. Laong Laan

D. Plaridel

149) Who was called "The First Filipino Diplomat" ?

A. Felipe Agoncillo*****

B. Robert Cortez

C. Felipe Calderon

D. Miguel Cuaderno

150) Who was the leader of the Cavite Mutiny, the

first huelga (labor strike) recorded in the


A. Patricio Montojo

B. Rafael de Izquerdo

C. Francisco la Madrid*****

D. Macliing Dulag

151) The first president of the Katipunan.

A. Juan Arellano

B. Andres Bonifacio

C. Teodoro Agoncillo

D. Deodato Arellano*****

152) The first Sulu-United States Treaty concluded

on August 20,1899 allowing American presence in


A. Jones Treaty
B. Bates Treaty*****

C. Murphy Treaty

D. Forbes Treaty

153) Who was the first Filipino president

(1915-1920) of the University of the Philippines?

A. Jesus Calderon

B. Ignacio Villamor****

C. Jose Palma

D. Jose Avelino

154) He founded the Socialist Party of the

Philippines in 1929, which merged with the older

Communist Party of the Philippines(PKP) in 1939.

A. Jose Abad Santos

B. Pedro Abad Santos*****

C. Casto Alejandrino

D Luis Taruc

155) Who was the first woman councilor of Manila?

A. Geronima Pecson

B. Carmen Planas*****

C. Vivian Zapanta

D. Marcela Ocampo

156) After the Negritos, what was the second group

of people who migrated by sea to the Philippines

3,000 to 8,000 years ago?

A. Indonesians*****
B. Arabs

C. Indians

D. Malays

157) Foreign influences were evident on most

aspects of Filipino culture - the Philippine

languages, for example. Now, from which Asian

language do these words came from, 'alam',

'hukom', and 'salamat'?

A. Sanskrit

B. Malayo-Polynesian

C. Mandarin

D. Arabic*****

158) Who first introduced the Islamic religion in the


A. Idi Amin

B. Rajah Baguinda

C. Abu Bakr

D. Makhdum*****

159) Who commanded a large Chinese fleet, sent

by Emperor Yung Lo of the Ming dynasty in 1402 to

trade with the country at the same time establish

colonies along the coast towns of the archipelago?

A. Chau-ju-kua

B. Lucio Tan

C. Ko ch'a-lao
D. Cheng Ho*****

160) What province was in the earlier times became

known far and wide as the 'provincia de


A. Batangas*****

B. Isabela

C. Laguna

D. Bataan

161) Marriage among the Filipinos in the past was

long and complicated. You had to render services

to the prospective bride's family, for example, by

chopping wood or fetching water from a 'balon' for

days or months or years! If you were lucky enough

to be accepted, what did you call of the gift you

were required to give to the girl's parents?

A. Bigay-suhol

B. Bigay-kaya*****

C. Bigay-ginto

D. Bigay-suso

162) While most of the children of the ancient

times were taught at home, there existed formal

schools in the Panay Island of Visayas. What were

these schools called?

A. bothoan*****

B. barangay
C. sonat

D. paaralan

163) Where was the landing spot of the 10 Bornean

datus who had escaped (along with their families)

from the rule of their sultan, Makatunaw of Borneo?

A. Palo, Leyte

B. Homonhon, Samar

C. San Joaquin, Panay Island*****

D. Puerto Princesa, Palawan

164) Who fought the Spanish government because

the government did not give a formal funeral

ceremony for his brother?

A. Macario Sacay

B. Andres Bonifacio

C. Diego Silang

D. Francisco Dagohoy*****

164) During the Japanese occupation of the

Philippines, a Filipino president was appointed by

the Japanese. Who was he?

A. Ramon Magsaysay

B. Josefino Cotas Sr.

C. Sergio Osmeña

D. Jose P. Laurel Sr.*****

165) What term was used for those women who

were used by Japanese soldiers to gratify their lust?

