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Department of Psychology and Guidance

Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan

program for
(Effective 2009 – 2010)

The program intends for the holistic formation of, and to produce a compassionate,
conscientious and competent psychologists who can help individuals and groups in different settings
or fields. Specifically, the program intends to prepare students to practice in the areas of psychological
assessment and diagnosis, counseling, group influence, and psychological research.

The graduate program, further, prepares a student the significant aptitude, and educational
qualification for recognized or certified specialization in his/her practice as psychologist and for a more
well-regarded and purposeful membership to psychological associations.

A. Undergraduate Prerequisites (12 units)

Psy 23 General Psychology 3 units
Psy 33 Personality Psychology 3 units
Psy 41 Fundamental Statistics (lec) 3 units
Psy 53 Research in Psychology I 3 units

B. Core Subjects (9 units)

Psy 201 Development of Psychological Thoughts 3 units
Psy 202 Advanced Statistics 3 units
Psy 203 Advanced Research Methods 3 units

C. Major Subjects (18 units)

Psy 216 Group Process 3 units
Psy 230 Psychological Testing 1.1 3 units
Psy 204 Principles and Techniques in Counseling 3 units
Psy 210 Advanced Social Psychology 3 units
Psy 254 Advanced Theories of Personality 3 units
Psy 270 Psychology of Attitude 3 units

D. Electives (3 units)
Psy 271 Social Influence 3 units
Psy 273 Social Issues 3 units
Psy 272 Applied Social Psychology 3 units
Psy 274 Social Cognition 3 units
Psy 221 Introduction to Psychotherapy 3 units
Psy 223 Marriage and Family Therapy 3 units
Psy 206 Projective Techniques 3 units
Psy 215 Pastoral Counseling 3 units
Psy 231 Objective Personality Tests 3 units
Psy 207 Advanced Abnormal Psychology 3 units
Psy 208 Advanced Developmental Psychology 3 units
Psy 209 Advanced Industrial/Organizational Psych 3 units

E. Psy 229 Field Practicum (3 units)

F. Comprehensive Exams
G. Thesis Writing and Oral Defense (6 units)

COURSE OFFERING SCHEDULE (Suggested sequence of subjects to complete MA in 3 years)

First year 1st sem Psy 201 2nd sem Psy 203
Psy 202 Psy 216
Psy 254 Psy 204

Second year 1st sem Psy 230 2nd sem Psy 229
Psy 210 Psy elect
Psy 270
May comprehensive exams (other skeds: January and July)
Third year 1st sem thesis 2nd sem thesis data gathering and
proposal final defense before March