A. Japayuki

B. comfort women*****

C. mama san

D. battered Filipinas

166) Which of these was a US president during the

'American Era' in the Philippines?

A. George Washington

B. Franklin Roosevelt*****

C. George Bush

D. Abraham Lincoln

167) On 1901, an institution was established by the

Americans for aspiring educators. What is the

present name of this institution?

A. University of the Philippines

B. National Teachers' College

C. Siliman University

D. Philippine Normal University*****

168) From which language is the Filipino vernacular

largely derived?

A. Tagalog*****

B. Pangasinense

C. Cebuano

D. Kapampangan

169) When did the original Edsa (People's Power)

Revolution begin?
A. January 19, 2002

B. January 19, 1986

C. February 26, 2002

D. February 22, 1986*****

170) What place in the Philippines is also known as

the "walled city"?

A. Plaza Miranda

B. Fort Santiago

C. Luneta

D. Intramuros*****

171) What act is also known as the "Martial Law"


A. Proclamation 274

B. Article 6 Section 14 of the 1973 Constitution

C. Kautusang Tagapagpaganap blg. 25 S. 1974

D. Proclamation 1081*****

172) The Rizal family had 11 siblings, of whom

Rizal was the seventh. One of his siblings died early

and is said to have been Rizal's 'first sorrow'. Who

was this sibling?

A. Narcisa

B. Saturnia

C. Lucia

D. Concepcion*****

173) When Rizal excelled as a top student at

Ateneo de Manila, a school administered by the

Jesuit priests, he loved reading books and novels.

Among other books, he read a novel by Alexander

Dumas. This was the first novel that he really loved.

What was it?

A. The Three Musketeers

B. The Fencing Master

C. Le Captaine Paul

D. The Count of Monte Cristo*****

174) While at the Ateneo, Rizal met his first love.

She was a pretty fourteen-year old Batangueña. Who

was she?

A. Leonor Valenzuela

B. Segunda Katigbak*****

C. Leonor Rivera

D. Gertude Beckette

175) When Rizal decided to travel to Europe,

specifically Spain, in order to study medicine he

also had another aim. What is it?

A. To form small revolutionary groups

B. To observe European culture*****

C. To study socialism

D. To gather material for novels

176) When he traveled to Japan, Rizal met a girl

named Seiko Usui, also known as O-Sei-San. If he

had not had any patriotic mission, he could have

married her. A year after Rizal's execution (1897),

Seiko married Alfred Charlton. What was Charlton's


A. Chemist

B. Teacher*****

C. Soldier

D. Engineer

177) When "Noli Me Tangere", Rizal's most famous

novel, was first published, a priest masterminded

its banning. This priest is the subject of Rizal's "Por

Telefono in Paris". Who was this priest?

A. Fr. Antonio Piernavieja

B. Fr. Pedro Payo

C. Fr. Gregorio Echivarria

D. Fr. Salvador Font*****

178) Dr. Jose Rizal traveled to Madrid in 1890 and

discovered his "bitter enemy of the pen". This

enemy was an editor of a newspaper named "La

Epoca". In an article he wrote, he repeatedly

maligned Rizal's family. Who was this "bitter


A. Ferdinand Blumentritt

B. Valentin Ventura

C. Edward Boustead
D. Wenceslao Retana*****

179) Rizal traveled to Biarritz in France, where he

had an affair with a Protestant girl. This girl wanted

Rizal to become a Protestant, like herself. As a

Catholic, Rizal declined her request, and this

resulted in Rizal's early departure. This girl was

Gertude Beckette.

A. True

B. False*****

180) At the time of his trip in Europe, Rizal

published "El Filibusterismo" in Ghent, Belgium. He

was so glad about the printing but his funds were

extremely low and he had to leave the printing half-

done. Joy turned to despair and Rizal was about to

burn the novel ... Then a hero came to his aid and

the printing resumed. Who was this hero?

A. Dr. Maximo Viola

B. Marcelo H. Del Pilar

C. Dr. Antonio Regidor

D. Valentin Ventura*****

181) During his exile at Dapitan in Zamboanga

(following the publication of "Noli Me Tangere")

Rizal indulged what a biographer has called "his

only vice". What was it?

A. Wine
B. All of these

C. Women

D. Lottery*****

182) During his exile in Dapitan, Rizal met someone

claiming to a cousin or relative of his. He was

actually a friar's spy seeking a way of ruining Rizal

legally. This spy has been identified as P.M. Given

that M stands for Mercado, what does the P stand


A. Pedro

B. Pio

C. Paciano

D. Pablo*****

183) While Rizal was still in exile, the Katipunan, an

organization founded by Andres Bonifacio, planned a

bloody revolution against the Spaniards. In order to

inform Rizal, Bonifacio sent an emissary to Dapitan.

Who was he?

A. Juan Luna

B. Dr. Pio Valenzuela*****

C. Deodato Arellano

D. Andres Bonifacio went there himself

184) The highest mountain in Iran is:

A) Mount Everest

B) Pamir Mountain
C) Mount Damavand*****

D) Lenin Peak

185) At the time Rizal's final hours at Fort Santiago,

a fortress near Pasig City, he handed one of his

sisters a lamp which contained his last poem, "Mi

Ultimo Adios". He whispered to her in English,

"There is something inside." Who was this sister?

A. Josefa

B. Olimpia

C. Trinidad*****

D. Paciano

186) Dr. Jose Rizal, when a medical student at

Madrid, predicted that he would die on December


A. True*****

B. False

187) For how many years did Spanish rule last in

the Philippines?

A. 300

B. 333*****

C. 345

D. 350

188) Raja Lakandula and Raja Sulayman revolted

against Governor Guido de Lavezaris, because of

the abuses by the Spaniards. What is the revolt


A. Pampanga Revolt

B. Manila Revolt*****

C. Tamblot Revolt

D. Isneg Revolt

189) The Tejeros Convention happened in which

Philippine province?

A. Cavite*****

B. Laguna

C. Manila

D. Batangas

190) Where might one find a leaning tower?

A) Pisa*****

B) Katmandu

C) Shanghai

D) Montreal

192) Who was credited with naming the Philippines


A. Garcia Jofre de Loasa

B. Ruy Lopez de Villalobos*****

C. Sebastian Cabot

D. Alvaro de Saavedra

193) When was Manuel L. Quezon inaugurated?

A. November 14, 1935

B. November 18, 1935

C. June 10, 1935

D. November 15, 1935*****

194) When did Corregidor fall into the hands of the


A. April 9, 1942

B. May 6, 1942*****

C. January 2, 1942

D. March 5, 1942

195) When did the Japanese attack the Philippines?

A. June 5, 1941

B. May 6, 1942

C. December 8, 1941*****

D. April 9, 1942

196) When did Bataan fall into the hands of the


A. April 9, 1942*****

B. May 6, 1942

C. January 2, 1942

D. April 4, 1942

197) When did a civilian government replace the

military government?

A. December 6, 1901

B. February 14, 1901

C. July 4, 1901*****

D. August 8, 1901
198) Who proposed the idea of the Philippine

Autonomy Act?

A. Manuel Roxas

B. Manuel L. Quezon

C. William Atkinson Jones*****

D. Sergio Osmena

199) Under normal circumstances, when the price

of a commodity falls, the quantity demanded will


A. decrease

B. nobody knows

C. remain unchanged

D. increase*****

200) Initially, when you consume more and more of

a commodity continuously, your TOTAL satisfaction

level will increase.

A. True*****


201) Since human wants are unlimited and available

resources are limited, what will a rational consumer


A. Satisfy the most urgent needs which can be met

within his/her income


B. Be resigned to unhappiness
C. Renounce all wants and lead the life of a hermit

D. Be jealous of the neighbours

202) When a consumer goes to market to purchase

a commodity, he or she will purchase the

__________ priced commodity, provided the

commodities on offer are identical in all other


A. Say "eenie, meenie, miney, mo" to decide which

to buy

B. Highest

C. Lowest*****

D. Will toss a coin to determine which one to buy

203) Suppose you eat cakes continuously. Then the

satisfaction derived from eating the tenth cake, as

compared to satisfaction derived from eating the

ninth cake will be _______ ?

A. less*****

B. exactly same

C. more

D. you don't eat cakes at all

204) A business firm tries to maximise its

________ ?

A. sales

B. job retrenchment

C. revenue
D. profits*****

205) Monopoly is when there is a single _______?

A. seller*****

B. market

C. buyer

D. game

206) What is the single most important factor that

makes the markets work?

A. Money*****

B. Alan Greenspan

C. Greed

D. Markets don't work

207) When the economic activity in an economy is

on the decline, then it is called a _______ ?

A. boom

B. recession*****

C. deflation

D. depression

208) What usually constitutes the main source of a

government's income?

A. Taxes and levies*****

B. Profits from business undertakings

C. Loans

D. Grants from World Bank

209) Extra usefulness or satisfaction a person gets

from acquiring one more unit of a product?

A. Unit elastic

B. Diminishing marginal utility

C. Marginal utility*****

D. Elastic

209) A written promise to repay the amount

borrowed at a later date?

A. Principal

B. Bond*****

C. Bankruptcy

D. Interest

210) The amount borrowed?

A. Bond

B. Principal*****

C. Interest

D. Unit elastic

211) The part of economics that deals with behavior

and decision making by small units, such as

individuals and firms?

A. Economics

B. Unlimited life

C. Organizational chart

D. Microeconomics*****

212) Products that increase the usefulness or value

of other products?
A. Substitutes

B. Complements*****

C. Income effect

D. Goods

213) A voluntary association of people formed to

carry on some kind of economic activity that will

benefit its members?

A. Cooperative*****

B. Horizontal merger

C. Revenues

D. Labor union

214) Court granted permission to not pay some or

all of its debts which force it out of business?

A. Bond

B. Bankruptcy*****

C. Principal

D. Interest

215) Persons and organizations that use or

represent the factors of production?

A. Economic institution*****

B. Business organization

C. Profit

D. Consumer sovereignty

216) A rise in the general level of prices.

A. Raise
B. A very bad thing

C. Payroll

D. Inflation*****

217) A federal program of disability and retirement

benefits that covers most working people?

A. Social security*****

B. Cooperative

C. Market economy

D. A really cool thing

218) The driving force that encourages people and

organizations to improve their material well-being is


A. Private property

B. Big houses

C. Vacations

D. Profit motive*****

219) One in which people's economic affairs can

take place freely but are subject to some

government intervention and regulation?

A. Command economy

B. Traditional economy

C. Mixed economy*****

D. No such thing

220) What is a check representing a portion of the

corporate earnings or profits called?

A. Dividend*****

B. Proxy

C. Stock

D. Fringe benefits

221) A system in which private citizens own the

factors of production?

A. Communism

B. Traditionalism

C. Profit

D. Capitalism*****

222) A business owned and run by one person?

A. One man show

B. Sole proprietorship*****

C. That doesn't exist

D. All of the above

223) The allocation of scarce resources and nearly

all other economic activity stems from ritual, habit

or custom?

A. Traditional economy*****

B. Communism

C. Capitalism

D. Mixed economy

224) People and firms act in their own best

interests to answer the what, how, and for whom

A. Traditional economy

B. Capitalism

C. Market economy*****

D. Command ecnomy

225) The extent to which persons or organizations

are better off at the end of a period than they were

at the beginning?

A. Good

B. Profit*****

C. Inventory

D. Fringe benefits

226) The change in quantity demanded because of

the change in the relative price of the product?

A. Change in demand

B. Change in quantity demanded

C. Substitution effect*****

D. Law of demand

227) What name is given to the negotiations

between representatives of labor and management?

A. Professional association

B. Unlimited life

C. Chamber of commerce

D. Collective bargaining*****

228) Total revenues neither increase nor decrease

when price changes?

A. Unit elastic*****

B. Marginal utility

C. Diminishing marginal utility

D. Traditional economy

229) The more units a person acquires, the less

eager that person is to acquire more?

A. Marginal utility

B. Unlimited liability

C. Limited life

D. Diminishing marginal utility*****

230) Sum of peoples' skills, abilities, health, and


A. Capital

B. Human capital*****

C. Son of capital

D. None of the above

231) Market where goods and services are offered

for sale?

A. Service

B. Factor market

C. Product market*****

D. Productivity

232) Assignment of tasks so that each worker

performs fewer functions more frequently?

A. Specialization*****
B. Economics

C. Assembly line

D. Capital

233) If the price of a normal good increases

(ceteris paribus), what will happen to its demand


A. Cannot be determined.

B. It will shift to the left.

C. It will not shift.*****

D. It will shift to the right.

234) What will an increase in income do to the

demand curve of an inferior good (ceteris paribus)?

A. Cannot be determined.

B. It will shift to the right.

C. It will shift to the left.*****

D. It will not shift.

235) What will an increase in a price of a normal

good do to its supply curve (ceteris paribus)?

A. It will shift to the left.

B. Cannot be determined.

C. It will shift to the right.

D. It will not shift.*****

236) Complete the statement: If supply decreases

(ceteris paribus), the equilibrium price will ___ and

the equilibrium quantity will ___.

A. increase; increase

B. decrease; decrease

C. decrease; increase

D. increase; decrease*****

237) Which of the following increases the demand

of a normal good (ceteris paribus)?

A. higher income*****

B. increase in the price of a complement good

C. decrease in its own price

D. decrease in the price of a substitute good

238) The price elasticity of demand (PED) of Good

X is -2.5. Good X is thus _____ .

A. none of the above

B. inelastic

C. elastic*****

D. unit elastic

239) If the cross elasticity of demand (CED)

between goods X and Y is negative, what is

probably the relation between X and Y?

A. They are complement goods.*****

B. They are production substitutes.

C. They are substitute goods.

D. They are independent goods.

240) A surplus occurs when

A. the quantity supplied is greater than the quantity


B. the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity


C. the quantity demanded is greater than the

quantity supplied.

D. the price of the good decreases.

241) Which of the following lowers the equilibrium

price (ceteris paribus)?

A. increase in own price

B. increase in the production cost

C. increase in the price of a complement good*****

D. increase in the price of a substitute good

242) If one wishes to increase the total revenue for

an inelastic good, what must he do?

A. He must decrease its price.

B. The correct answer cannot be determined from

the given information.

C. He cannot raise the total revenue by changing

the price.

D. He must increase its price.*****

243) The Federal Reserve is responsible for

maintaining the United States money supply so that

they can control inflation in the long and

unemployment in the short run. What is usually the

first thing the Fed would do in order to decrease

the money supply?

A. raise federal reserve ratios

B. lower required reserve ratios

C. buy government bonds from the public

D. sell government bonds to the public*****

244) Which of the following concepts is not an

explanation to why the aggregate demand curve is

downward sloping?

A. Wealth Effect

B. Exchange Rate Effect

C. Interest Rate Effect

D. Production Effect*****

245) In the factors for the production market, what

do households sell to the firms?

A. rent

B. income

C. labor*****

D. goods and services

246) What can decrease demand in the market for

peanut butter? (In other words, make the demand

curve shift to the left)

A. a natural disaster that destroys peanut crops

B. prices for jelly increase*****

C. expectations for higher prices in the future for

peanut butter
D. a new study claims that peanut butter can reduce

the risk of cancer

246) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total

market value of all _______ goods and services

produced in an economy within a year. What word

goes in the blank?

A. final******

B. consumer

C. intermediate

D. produced

247) Which of the following can shift the Long-Run

Aggregate Supply Curve to the right?

A. increase in the technology******

B. increase in unemployment

C. decrease in capitol

D. none of them

248) Two ways to measure inflation within an

economy is through the GDP Deflator or the

Consumer Price Index (CPI). If the price for Boeing

aircraft increase while everything else in the

economy remains the same what would happen to

GDP Deflator and CPI?

A. both the GDP Deflator and CPI would remain the


B. both GDP Deflator and CPI would increase

C. GDP Deflator would increase, but CPI would

remain the same*****

D. CPI would increase, but GDP Deflator would

remain the same

249) If consumers decide to deposit a total of

$10,000 into banking deposits, and the required

reserve ratio is 10%, what would be the ultimate

increase in the money supply from this deposit?

A. $100,000*****

B. $110,000

C. $10,000

D. $0

250) Both Bob and Susie are unemployed. Bob has

been unemployed for a long time and has never

made any attempt to look for a job; however, he

would like to have a job. Susie does not look for a

job because in the past there were no jobs that had

accept her since she was not skilled enough. She

would also like a job though. Who are considered

discouraged workers between the two?

A. Bob only

B. Susie only*****

C. Both Bob and Susie

D. Neither Bob or Susie

251) What is the local name of the Philippine Flying


A. Kagwang******

B. Manananggal

C. Bampira

D. Asungot

252) There are over 1000 known species of bats

around the world. The Philippines has 56 known

species with the smallest and the largest of the

world found only here. What is the name of the one

of the smallest bats in the world?

A. Philippine Dwarf Bat

B. Philippine Bamboo Bat******

C. Philippine Mini Bat

D. Philippine Tree Top Bat

253) What is the largest bat in the world?

A. Giant Golden Crown Flying Fox******

B. Grizzly Bat

C. Philippine Goliath Bat

D. Asian Albatross Bat

254) The Philippine mouse deer is the world's

smallest hoofed animal. What is the local name for

this animal in the Philippines?

A. Daga

B. Pilantik

C. Usa
D. Pilandok*****

255) Considered to be the most endangered and

most rare among the deer family, what is the rarest

of this mammal that lives on Panay Island?

A. Philippine Polka dotted Deer

B. Philippine Spotted Deer*****

C. Philippine Batec-batec

D. Philippine An-an Deer

256) The whale sharks or locally called "butanding"

is the largest fish in the world. Where in the

Philippines do these gentle creatures find sanctuary?

A. Alaminos, Pangasinan

B. Donsol, Sorsogon*****

C. Virac, Catanduanes

D. Kalibo, Aklan

257) How many known wild pigs are considered

endemic to the Philippines?

A. 3

B. 4*****

C. 6

D. 1

258) How many provinces are there?

A. 93

B. 71

C. 81*****
D. 65

259) The Mayon Volcano is located in what

province in Region V?

A. Albay*****

B. Masbate

C. Catanduanes

D. Camarines Sur

260) What is the "world's smallest commercial fish"

that can be found in Bicol called?

A. sinarapan*****

B. sardine

C. dilis

D. shrimp

261) In which town is the "First Monument of Rizal"


A. Daet*****

B. Manila

C. Naga

D. Basud

261) How many cities and municipalities does the

National Capital Region (NCR) have?

A. 20

B. 17*****

C. 13

D. 15
262) Napoleon Veloso Abueva became the National

Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts in 1976. At

what age did he receive this award?

A. 36 years old

B. 46 years old****

C. 56 years old

D. 26 years old

263) The first National Artist of the Philippines

award was posthumously conferred to Fernando

Amorsolo for Visual Arts in 1972. Who was his


A. Enrique Zobel

B. Ignacio Zuloaga

C. Joaquin Sorolla

D. Fabian dela Rosa*****

264) Pablo S. Antonio was accorded the National

Artist award for architecture posthumously in 1976.

Which of these structures did he NOT design?

A. National Museum

B. Mapua Institute of Technology*****

C. De La Salle Chapel

D. Manila Polo Club

265) Francisca Reyes-Aquino was known as the

"Mother, Dean, Savior and Champion of Philippine

folk dances". Where was she born?

A. San Fernando, Pampanga

B. Iba, Zambales

C. Santa Cruz, Laguna

D. Bocaue, Bulacan*****

266) This National Artist was a part of the original

staff of the "Torres Torch" and the "Philippine

Collegian". Who was he?

A. Jose Garcia Villa

B. Francisco Arcellana*****

C. Amado V. Hernandez

D. Carlos P. Romulo

267) Lamberto V. Avellana was the first Filipino

filmmaker to have his movie shown at what

international film festival?

A. Berlin Film Festival

B. Brussels Film Festival

C. Venice Film Festival

D. Cannes Film Festival*****

268) Lino Brocka, National Artist for Cinema, was

the darling of what production company?

A. LVN Productions

B. LEA Productions*****

C. Sampaguita Pictures

D. Regal Films

269) This National Artist for Music was the teacher

of several musicians, including National Artists

Lucio San Pedro and Felipe Padilla de Leon, as well

as Eliseo Pajaro, Alfred Vitangcol, Romulo Pargan

and Restie Umali. Who was he?

A. Levi Celerio

B. Antonino Buenaventura*****

C. Jose Maceda

D. Ernani Cuenco

270) What were Honorata "Atang" dela Rama

(National Artist for Music), Katy dela Cruz and

Diana Toy known as?

Three Darlings of Kulintang

Three Darlings of Kundiman

Three Darlings of Bodabil*****

Three Darlings of Opera

271) What was the title of the first Filipino full-

length opera created by National Artist for Music

Felipe Padilla de Leon?

A. Bulaklak ng Kabundukan

B. El Filibusterismo

C. Noli Me Tangere*****

D. Dalagang Bukid

272) Pangasinan is found in what part of the


A. Luzon*****
B. Mindanao

C. Visayas

D. Palawan

273) Pangasinan comes from the term 'pangasinan'

which means....

A. where salt is made

B. land of seafood*****

C. where fish abound

D. kingdom near the sea

274) What city in Pangasinan is famous for its

milkfish (locally known as 'bangus')?

A. San Carlos City

B. Lingayen

C. Urdaneta City

D. Dagupan City*****

275) Who was the mythical heroic princess who

ruled a kingdom where Pangasinan is now located?

A. Princess Maganda

B. Princess Imelda

C. Princess Urdaneta

D. Princess Urduja*****

276) Which Philippine volcano is considered to

have recorded the second largest volcanic eruption

in the world in the 20th century?

A. Mt. Everest
B. Mt. Pinatubo*****

C. Mt. Zambales

D. Mt. Piece

277) Considered the world's smallest active

volcano, what is the name of this volcano which

can be found in the Philippines?

A. Mt. Pandak

B. Mt. Bansot

C. Mt. Unano

D. Mt. Taal*****

278) What is the name of the volcano which is

located on the small island of Camiguin?

A. Mt. Hibok-Hibok*****

B. Mt. Spratlys

C. Mt. Tibok-Tibok

D. Mt. Ranges

279) Another active volcano, it was named after a

Visayan supreme god whose name means "One

who is the ruler of time"?

A. Mt. Visayan

B. Mt. Dyos-dyosan

C. Mt. Diyosa

D. Mt. Kanlaon*****

280) What is considered as the "holy mountain"

volcano in the Philippines?

A. Mt. Mystica

B. Mt. Banahaw*****

C. Mt. Agimat

D. Mt. Mahiwaga

281) What was considered as the most active

underwater volcano in the Philippines?

A. Mt. Ara